OMF V2C94 Back to Square One

This very same scene repeated itself for the next few weeks. Shao Hai was persistent in calling Jing Yi out to watch his practice and every now and then sprinkled in another excuse for dragging him away from doing the tasks of his senior martial brothers and sisters. After all, he couldn’t be too obvious, could he? And, well, he didn’t have the strength to always train from dusk to dawn. Just thinking about it … he felt like crying. His body was in constant pain since he had started to do this.

At the same time, Qiu Ling felt even more depressed than before. This stupid brat! He was spending even more time with his beloved now while he hadn’t even been able to make his first appearance in front of Jing He’s reincarnation! Ah, he had to find a very good opportunity now or the impact wouldn’t be good enough to let his beloved fall in love with him at first sight. Well, not that he felt that he wasn’t worthy to fall in love at first sight with. He was the most handsome man in all three immortal realms and, naturally, he was by far the most handsome man in the mortal realms but still, it couldn’t hurt to be careful.

Jing Yi had no idea that two people were this worried because of him. He just obediently watched Shao Hai train and couldn’t help but notice just how diligent his friend was. If he continued to train like this, then it certainly wouldn’t take him long until he became a great practitioner. Meanwhile, he himself …

Jing Yi sighed at the thought and couldn’t help but feel down when he bid farewell to Shao Hai that day. It had already been more than a year since he came to the Yun Zou Sect. He had also diligently done the tasks his senior martial brothers and sisters gave him but he didn’t feel that he was any closer to becoming a hero. In fact, he was starting to wonder if he would ever be able to reach his goal. Right now, it sure didn’t look that way.

But maybe he just wasn’t trying hard enough. He should learn a lesson from Shao Hai and try harder! Jing Yi clenched his hands into fists and accelerated his steps, rushing back to the building where he lived.

Qiu Ling’s eyes lit up at that. Ah, look! His beloved must have noticed that somebody was following him so now he was running away to show that stupid brat that he had no interest in dealing with him. This truly was his lucky day!

Not far behind them, Shao Hai took some labored breaths before he continued on.

Xiao Dong furrowed his brows while watching him. This human … was really too stupid. “If you can’t hold on, then just leave it be.”

“I won’t! Xiao Yi didn’t look well. I have to see what’s going on.”

Xiao Dong’s expression darkened even further. “Then why didn’t you ask him? He only left a moment ago! You could have brought it up instead of trying to trail him. Honestly, I don’t even dare to call this trailing. You’re breathing so loud that I’m afraid you’ll wake up the new recruits!”

“Shut up!” Shao Hai wanted to slap him but the dragon nimbly stepped away. Well, in comparison to the current Shao Hai, everyone would have been nimble. The boy still continued forward, finally hiding at the corner of the building next to Jing Yi’s. “Can you see what he’s doing?”

Xiao Dong crossed his arms in front of his chest and wondered if he should lie and say that Jing Yi had gone to sleep. Maybe this guy would give up then? That way, he wouldn’t spend even more time with His Majesty’s beloved and could also go and sleep himself. Wasn’t it crazy tiring himself out every day and then even running here in the dark? In the end, Xiao Dong clicked his tongue but still answered. “He went to the well to get water.”

“Why would he get water?”

“How would I know! I said you should have asked him. This is stupid.”

“You’re stupid!” Shao Hai crouched down and tried to see himself. Unfortunately, he could only see indistinct shadows. By now, it was already too late and the sun had gone down too far to let him make out more than that,

Xiao Dong sighed when he saw the boy squint his eyes. “He’s entering the building now. Let’s just go back. He probably just wants to wash up before going to bed and didn’t have any water in the room.”

Shao Hai pursed his lips and sneaked up to the house, silently stepping into the entrance hall. He still couldn’t see much but he had come over here so often that he knew the place well and could find his way regardless of the darkness.

Xiao Dong followed him up to the door of Jing Yi’s room. They could hear water splash from behind the door and Xiao Dong leaned down to give Shao Hai a triumphant look. “Hear that? I was right! He’s just washing up before going to bed. Let’s return too.”

Shao Hai still didn’t believe him. He silently pushed the door open about an inch wide, peeking into the room. Jing Yi had lit up a candle, illuminating the room. As for what he was doing … Shao Hai’s eyes went wide and he slumped to the ground, covering his face with his hands.

Xiao Dong raised his brows and also peeked into the room even though he felt as if his king was staring at him from somewhere in the dark. Still, he just couldn’t help his curiosity. When he saw, he almost burst out laughing.

Jing Yi was silently sitting in his room, diligently washing the clothes of his senior martial brothers. So it turned out, he had accompanied Shao Hai for his practice just as the boy had planned but then returned home and just started on his tasks afterward, making sure that he would finish them the very same day. So most likely, he had sometimes stayed up almost all the night before he finished his task and then he would get up early to find another task for the next day, hardly sleeping at all.

In other words, instead of succeeding with his so-called great plan, Shao Hai had only managed to achieve the opposite and tired Jing Yi out even more, not helping with his cultivation at all. It seemed Shao Hai was back to square one.

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