OMF V7C38 They Were All True

Jing Yi sighed and lowered his hand. Well, that would have been too nice. He forced himself to smile and turned back to the door. There was still time for other things later. Now, they had to deal with the Yang Huo Sect.

Just then, an angry man walked toward the door with three disciples in red robes crowding behind him. He looked to be middle-aged with a short beard and dark-brown hair. His brows were tightly knit together as if the people in front of the door had gravely disrespected his sect.

Seeing that expression, Jing Yi wanted to sigh again. He really didn’t want to deal with this person but what could he do? If he left this to Qiu Ling, then this Elder would probably puke blood in the next five minutes and the Yun Zou Sect’s reputation might indeed be tarnished. He couldn’t let that happen!

Jing Yi hurriedly cupped his fists and bowed before the Elder could say another word. “Ah, Elder Gongxi, greetings. I am Jing Yi and this is Qiu Ling, Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple. The Sect Master ordered us to come here to make sure your Yang Huo Sect had everything they needed and would feel welcome for their stay in our Yun Zou Sect. I’m afraid we didn’t communicate the reason for our visit well enough to your disciple but it’s good if the misunderstanding was able to be cleared up.”

Elder Gongxi stopped in his tracks. Hearing that two disciples of the Yun Zou Sect had come, he had wanted to make them leave so that they wouldn’t be under their supervision but … with how this boy had worded it, there was nothing he could make a scene about. The identity of the Grandmaster’s disciple was more than enough to be responsible for this task and this boy had even taken the blame for what had happened just now and called it a ‘misunderstanding’! What was he supposed to say now?

If he said it wasn’t, then that’d be making trouble for himself. After all, the boy had already apologized and he didn’t have a valid reason to go and complain to Sect Master Yuchi. If he did say the boy was right and this was a misunderstanding … Then he wouldn’t be able to get rid of them and would need to find an opportunity to have one of his disciples sneak out so they could inquire about what had been going on in the Yun Zou Sect. That would be much more troublesome.

As much as he loathed the idea, Elder Gongxi finally had to give a wry smile and nod. “But of course. A misunderstanding is always between two people at least so it’s partly my disciple’s fault. There’s no need to apologize.”

Jing Yi nodded and lowered his hands. This was already a very good outcome. Neither side would be at fault so this Elder wouldn’t have any reason to complain. The reputation of the Yun Zou Sect was safe. Jing Yi glanced at the person next to him at that thought.

Qiu Ling had already pulled out his memories from the day of the Gathering of Practitioners and found out that this was indeed the person that had slandered him in front of his beloved. How audacious! Nobody but that stupid bastard from the demon realm dared to call him that! He certainly wouldn’t allow this guy to spread any rumors. His beloved might already know but still. That was their secret!

Jing Yi tightened his lips and inconspicuously reached out, tugging at Qiu Ling and signaling him with his eyes.

Qiu Ling pursed his lips in response. Alright, alright, yes, he had promised not to do anything too drastic. He still hated this guy! He gnashed his teeth in secret before he forced himself to smile. Well, if he couldn’t do anything overboard today, then he should better prepare for tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Jing Yi was relieved when he saw Qiu Ling give a somewhat decent smile. It seemed he could count on him for this mission. “Well … Is there something the Yang Huo Sect needs for now?”

Elder Gongxi’s smile widened. “Oh, no, there’s nothing but we are glad that Sect Master Yuchi is having his disciples put in this much effort. The two of you have worked hard. Since there’s nothing on our side, why don’t you return first?”

Jing Yi looked at the Elder, not knowing how to proceed. If they left now … wouldn’t the Yang Huo Sect be free to do whatever they wanted? Then they would have failed the Sect Master’s task already! But he didn’t know what to respond either. Since there was nothing the Yang Huo Sect needed and since Elder Gongxi had indicated that he was doing this for them …

He glanced at Qiu Ling, hoping that his lover would have an idea on what they could do.

Qiu Ling smiled. Finally! Since his beloved was looking at him, that meant he could start to implement his plan. Hmph. As if he’d let this guy get away this easily! Want to talk in circles with him? Even though he didn’t like that kind of thing, he was still good at it! He had used it often enough to get around doing his work.

Qiu Ling’s smile turned even brighter at that thought. “Many thanks, Elder Gongxi. You’re really such a courteous person. Who would have thought?”

Elder Gongxi’s lips twitched. Excuse him? What did he want to say with that?

Before he could retort, Qiu Ling already spoke up again. “Eh, speaking of which, I do remember you had another disciple with you the last time you came here. What was his name again?” He merely looked at Elder Gongxi, not offering any guesses as to what that disciple’s name might be. In all honesty, he couldn’t have offered anything anyway. After all, he really couldn’t remember!

Elder Gongxi gnashed his teeth. This guy! Was he purposefully trying to make trouble?! Wasn’t he afraid that he’d go and complain to the Sect Master? Then where would their Yun Zou Sect put its face? He smiled coldly at that thought. This was his chance! “I really don’t know who you might be talking about. Could you perhaps elaborate?”

Qiu Ling beamed at him. “But of course! You certainly remember our last encounter, right? It was at that Gathering of Practitioners and you slandered me without reason. Then your disciple stepped up and fought with me in your stead. That’s the one I’m talking about.”

Elder Gongxi opened his mouth but couldn’t get out a single sound. This … This guy’s tongue was too poisonous! He actually dared to say such words! The worst thing was … they were all true.

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