OMF V2C112 He Couldn’t Be Slighted

Naturally, that wasn’t what the Elders were shocked about. They just couldn’t believe what Grandmaster Zhangsun had said. Unique constitution? Divine constitution dragon body? That was impossible!

Unique constitutions were rare and divine constitutions were even more seldom seen. In fact, there had only been two confirmed cases of someone having a dragon body in the history of all the sects currently present at the gathering.

There was one additional rumor about a heavenly genius that also possessed one but nobody had been able to verify that so the cultivators liked to believe that somebody had just tried to gain attention. But come to think of it … that rumored genius was said to also be part of the Yun Zou Sect.

The Elders couldn’t help but glance from Qiu Ling to Grandmaster Zhangsun and over to Yuchi Bing Xia. Could the Yun Zou Sect really have this much luck? First, they took in a disciple that then managed to attain the title of Grandmaster and then they found two heavenly geniuses that possessed a divine constitution? Wasn’t that too much?! Where was Heaven’s fairness in this!

The Elders had a lot of questions but Yuchi Bing Xia didn’t deign to indulge them further. The more they said, the worse the situation might get. These guys were still their competitors. He looked at the Elder in charge of overseeing the fights. “Since the problem has been solved, I believe we should continue with the Gathering.”

The Elder nodded and took out another sphere. He put it into the cauldron and then added the others that already held the blood of the other disciples. Well, there was only one disciple with an empty sphere. There was no way there would be any mix-ups.

Qiu Ling wouldn’t let this go so easily though. He frowned and looked at the stunned Elder Gongxi that couldn’t believe what his accusation had entailed. He had tried to pull that talent and the Yun Zou Sect down but had instead managed to elevate them further. That young man wasn’t just the disciple of Grandmaster Zhangsun, he was even a talent with a divine constitution! The other sects were already hurrying to send another message to their sects.

Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes at him and raised his chin. A mortal had dared to slander him. Would he just let go of that? Of course not! “You there. You just accused me of being a demon in front of so many people. Now that it’s proven that I’m not, don’t you feel like an apology is due?”

Elder Gongxi gritted his teeth. He had just unwittingly helped them and now that boy even wanted him to apologize? How much face would he lose if he really did that?! This person was of the younger generation and there were people from all the first-tier and some of the second-tier sects around!

Qiu Ling just smiled, his gaze chilling. This guy didn’t want to? Then he’d insist even more! Don’t think he wouldn’t know how to deal with this kind of unreasonable person. He was very knowledgeable in that regard! The best way to beat them was to use their own weapons against them. Since this guy was throwing around wild accusations … he’d best him in that!

Qiu Ling’s lips curved up even further. “Ah, could it be you don’t trust in my Master’s impartiality? I always thought his reputation was rather good but if you’re like this … Maybe you want to come down instead and check for yourself whether I’m a demon or not?” He even went so far as to extend his arm, pulled up his sleeve and showed his wrist as if he was ready to have himself examined thoroughly.

Next to him, Zhangsun Xun Yi’s brows twitched. This boy! Had he no common sense? He had just said that he had a divine constitution to shut these people up and explain any anomalies! If somebody really checked, wouldn’t the lie be exposed? After all, a human wasn’t the same as a dragon even with a divine constitution. Just because it was called a ‘dragon body’ that didn’t mean it really was, ah!

Thankfully, the Grandmaster’s reputation was indeed good. Elder Gongxi wouldn’t have guessed that he would just lie his way through this and could only force a smile. “Well, it seems I really misunderstood.”

Qiu Ling’s smile brightened further but he didn’t say anything. Don’t think he was dumb! That guy clearly said that he misunderstood, he hadn’t apologized at all!

The Elder’s smile stiffened. Shouldn’t someone from the younger generation let him off when he had already graciously admitted his fault? After all, he was still this person’s Elder! Where was his respect?!

Unfortunately for him, Qiu Ling wasn’t that type of reasonable person. This man had tried to shame him in front of his beloved! He couldn’t show off in front of Jing He in good conscience as long as he hadn’t made sure he had taken enough revenge.

Thankfully for him, the Elders who had echoed Elder Gongxi before were now rushing to turn against him. What else could they do? The Yun Zou Sect had surprisingly acquired such a talent! They were obviously on the rise and this was a prime opportunity to ingratiate themselves with a future powerhouse while conveniently taking a competitor down a notch.

“He’s right, Elder Gongxi! You should really apologize! Accusing him of being a demon, which righteous practitioner could take such an insult?”

“Indeed, indeed. If it was me, I would have long challenged you to a duel over this. I’d rather lay down my life and be honored in death than to be seen as a demon while alive.”

Qiu Ling perked up. Oh? That sounded good! “This Elder is right! How can I take this lying down? I think such a duel would be a good idea!” He gripped his sword and looked at the red-clothed Elder Gongxi, his eyes clearly holding a provocation.

The disciples around him shuddered and silently noted him down as someone that couldn’t be crossed. This man was obviously vindictive! Slight him once and he would pay you back a hundredfold!

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