OMF V7C35 I’m Allowed to!

Zhangsun Xun Yi watched his disciple’s angry expression and shook his head. Well, that was what he had expected. It seemed they could really leave this task to Qiu Ling. Even if he didn’t tell them outright, his disciple would certainly make sure that Elder Gongxi would take the disciples of the Yang Huo Sect and leave as soon as he could. Still, it was better to make sure that no accidents would up you.

“Remember: You have to make sure that they won’t be able to sniff around too much. The Yun Zou Sect already isn’t in a very good position among the first-tier sects. We can’t let them find out anything they shouldn’t know about. Otherwise, it might have dire consequences. So it would be best if you were able to make them leave soon.”

Jing Yi raised his brows. “Make them leave?” He did understand that it wouldn’t be good if those other sects found out something they shouldn’t but driving them away? Was that really what Grandmaster Zhangsun meant?

Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded in response. “I understand that that might come as a surprise to you. Normally, we wouldn’t treat them like this either but in the current situation …” He shook his head again and sighed. “I don’t know how much Qiu Ling has told you but the secret expert normally residing in our sect has encountered some problems and needed to leave for a while. I do not know when he will return here. Furthermore, our Sect Master hasn’t had the time to focus on his cultivation so he hasn’t managed to reach the next stage even though it would be time for him. We’ve also lost many promising disciples in the disaster in the Leyuan region. So whether it’s the old guard or the new, there are problems that aren’t that easy to take care of.

“The only things the Yun Zou Sect has currently going for them is my presence, Qiu Ling’s presence as a person with a divine constitution and now the second dimension that will allow our disciples to cultivate in a better environment and thus may speed up their cultivation.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi narrowed his eyes when he mentioned that. Come to think of it … The environment in this bamboo house was quite good but maybe it would also be a good idea to have this boy enter the special dimension. If it could speed up his cultivation … Who knew which realm he would reach?

He definitely shouldn’t have a problem to advance to the fifth. In fact, considering what he had felt before, it might even be possible for him to do so in the next few months. Yes, maybe he should suggest to the Sect Master to have Jing Yi enter with the first batch of disciples. The progress he had made in the last two years was definitely enough to justify that.

Jing Yi had no idea what the Grandmaster was thinking. He wouldn’t even have guessed that it might concern his own future. He just nodded to signal that he understood how grave the matter they were supposed to take care of was. “Of course, Grandmaster Zhangsun. Qiu Ling and I will do our best to make sure that the other sects won’t make trouble for our Yun Zou Sect.”

He wasn’t sure if he would be able to drive those people off but at the very least, he should be able to make sure that they wouldn’t be able to find out anything. After all, wouldn’t they just need to keep a close eye on them for that? These people were still of the righteous faction. They shouldn’t be so daring to sneak around and inquire if there were disciples of the Yun Zou Sect with them. Especially not if one of them was a disciple of the Grandmaster.

Qiu Ling next to him pursed her lips. The guy that had only almost ruined his beautiful proposal … He certainly wouldn’t let him get away! Thankfully, his Master had given them a good task this time around. He would definitely show the sect what a good disciple he was and make sure that these guys from the Yang Huo Sect or whatever would leave and never dare to come back!

Qiu Ling put an arm around Jing Yi’s waist and pulled him to his side, brightly smiling at his Master. “Master, is that all? Then Jing Yi and I will discuss our plan now. We’ll go over right afterward and then drive them off. You won’t even have to wait until tomorrow.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi raised his brows. Well, he had expected that his disciple would be willing to do this task. He hadn’t expected him to be this eager though. “Well, alright, just don’t be too obvious. We don’t want to ruin our reputation either. That wouldn’t benefit us in the long run.”

Qiu Ling nodded eagerly as if he had understood. Zhangsun Xun Yi wasn’t too sure but even if his disciple was trying to go overboard, there was still his fiance to smooth things over. Thus he nodded and then turned to leave.

As for everything else … Well, that still had time until after those sects had been driven off and that person returned to the Yun Zou Sect. They wouldn’t be able to restructure the sect in one day anyway. No, it would take several months to even implement the initial changes. And after that, they would have to spend many years to follow up on those with small adjustments. So there was no need to decide everything right now.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Qiu Ling turned to Jing Yi and gave a smile. “You heard what he said. I’m allowed to chase him off.”

Jing Yi nodded and then reached up, hugging Qiu Ling’s neck with a smile. “I heard that. I also heard him say that we shouldn’t go overboard. So let’s not chase them off today already. Let’s wait at least one more day, alright?”

Qiu Ling looked into those eyes that were brighter than Jing He’s and also gave a smile. Yes, waiting a day more … He was able to do that. It couldn’t hurt to practice waiting for a while.

He leaned down and then kissed him, pushing the thought at Jing He away. For now, there was only Jing Yi. This was the person he loved, the person he would spend his time with. And having a task that they could go about together was also very good. Yes, he would be able to do this.

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