LWS Extra 1: C1 Missing Something

Author’s Note:

I’ve finished editing the last volume of Lovely Writing System so it’s time to start on the extras! I have two short ones planned and one that will be longer and more of a spin-off actually (featuring Li Ming, the security guy from volume 1, since I promised you a happily ever after for him as well 😉). I’ll be starting off with the shorter ones and will go for a chapter every two days since I’m currently preparing an unrelated short story as well that I want to finish this month.


Su Yan sat down on the chair in his newly-furnished writing room and stared at his desk in a dazed manner. He didn’t know why but he felt that something was wrong. What could it be?

He looked down at himself but he hadn’t lost anything when they went to visit his novel last weekend again. Well, even if they did, he could just go and get it back. Nothing was ever lost in his own novel. He was sure of that after playing around there for the past few months. But what was the issue then?

He furrowed his brows and stared at the desk instead. There was a notepad lying around with a pen on top that he had used to scribble down some ideas before. Nie Chang had also brought him a cup of hot chocolate before he told him that he would go to make dinner and there was a printer standing to the side in case he wanted to print some pages to edit on paper.

He didn’t understand why Nie Chang thought this would be a good idea but he also felt that it wouldn’t be bad to have a printed copy of his novel lying around. After all, if he deleted something by chance and Nie Chang wasn’t able to work his magic and save the file somehow, then he could at least give him this stash of paper and have him type it in again. That way, he would be able to get his novel back in no time, wouldn’t he? So the printer was still a good idea.

Anyway, he still hadn’t figured out what the problem was. He leaned forward and opened his notebook, looking at the chapter that he had written back in the store. Maybe he had forgotten to type something down there? He went over the last few paragraphs but couldn’t find anything that was missing either.

Ah, just what was the matter? Everything looked just the same as yesterday. The house was finished, his novel was slowly doing better and things were also going great with Nie Chang. There shouldn’t be anything missing.

Su Yan pulled his knees up to his chest and spun around on his chair. This wasn’t fun at all! How was he supposed to write something if he felt that he was missing something? That just wouldn’t work. No, he couldn’t do this! He first had to find out what was wrong.

Su Yan decisively stood up, grabbed his cup with the hot chocolate and trudged over into the kitchen, leaning against the counter next to his boyfriend.

Nie Chang looked up from the frying pan and gave a smile. “I’ll need a bit longer. Are you very hungry? I could cut you up a pepper bell if you’d like.”

Su Yan shook his head and pursed his lips.

Nie Chang watched him while he continued to stir the egg-fried rice his little darling liked the most. “Do you want something else?” He couldn’t think of any other reason why Su Yan would have come over with such an expression. After all, he had just told Su Yan that he would make dinner. It was logical for his little darling to be here because he was hungry, wasn’t it?

Su Yan still shook his head. “Ah Chang, don’t you think there’s something wrong?”

Nie Chang stopped stirring the food and raised his brows at Su Yan. “Wrong?”

“Mn. Like something is missing.”

“Why? Did you lose something? Maybe you put it in the wrong place. What is it that you’re missing? Just tell me and I’ll have a look after we’ve eaten dinner.”

Su Yan shook his head and continued to drink his hot chocolate. “I didn’t. I just feel that something is wrong. Don’t you think there’s something missing?”

Nie Chang looked around the kitchen just in case this was some kind of test. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything. If this really was something his little darling was doing to test him, then he had failed this test. He had no idea at all what might be the matter. “Um … no? Not particularly?”

Su Yan furrowed his brows. Really? His boyfriend couldn’t think of anything that might be missing? Did this mean he was imagining things? Ah, that couldn’t be! No, he was sure that something wasn’t right. His feeling had never been wrong before so it had to be true. When he finally found out what it was and told Nie Chang, his boyfriend would realize that he had been right all along.

Since his little darling kept quiet, Nie Chang didn’t think about it any further. He continued to prepare the food and finally motioned for Su Yan to sit down. “Alright, it’s finished. Go take a seat.” He leaned over and kissed Su Yan’s cheek before he took out the bowls and filled them up.

When he turned around … His darling still hadn’t sat down. Nie Chang sighed and put the bowls on the table before he went to hug Su Yan. “What is it? You still feel like something is missing? How about we eat first? We can ponder what it is together afterward. What do you think?”

Su Yan shook his and rushed to his chair. “Since you don’t think anything is missing, then you don’t have to help me try and think of it. You wouldn’t find out anyway!”

Nie Chang could only sit down with a wry smile. Well, if his darling said so … He picked up his chopsticks and motioned at the Su Yan’s bowl. “Well, then let’s eat first. Maybe you’ll come up with something after you’ve gotten a bit more energy.”

Su Yan nodded but he couldn’t help but continue to ponder the issue. There definitely was something missing or he wouldn’t feel like this. But he couldn’t come up with anything that could be the reason. He hadn’t forgotten to do anything and his writing room was also finished. In fact, they had managed to make the whole house look exactly like he wanted. There shouldn’t be anything wrong at all. So why did he have this nagging feeling?

Su Yan shoveled his favorite egg-fried rice into his mouth without tasting much and tightly furrowed his brows. Just what was the reason? It had to be something big. Something very, very important had to be missing from their life. But what could it be? They were a great couple, they had bought their house, people were reading his novels and Nie Chang’s repair shop was doing well. They weren’t lacking anything. All their wishes had already been fulfilled just like how they had talked about it before. There wasn’t any —

Su Yan slammed the chopsticks on the table and pointed at his boyfriend’s nose. “Dog!”

Nie Chang raised his brows. “Come again?” Alright, he did admit that he hadn’t been able to help his darling but that was no reason to treat him like this, was it?

Su Yan grumbled. “It’s the dog. We’re missing the dog! Didn’t you promise that we’d get a big dog as soon as we have the house? We’ve already finished everything so why don’t we still have a dog?!”

Nie Chang coughed and put down his chopsticks as well. “Uh … I guess I didn’t think of it? Weren’t we very busy with finishing everything up here? But since it’s so important to you, there is no reason why we couldn’t get one now. Let’s just go and do that tomorrow?”

Su Yan raised his chin. “I want to name it!”

Nie Chang smiled. “I thought you wanted to give me that benefit? Because I was such a good boyfriend in the past?”

Su Yan pursed his lips. “But you didn’t think of it at all! Our dog would be very sad if it knew.”

Nie Chang nodded. “That’s true. You’re a much better person than I am, darling. Our dog can be very, very happy that you’re here or it wouldn’t be a happy dog at all.”

Su Yan picked up his chopsticks again and smiled happily. “Naturally. It’s just like you: Without me, it wouldn’t be happy at all!”

Nie Chang watched his little darling happily move his chopsticks and couldn’t help but shake his head. Somehow, he had still been compared with a dog in the end. Should he feel that his darling had been insulting him or should he just regard it as Su Yan’s special way of showing his love? Ah, it was probably better not to think about it any further.

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