OMF V2C83 Finally Reunited!

Even though Xiao Dong felt nothing but disdain for the depictions in the manual, he didn’t say his thoughts out loud. He wasn’t actually here to learn anything and had just come to make sure that that Shao Hai wouldn’t bother His Majesty’s beloved. If he didn’t need to pay attention to what the sect wanted, then that was actually an advantage for him. After all, while Shao Hai would need to invest a lot of time to learn these stupid skills, he could lean back and work on a plan. Wasn’t that perfect?

Elder Suo went and also got the jade pendants that were lying in a chest in the corner. “You should always wear these on your body. They can be used to enter some places in the sect and are for you to identify yourself as disciples of our sect.”

Shao Hai looked at the pendant and then turned to Jing Yi. It turned out that Jing Yi was also wearing one but his looked different. Shao Hai turned back to the Elder. “Elder, why is our pendant different from Xiao Yi’s?”

The Elder looked over at Jing Yi and smiled. “That’s because he’s a cultivator while you will become practitioners. This way, people can distinguish between these two groups at one glance. Your jade pendants will also enable you to enter different places.”

Shao Hai nodded and tied the jade pendant to his belt. Never mind. He didn’t need to have the exact same pendant as Jing Yi. It was much more important that they could stay in the same place.

Meanwhile, Jing Yi couldn’t help but look at the jade pendant that he was wearing. So this actually meant that he was becoming a hero? He hadn’t known!

The Elder motioned back to the door. “Alright, now you have everything you need to start on your training. We’ll settle you in one of the buildings now and then you can start by getting to know your senior martial brothers and sisters.”

Shao Hai nodded eagerly and followed the Elder out of the house. “Can I live with Xiao Yi?”

The Elder turned back and looked at the two boys that were holding hands. His lips couldn’t help but twitch a bit. These two … Weren’t they just a little bit over ten years? Why were they sticking this close? Couldn’t they wait at least another ten years?

Qiu Ling who was still squatting on the tree and watching them with a dark expression thought the same. Well, he thought almost the same. There were some more curses at Shao Hai included in his thoughts. Ah, his poor beloved! Now, this person actually wanted to take advantage of him even at the place where he lived! This truly was too much! He needed to save him soon!

Much to Qiu Ling’s delight, the Elder shook his head. “No, since he’s a cultivator, he will have been placed in one of the buildings together with the other disciples that want to become cultivators and joint this year. The practitioners are living somewhere else. Come on now.” He waved at them and then went to a building on the other side of the sect grounds.

Seeing this building and thinking about just how far away it was from the building where Jing Yi lived, Shao Hai’s good mood disappeared. On the other hand, Xiao Dong’s bad mood was taking a turn for the better. Ah, Heaven hadn’t abandoned him! They were actually staying this far away from His Majesty’s beloved. Maybe that would give him an advantage in preventing the two of them to meet. He had to try hard for His Majesty’s sake!

Elder Suo walked up to the door and waved at one of the disciples to come over.

The person was a young man that was more than double the age of Shao Hai. He cupped his fists and bowed. “Elder Suo. What may this disciple do for you?”

Elder Suo motioned at the two children behind him. “These two would like to join our sect. Give them two rooms and explain everything to them if they have questions.”

The disciple nodded and then turned to the two boys. “Welcome to our Yun Zou Sect. Follow me then.”

Shao Hai took a look at Jing Yi and once again pulled him along. Even if they couldn’t live together, he wouldn’t just let him stand outside. His Xiao Yi should know where he lived so he could run over if he missed him.

A certain person outside made the effort to jump onto the building and concentrated on the mark that he had left on Jing Yi’s body. He also wanted to know where this bastard lived. After all, he would have to go there if he wanted to teach him a lesson!

Meanwhile, the Elder nodded at the people involved and went back to his own house. The girl that had brought them over also took he leave and the three boys were finally left alone when Shao Hai and Xiao Dong had gotten their rooms.

Shao Hai was still a little down because of the fact that he couldn’t live together with Jing Yi but he soon picked himself up. Whatever! Soon enough, he would be a mighty practitioner. Then, this bit of distance between the houses would be nothing to him. He just had to train diligently to achieve his dreams.

He turned to Jing Yi and grabbed his hands. “You don’t have to worry, Xiao Yi. I’m sure I’ll be able to learn these skills very, very soon. Then I’ll be able to become a real practitioner.”

Jing Yi looked at him blankly. Actually, it wasn’t too important to him whether Shao Hai could become a practitioner or not. After all, Shao Hai’s father didn’t necessarily want him to become a hero. It was different for him. But considering that that girl from before had said that they were supposed to do missions later on, it was probably good if Shao Hai and Xiao Dong also were disciples of the sect. That way, they would be able to go together by then. Wasn’t that great? Thus he happily nodded.

In that way, the three boys that had met in the capital and spontaneously started a friendship were reunited at the Yun Zou Sect once again, driving a certain dragon king severely mad. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do. He could only wait until he found a good opportunity to have his big entrance and make sure that his Jing He would fall in love with him again. Ah, just where was this opportunity? He didn’t want to wait any longer.

Jing He, I miss you!

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