OMF V7C49 He Should Have That Much Insight

The two of them continued to stay in bed, hugging and enjoying each other’s company. Qiu Ling didn’t waste even a single thought on the people of the Yang Huo Sect. What fight? What stupid task? It was much more important to spend time with his beloved!

Jing Yi remembered that there was something they had to do today but he didn’t bother to remind Qiu Ling. Even though he knew that it was important to keep the disciples and Elder occupied, he couldn’t resist using this time that he finally had alone with Qiu Ling to further their feelings. And hadn’t Qiu Ling said yesterday that the Sect Master had to have another plan for the night? Maybe that plan could be used for another few hours …

In the end, unlike a certain someone Jing Yi still couldn’t put away his guilty conscience forever. He sighed and sat up, looking at the window with a wistful expression. Maybe it was because they just talked about it yesterday but he felt that it would be better if he spent more time with Qiu Ling right now. Showing him that he was here and that he was important to him, wouldn’t that strengthen their bond? He would’ve given a lot to be able to continue with that.

Qiu Ling looked up at him, still holding his waist and finally buried his head at Jing Yi’s back. “My love … Do we really have to get up? I think it would be alright to continue to stay in bed for a while longer. It’s not like anybody’s waiting for us, is it?”

Jing Yi glanced at the person that was still shamelessly clinging to him and spouting such nonsense. He knew he should probably scold him for behaving like this but in the end, he reached down, clasping the hand on his stomach. “What are you even saying? Didn’t you want to have a fight with those Yang Huo Sect disciples? How will you do that if you continue to stay in bed? Or do you want to beat them in being able to sleep longer?”

Qiu Ling gave a hum. “Sounds like a good fight to me.” Honestly, if he was able to have that type of fight, he would definitely engage in it. Forcing him to leave his beloved like this, that Yang Huo Sect was really trying to make trouble for him. Ah, he should pay them back later on when they really had that fight!

Qiu Ling sighed and also sat up, pursing his lips. “Alright, let’s go and beat them up then. I’ll just hurry so we can return home.” He leaned closer to Jing Yi, cupped his cheek and gave him another peck on the lips. Then he jumped out of the bed with a grin and picked up his outer robe. He looked at it and finally threw it into his spatial ring, taking out another one.

Other than for the Gathering of Practitioners, nobody had ever complained that he wasn’t wearing the sect robes so it shouldn’t be a problem if he wore something else again. And since he would have the chance to fight today, he should dress well to impress his beloved a little more. Even though Jing Yi had promised to marry him, it couldn’t hurt to remind him every now and then just how handsome his husband-to-be was.

Jing Yi watched Qiu Ling get dressed and smiled to himself. If he didn’t consider yesterday, then nothing seemed to have changed between them. Qiu Ling was still the same person he had been before all of this happened. Yes, his fiance wouldn’t suddenly stop being the person he knew. Whatever mask he had been wearing in the Nine Heavens when he met Jing He, he shouldn’t think about that too much. The person in front of him, right here, that was the person he loved. And nothing would change about him.

Qiu Ling straightened his sleeves and then raised his brows at Jing Yi. “My love, could it be that you don’t want to get up after all? Would you rather stay in bed and cuddle with your future husband a while longer? You just have to say the word and I’ll get right back in.” He moved to jump back onto the bed but Jing Yi already shook his head and stood up.

“How could that be? As much as I’d like to spend the time with you, I still want to see you deal with those people from the Yang Huo Sect.” He put on his outer robe and then stepped in front of Qiu Ling, grabbing his hands. “And didn’t you promise to show me how to fly today? We can’t do that while in bed, can we?”

Qiu Ling’s gaze darted around. He actually had something to say to that but he didn’t dare to speak his thoughts out loud. What if his beloved grew angry? Anyway … “Of course. Since I’ve promised, I’ll do so. Let’s go deal with these bastards and then do our own thing. The Sect Master certainly wouldn’t assign us to some other sect after we’ve dealt with the first one, would he?”

Jing Yi couldn’t help but laugh. Actually, if Qiu Ling really managed to get rid of the Yang Huo Sect after just two days, the Sect Master might do just that. After all, the goal was probably to make all the sects leave and not just the Yang Huo Sect. In that case, the sooner they got rid of them, the better for the Yun Zou Sect.

With Qiu Ling’s talent at annoying people, he was probably predestined for this task. Still, even if they got that task, it wouldn’t be a bad thing either. Working on a task together was exciting to some degree and after the sects left, they would have time for each other again. So until then …

Jing Yi tiptoed and gave his lover another kiss. “If he does, then it’s only because he has acknowledged what great skills my fiance has. It just shows that his eyes are very good.”

Qiu Ling hummed. “Mn, he should have that much insight as the Sect Master.” He beamed and then pulled his beloved with him out of the bamboo hut. Ah, he would show Jing Yi just how great his future husband was!

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