OMF V7C48 Good Morning

Jing Yi snuggled up against Qiu Ling’s chest, letting his lover hug him. This was probably his best bet for surpassing Jing He. As far as he remembered, that person wasn’t willing to be too close to Qiu Ling physically. He would always keep a distance of at least one step between them, refuse to kiss him or even hold his hands. He would never show the slightest amount of skin either, always wrapping his body up in several layers of clothes, making sure that not even his wrists would be exposed by accident.

Even if Jing He was perfect in all regards, this point had to have been a problem between him and Qiu Ling considering how direct his lover was. In that case, this was his chance. As long as he was able to use this one thing where he was better than him, then there was a chance to occupy Jing He’s spot in Qiu Ling’s heart. He just needed this chance. Everything else could be figured out afterward.

Qiu Ling didn’t think much of it and just hugged his beloved to his chest. Now that he had talked things through with Jing Yi, he felt much more assured and the guilty conscience he had felt before was more or less gone.

Yes, there was still some slight worry about how Jing He would react when he woke up but he also thought that it wouldn’t be too bad. After all, Jing He was a very understanding person and even Jing Yi had been able to accept the situation and he was the one who was really put at a disadvantage. After all, he would have to give up his own life for Jing He to wake up again. As for Jing He, he might have to wait longer until he woke up but it wasn’t like he would die.

The two of them fell asleep like that, hugging each other until the sun rose the next day, the rays falling through the window, painting the room in a golden hue.

Qiu Ling opened his eyes and his lips curled into a smile when he looked at the person in his arms. Ah, he had missed this. There was nothing better than hugging your beloved to sleep and waking up together with him.

Actually, each day could be like this. Maybe after the trial was over and they had married and lived in the dragon realm, that would really come true. Then they could even sleep in and only rise after the sun climbed much higher, enjoying each other’s company for as long as possible.

Qiu Ling reached up and stroked Jing Yi’s back, his fingers brushing through his hair. Mn, his beloved was really very cute when he was sleeping like this. It really made him want to snuggle for a while longer. Unfortunately, he had promised to have that fight with the people from the Yang Huo Sect today. Even though he hadn’t given them a time, he probably couldn’t wait too long or his beloved would be angry. After all, they still had to fulfill the task the Sect Master had given them.

Qiu Ling sighed and rolled around, coming to lie on top of Jing Yi. Even if they couldn’t snuggle for much longer, he should at least be allowed to wake up his beloved with a good morning kiss, shouldn’t he?

He smiled to himself, cradled his beloved’s waist with one arm and cupped his cheek with his other hand and then leaned down.

Jing Yi’s eyelashes fluttered when his love lover’s warm breath touched his skin and he cracked his eyes open. Seeing Qiu Ling this close with his lips pursed for a kiss, he closed them again, pretending not to have woken up yet.

Their lips touched, the light feeling making both of their hearts flutter.

Qiu Ling sighed and continued, deepening their kiss instead of pulling back. Ah, his beloved wasn’t awake yet. He should really … make sure that he thoroughly woke him up. The soft lips parted and Qiu Ling’s gaze darted to Jing Yi’s eyes, meeting with his gaze. He pulled back slightly, gulping. His beloved wouldn’t be angry at him, would he?

Jing Yi smiled and reached up, cupping Qiu Ling’s cheeks in return. “Is that all? I thought you were going to continue.”

Qiu Ling’s lips parted as if he wanted to say something but he didn’t know what. Was this really his beloved? Although Jing Yi had agreed to marry him before, other things had happened since then, driving them apart again. Even though they had talked things through, he wouldn’t have thought that that would be enough to get back to where they had stopped before. After all, before Jing Yi promised to marry him he had always seemed a little reluctant to go through with it. Could it really be that … he had reconsidered?

Jing Yi smiled and then raised his head, pressing his lips against Qiu Ling’s. He pulled back after just a moment and smiled, his fingers brushing Qiu Ling’s cheek. “Good morning.”

Qiu Ling looked at in him a daze. Could somebody explain to him what was happening? He really didn’t understand. Was his beloved inviting him to continue? Or had he just accepted that kiss and kissed him back without meaning anything else? Was this really just a greeting or …?

Jing Yi smiled even brighter. “What’s with you today? Don’t tell me you stopped liking me.”

Qiu Ling shook his head and then leaned down, his lips returning to Jing Yi’s to prove to him that he definitely still liked him. Their skin touched and finally, Qiu Ling pulled himself out of his stupor and gave a smile himself. “Good morning.”

Yes, this really was a good morning. It felt like even though they had had to go through a lot, they had still managed to make the best of it and finally got together again. That had to mean that it was worth it.

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