LWS Extra 1: C4 We Came to Pick up Our Dog

Nie Chang could only sigh indulgently at his little darling’s behavior. Well, Su Yan had wanted the dog so much and it was good if he was that thrilled. Then he at least wouldn’t have to worry about who would take care of the dog in the future.

In that manner, the two of them hurriedly ate and then left the house, jumping into the car and driving to a dog shelter on the outskirts of the city. Nie Chang turned off the engine and looked at his darling. “Ah Yan, I haven’t been here before either so I don’t know if they’ll have the dog you want. Let’s just go and take a look. If they don’t, we can still go somewhere else.”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “Couldn’t you have called before coming here? What if they don’t? Then wouldn’t we have wasted time?”

Nie Chang smiled and reached over, ruffling Su Yan’s hair. “What’s with the rush? Our dog has already waited that long, I’m sure it’ll be able to wait a little longer.”

Su Yan pursed his lips but still nodded. “I guess you’re right.” He still really wanted to see their dog very much. Ah, he couldn’t wait to hug it and cuddle with it or brush that soft fur! Having a dog would be great.

Nie Chang got out of the car while Su Yan was still caught up in his daydreams and opened the door for his little darling. It could very well be that the dog shelter wouldn’t have the dog Su Yan imagined and if that was the case, his little darling would definitely be disappointed. But now that he had been warned, the disappointment might not be as big. “Come on now. Let’s see if they have our dog here.”

Su Yan was pulled out of his thoughts and leaped out of the car, beaming. Ah, they would finally go and see their dog! He really couldn’t wait.

The two of them walked to the building and rang the doorbell. The shelter was privately run and not very big. Nie Chang really wasn’t sure if they would be able to find what they were looking for here. Still, it would be great if they could find a dog like the one Su Yan wanted.

A moment later, a young woman opened the door and raised her brows. “The two of you …”

Su Yan beamed at her. “We came to get our dog!”

Nie Chang cleared his throat and gave an apologetic smile. “We want to adopt a dog. I saw online that you have some strays here and thought that maybe there would be one we’d like.”

The woman nodded and looked from Nie Chang to Su Yan but finally shrugged her shoulders and motioned at them to follow her to the field next to the house.

Happy barking greeted them when they got closer to the cages and Su Yan’s eyes lit up. He looked around, trying to find the dog he was imagining. Unfortunately, his face fell a moment later. He stopped and turned to his boyfriend, pursing his lips. “None of them are white.”

Nie Chang raised his brows. Right, his darling had wanted it to be a white dog. It had already been quite some time since they talked about it so he hadn’t thought of that. He looked around and finally motioned to one of the dogs. “I think that one is white.”

Su Yan furrowed his brows. “How is that white? It’s clearly gray!”

Nie Chang’s lips twitched and he turned to look at the woman. “It should be white after it’s washed, shouldn’t it?”

The woman’s face flushed red. “That one …” She cleared her throat in embarrassment and waved them over. “We only got it in yesterday. That is why we couldn’t take care of it yet. You see, we’re not many people and we’ve gotten quite a few new ones in this week so there wasn’t enough time for everything.”

Nie Chang nodded. Looking at the other dogs, they seemed to be in a much better state than this one. Still, he was pretty sure that this dog was actually white. He turned to look at Su Yan and raised his brows. “What do you say?”

Su Yan still pursed his lips. “Well, even if it gets white after you wash it, it won’t get big, will it? You agreed to have a big white dog!”

Nie Chang didn’t even need to turn to the woman before she started talking. “Ah, actually, you don’t have to worry about that. This one is still a puppy. So it’ll still grow for another half a year or so. Actually, we don’t know how old exactly it is but definitely not even half a year old. It should have been born in early spring.”

Su Yan’s pouted lips receded and his eyes slowly started to sparkle. “Then … how big will it get?”

The woman motioned with her hands to her thigh. “About this tall? Well, it’s a Samoyed so that would be the usual height.”

Su Yan’s face lit up in excitement and he tugged at Nie Chang’s sleeve. “Did you hear that, Ah Chang? That’s definitely our dog!”

Nie Chang nodded and patted his back. “Yes, sounds like it. Then …” He turned back to the woman and raised his brows. “Can we handle the paperwork today and take it with us? If it isn’t already, we can take care of all the vaccinations.”

The woman shook her hands. “Don’t worry about that. That one was vaccinated before we got him by the owner of the mother. But we can definitely take care of the paperwork. It’s good if it can go home with you right away so it doesn’t have to stay in the shelter any longer. It’s better if it gets used to your home right away.”

Nie Chang smiled. Well, that had gone much better than he had expected. “Alright, then how about we take care of that? Can my boyfriend already spent some time with the dog in the meantime?”

The woman nodded and then opened the cage to let out the dog, looking at Su Yan that immediately crouched down and started to pet the dog as if the two of them already knew each other for years. Well, it seemed she wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Nie Chang smiled and the two of them went to the house, settling the paperwork. Nie Chang couldn’t help but glance out of the window a few times, checking how his little darling was holding up. Even though Su Yan had said that he wanted a dog, he still wasn’t quite sure just how this would work out when they really got one.

With how his little darling loved to be the center of attention, he might actually not be able to take it if he suddenly had to share that attention with a dog. But from the looks of it, he had worried too much. Su Yan was happily laughing while he petted the dog and played around with him. Just looking at it made Nie Chang smile.

When he finally went out with the papers, he leaned down to give Su Yan a kiss on the cheek. The dog woofed and then jumped up, a pink tongue slipping out and lapping over both their cheeks.

Nie Chang and Su Yan both froze while the dog happily woofed again, waving its tail in happiness at its new owners.

Nie Chang furrowed his brows and rubbed his cheek, not sure what he should say do that. Well, it certainly seemed that the dog liked them very much.

Su Yan looked up at his boyfriend with a shocked expression as if he wasn’t quite able to react yet.

Nie Chang laughed and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him to his feet. “Alright, don’t think too much. It’s just some saliva. Let’s get the dog into the car and then get some supplies. Afterward, we can go home and wash it first.” Originally, he had wanted to bring the dog to the store first so that it could get used to that environment as well but looking at it, he felt that it would still be better to bring it home first. Well, maybe that would be easier to handle as well.

Su Yan still hadn’t quite recovered from the shock of having his cheek licked and just mechanically followed Nie Chang to the car. Only when he sat down and his boyfriend started the engine, his expression finally turned from shock to disgust. “Ah Chang, now my cheek is all wet!”

Nie Chang just smiled. “Well, I guess that’s how it is to live with a dog. Since it’s ours now, you’d better get used to that.”

Su Yan didn’t think it was funny at all. He furrowed his brows and then leaned over, rubbing his face against Nie Chang’s shoulder until he was sure that he had wiped off all that saliva. “Hmph. Then you have it lick you in the future! My cheeks better stay clean!”

Nie Chang just smiled. “Of course, darling. You should start teaching it then.” Ah, he was pretty sure that things wouldn’t be that easy but he’d really like to see Su Yan try.

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