OMF V7C36 He’d Better Come out and Greet Me!

Qiu Ling took the pain to calm himself down and gave his beloved a beautiful smile. “Alright, I already understand. Since you don’t want me to drive them off today, then I’ll definitely wait until tomorrow. But still, since they are our important guests, we should at least go and greet them, shouldn’t we?” He couldn’t help but grin at the thought of how that guy would look when he saw him. Reminding him of just who he was could be couldn’t be considered bullying him, could it? No, his beloved shouldn’t have a problem with that.

Jing Yi took one look at Qiu Ling’s face and knew that he wasn’t planning anything good. He sighed. Well, in the end, he would still be there with him to calm the other side down if things got too heated, wouldn’t he? And the Yun Zou Sect could just reprimand Qiu Ling and pretend that it had just been he himself taking revenge for what had happened at the Gathering and not the Yun Zou Sect who wanted to slight them. The Yang Huo Sect shouldn’t be able to say anything against that, should they?

“Alright, then let’s go over and greet them. Don’t go overboard though.” He patted Qiu Ling’s chest and then turned around, walking to the door.

Qiu Ling beamed. Thankfully, his beloved was so understanding! He really didn’t know if he would have been able to hold back from doing even the slightest thing. That guy just deserved to be tortured a little.

He followed Jing Yi outside and then wanted to hug him to his chest to fly over. Just when he gripped onto him, Jing Yi grabbed his arm. Qiu Ling raised his brows. “Is something the matter?”

Jing Yi gave a wry smile. “Well … I thought about it before and after we get back, would you mind trying to teach me how to fly on my own?”

Qiu Ling blinked. “Ah?”

Jing Yi sighed. “I know, you already tried once and I wasn’t doing too well. But I’ve cultivated some more now and always having to rely on you to bring me around even in the Yun Zou Sect, that wouldn’t be very good, would it? No, I think it would be better if I at least knew how to fly on my own. Don’t you think so?”

Qiu Ling scratched his head. “Well, I guess it would. If you get kidnapped again, you could at least try to fly away.”

Jing Yi grimaced, not knowing what to say. Did Qiu Ling have to bring this up? “Alright, that was my fault. I shouldn’t have reacted like that. When that person turned up, I should’ve been more distrustful. Even if I thought that he might be Tian and that there might have been something between him and me in my past life, I shouldn’t have reacted like that. I should’ve stayed close to you since I already decided on you. Then nothing would have happened to me either. I just … I just wanted to make it clear to him on the off chance that … he was real.”

Qiu Ling smiled and finally hugged him to his chest. “It doesn’t matter. You’re here with me right now. That’s what’s important. What’s in the past …” He took a shaky breath and had to force himself to keep up his smile. “What’s in the past, is in the past. The future is the future. Right now, there’s only the two of us. Let’s not think about anything else.”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes and examined Qiu Ling’s face. His voice … Why had it sounded just now as if he had had trouble saying that? Had he missed something? He wanted to ask but Qiu Ling already pushed off the ground and flew over to the courtyard where the sect Master had put the Yang Huo Sect, not giving him any time to sort out his thoughts.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel even more that something was wrong. He wanted to speak up when they landed to at least tell Qiu Ling that they should talk about it later but his lover had already walked up to the door of the house and knocked. Jing Yi sighed. Whatever it was that Qiu Ling had on his mind, it seemed they wouldn’t be able to talk about it anytime soon.

From inside the house, steps sounded and finally, a disciple in a red robe opened the door and looked at them. The disciple gave them a once-over and furrowed his brows. “What do you want? We’re guests of the Yang Huo Sect. Don’t think you can make trouble.”

Jing Yi hurriedly grabbed Qiu Ling’s arm before his lover could say anything wrong and gave the disciple of the Yang Huo Sect a smile. “Please don’t worry, senior martial brother. The two of us have been sent over by the Sect Master to help out if there is something the Yang Huo Sect needs. So for the next few days, we will be taking care of you.”

The disciple looked from Jing Yi to Qiu Ling and back again. “Well, then you can go and thank the Sect Master. There really is no need to go to such trouble though.”

Jing Yi smiled. It seemed these people really intended to find out something about the Yun Zou Sect. The Sect Master and Grandmaster had been right to worry about this and send the two of them. “Ah, it’s no trouble at all. The Yang Huo Sect is a precious guest. Naturally, we can’t let you feel slighted. Maybe you could take us to Elder Gongxi? We would like to explain to him as well. After all, he is the representative of the Yang Huo Sect.”

The disciple huffed. “You want to meet Elder Gongxi? Who do you think you are? He’s an Elder. Even if he isn’t one of your sect, he is still of the senior generation. Do you think just anybody can meet with him?”

Before Jing Yi could answer politely, Qiu Ling already scoffed at the other person. “Who does your Elder Gongxi think he is? Isn’t he just some Elder? I’m the direct disciple of Grandmaster Zhangsun. If I want to meet somebody, then that person better get out here himself and greet me. Otherwise, do you want me to go and complain to my Master?” He raised his chin, staring at the disciple arrogantly.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but stare. Who would’ve thought … His lover was surprisingly good at taking advantage of his relationship with the Grandmaster.

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