OMF V2C86 Why Was She Telling Him That?

At this time, in another part of the human realm, Hong Bao had long been taken to the Sect Master of the Chun Feng Sect, Xian Xun. As for how that meeting went … Well, the old man had gotten a huge shock while Hong Bao was more than happy when she got out of his study.

At first, everything had seemed normal. Liu Cheng walked Hong Bao to the house where his Master was staying. It was quite different from the Yun Zou Sect that — even though part of their sect wasn’t in too good a condition — was generally a sect that could be counted as more flashy in regard to their dwellings. The palace of the Yun Zou Sect’s Sect Master was wide, spanning more than one courtyard and a little garden. They were enough rooms to house all his disciples but, in fact, nobody but he was living there.

The Sect Master of the Chun Feng Sect was different. The sect had always consisted of demon hunters and they valued practicability. His house was small with just three rooms in it. One of them was his private chamber where he slept and meditated or could retire to if he wanted to have some time for himself. Then there was a study, where he greeted guests and did everything that had to be done to successfully run a sect as large as the Chun Feng Sect. The last room was basically a storage room that housed some precious items that the Chun Feng Sect had for safekeeping. It was strengthened with an array but he was there as another line of defense. If he ever had to go out himself, he had one of his disciples guard the house and this room. It was the most cost-effective way of storing things and a safety matter at the same time. This really was the style of the Chun Feng Sect.

When Liu Cheng brought Hong Bao over, she didn’t feel too out of place. This kind of house … It was only slightly bigger than the ones in her village. Well, alright, maybe their houses there had a room or two less but still. There was nothing fancy about this one. No decorations, no embellishments, nothing that was extra. It really was very simple.

Liu Cheng went to the door of the study, cupped his fists and bowed. “Master, I returned from the mission.”

The Sect Master looked up and gave Liu Cheng a once over. Seeing that his disciple was alright, he nodded. “Very good. Then you may go and train then.”

Liu Cheng lowered his hands but continued to stand in the door. “Master, there’s one thing …”

The Sect Master that had already turned back to the documents on his table, looked up and raised his brows.

“While I was on my way back, I encountered the young woman that I had met at the capital city of the Long kingdom before. I brought her back here.”

The Sect Master got up at that. Liu Cheng had told him about his previous experience so he couldn’t help but feel that something might be wrong now that this person had been brought to their sect. “That person? Do you suspect she’s a demon?” He couldn’t imagine that though. If she was, his disciple should have investigated and already found out.

Liu Cheng shook his head. “No, it’s …” He stopped talking and furrowed his brows, looking at the ground. He really didn’t know how to explain what he had heard from Hong Bao.

The Sect Master’s brows rose even further when his disciple hesitated. There seemed to be more to this story. “Well, have you brought her here? Then I’d like to talk to her.” Maybe they would be able to get some more information out of the girl.

Liu Cheng nodded and turned to the side, motioning into the room.

Hong Bao stepped forward and looked into the study, giving the Sect Master a bright smile. “Hello there!”

Looking at this girl, the Sect Master really didn’t know what to say. What kind of greeting was that? What kind of dress was she wearing? Well, never mind that. Just because she had gotten involved with demons didn’t mean that she was like the people in his Chun Feng Sect. The normal population would probably wear things like that. “Well, please come in and take a seat.” He motioned at the chair on the other side of his desk and watched as she skipped into the room, still smiling brightly.

Liu Cheng followed her in and then turned to Hong Bao. “Hong Bao, this is my Master. Can you tell him what you told me? About what happened to your village and your sister?”

Hong Bao nodded and turned to the old man. If that was what Liu Cheng wanted, she would certainly do that. Thus the girl launched into the story about how her sister had gone to some cultivation sect, become a cultivator and only returned to defeat the demonic beasts that had attacked the village. She repeated all of what she had told to Liu Cheng and even put in some additional details to make sure she didn’t miss anything important and gave him a bad impression. This was the person she had decided to marry, after all. She should make sure that he was satisfied with her performance.

On the other side of the table, the Sect Master couldn’t help but stare at the young girl in utter bafflement. He really had trouble understanding why she was telling him certain things like what her sister had worn the day when she came back or what her mother had said when she had seen her the last time. Well, that wasn’t important and he didn’t have to mind that much. What was really important and what shocked him was the content that he slowly managed to piece together.

This girl … She was the younger sister of Hong Ai, the most famous female cultivator in the last few thousand years? That really … sounded unbelievable. It sounded even more unbelievable the longer the girl talked.

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