OMF V2C66 There Were No Issues

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Qiu Ling was looking at the golden-haired man and pouted. “What are you getting angry for? Do you want to pretend that there isn’t any enmity? You ruined my family!”

The man’s brows drew together and he harrumphed. “What ‘I ruined your family’? It’s clearly your family that ruined me!” This brat, if he wasn’t Chun Yin’s son, he definitely wouldn’t be so nice to him! He turned away and went back to the lake, dipping a foot into the water. “Well, we’ve seen each other now. You said what you had to say so we shouldn’t dwell on this any longer.”

Before he could continue into the lake, Qiu Ling jumped down from the boulder and rushed over, grabbing his arm. “What do you think you’re going? You can’t just leave!”

The man sighed and shook his arm, trying to shake the troublesome person off. Unfortunately, Qiu Ling continued to hold onto him.

“You …” Qiu Ling pursed his lips and dragged him back onto the land. “Since you’ve ruined my family, you should help me out in return.”

The man turned to look at him incredulously. Really? This brat was still bringing up the same thing? He really wondered what gave him the gall! He opened his lips to scold him but finally hesitated. “That … What kind of help do you need?” It had been a long time since they saw each other but considering how things had been between them back then, he doubted that the child would bring up wanting his help if there wasn’t a good reason. He should at least listen to what it was.

Qiu Ling beamed when he seemed to get closer to his goal. “Well, you see, there’s this person I like.”

The man raised his brows. “The person you like? As in … you fell in love?”

Qiu Ling beamed even more when he was asked directly. Finally, somebody wanted to hear his beautiful love story! “Yes, it’s true! He’s the most wonderful person in the whole world. Whether it’s the mortal realm or the immortal realms. He’s so beautiful, I’m sure it must hurt everyone’s eyes to look at him directly. Not for me though. Naturally, I can look at him. I —”

“So what’s the problem that requires my help?”

“Well, everything was going really well. Unfortunately, he’s now part of the Yun Zou Sect and there are always so many people around. It’s really dangerous! What if he falls in love with any of them?!”

The man’s eyes went wide and he grabbed Qiu Ling’s arm in return. “Qiu Ling! You wouldn’t have joined your soul with him, would you?!”

Qiu Ling shook him off and also let go of his arm, stepping back and crossing his arms in front of his chest. “What are you talking about? Of course, I did! I love him and I’m going to marry him. Why shouldn’t I join my soul with his?”

The man stumbled back and sat down on the boulder. “Stupid child … You’re really not better than your father. Just what gave you that thought?”

Qiu Ling frowned. “I don’t know what you’re saying. I love him so why shouldn’t I?”

The man sighed and shook his head. “Whatever I say now, he wouldn’t believe me anyway. So what do you want me to do? Just because I’m in the Yun Zou Sect doesn’t mean that there’s much that I can do here. I’m basically confined to this dimension here. Going out … I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “That’s what you get for pretending to be dead.”

The man didn’t answer and just looked away.

Qiu Ling waited but when no answer came, he walked over and sat down next to him on the boulder. “I also got in as a disciple of the sect. That guy who came to talk to you before? That’s my Master now. It’s just that … I wanted to use that to impress my beloved but … it’s not working too well. My Master just wants to shut me in and have me meditate or something. How am I supposed to win over my beloved that way?”

The man rubbed his brow but refused to say anything. This child, he had actually bound his soul to somebody who he wasn’t even together with yet! He had been too fast with judging him. He wasn’t just as bad as his father, he was even worse! Didn’t he understand at all how important it was for a dragon to bind his soul? That kind of matter couldn’t be taken lightly!

Unfortunately, it was too late now. Once bound, there was no way to take it back without injuring himself. Even if the other person was a mortal. The man sighed and motioned around. “You can stay here for a while until your Master has calmed down. I can talk to him afterward. And … wouldn’t it be best to stay here after that too? I guess your Master wouldn’t know about what you are, would he?”

Qiu Ling shook his head. Of course not! As if he would be so stupid to tell a human that he was a dragon. Didn’t they mostly mistake them for a demon? He certainly didn’t want to be lumped in with these people! “So you’re suggesting what exactly?”

“See it as a chance. Lie low for a few days and then … You can stay here and go out to see your beloved. Your Master won’t interference as much if he thinks that I’m helping you get over your issues.”

Qiu Ling frowned. “I don’t have issues!”

The man chuckled. “If you don’t have any issues, then I don’t have any issues either.” He looked down and pushed back his sleeve, his fingers rubbing the faint scar on his wrist. Yes, there were no issues. Not anymore. It was all in the past now.

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