OMF V2C63 A Young Sect?

Qiguan Cheng Da continued to stick to Yu Jin’s side, pretending to check the spot next to him. Don’t make him laugh! This Yu Jin was just too much of an easy target.

Senior martial brother Wu had been a disciple of the inner sect for many years. He had his own martial brothers that shared the same Master and knew everyone else in the inner sect.

This Yu Jin was different. Even though he wasn’t a disciple of the Yun Zou Sect, he was obviously strong. Furthermore, his relationship with Wu Min Huan seemed to be good. Otherwise, Wu Min Huan wouldn’t have paid this much attention to him. On the other hand, this Yu Jin didn’t seem to know anyone but Wu Min Huan. Getting into his good graces would be much easier than winning over Wu Min Huan himself. And if he managed to win this Yu Jin over, then the guy might even be able to secure a relationship with Wu Min Huan for him in return. There only were advantages to getting to know him.

Yu Jin glanced at Qiguan Cheng Da and then motioned to the door. “It doesn’t seem as if anybody is here. I couldn’t find any clues either. Let’s go to the next hut.”

Qiguan Cheng Da nodded and followed him out. “This case is really too mysterious. Do you have any idea what the reason for all this could be?”

Yu Jin shook his head and didn’t bother to make assumptions. He just opened the door to the next house and went in. A glance around didn’t show anything out of place. Just like in the house before, there was the usual furniture found in houses in the countryside and nothing that pointed out that a cultivator had lived here, whether the person was from the righteous or the demonic sects. Yu Jin still looked around more closely, opening the cupboards and sifting through the shelves. There still wasn’t anything though.

Behind him, Qiguan Cheng Da took a casual look around and touched some things to make it seem as if he was carefully scrutinizing everything for possible hints. But of course, he wouldn’t get close to anything that really looked suspicious. This was the village rumored to be frequented by demonic practitioners! If he touched these things, who knew what type of curse he would be hit with? Why should he risk that? It would be much better to let the person that was stronger take the lead. If something happened, they might have at least enough time to get help. It was much better than him dying without reason.

Once again, Yu Jin sighed and shook his head. This time, he didn’t even bother to tell Qiguan Cheng Da and just left. He was already sure that they wouldn’t find anything in the other houses either but he still went and took a look. Soon enough, the two of them went back to the market square and met with Wu Min Huan and the other two again.

“Did you find anything?”

Yu Jin shook his head but didn’t explain.

Qiguan Cheng Da used the opportunity and pushed himself to the front to explain for him. “There wasn’t anything of note, senior martial brother Wu. None of the houses showed anything out of the ordinary. It’s as if there was nobody here that had anything to do with the demonic sects.”

Wu Min Huan nodded. He had expected as much when he and the other two hadn’t found anything on the other side. “That’s strange. Even if they left, there should at least be some hints, shouldn’t there?” He thought of the herbs that had been dug out from behind the houses and couldn’t help but wonder if it could have anything to do with that.

Judging from the faint trace of spiritual energy, the plants should have been normal spiritual grass. It was a very common herb so they shouldn’t have any problem finding it close to their own sect anyway. So why should they come here where the Yun Zou Sect wasn’t far off?

Could it be that this was a new sect that was only about to form? That might also explain why they would try to kidnap children. They might be lacking disciples. And since they hadn’t been able to attract anyone yet, they went so far as to kidnap the people. If the children were young, it would be even easier to make them submit to the sect. Maybe they wouldn’t even remember their parents when they had grown up.

Of course, this was merely speculation but it was the only thing that would make sense right now. Wu Min Huan sighed and then motioned back toward the forest. “Since there isn’t anything to be found here, we should go and help the others. Maybe they had more luck than us.”

The disciples nodded and the five of them returned to the forest, going in the direction where the group closest to them had gone. They didn’t need to search for long. The team only consisted of four people and had split up into pairs, each taking care of one side of the path leading through the forest.

“No luck yet?”

The two disciples of the inner sect turned around and nodded while the other two continued to look around at their sign. “No, nothing. The only thing we noticed was that some spiritual herbs had been dug out. But other than that, there’s nothing to be seen. There aren’t any traces of anyone passing by here. It’s as if the whole area is deserted and has been for a long time.”

The other disciple furrowed his brows. “Come to think of it, that is rather strange. I remember that a few years ago, there were some juniors that complained about bandits in the Long mountain range. Even if there’s nobody else, at least those people should still be coming through here on a regular basis. So how come it looks as if nobody had been here for a while?”

Wu Min Huan nodded. That was true, he had also heard of these bandits before. The Yun Zou Sect hadn’t bothered about it back then because it had nothing to do with the cultivators. This was a matter that the people of the Long kingdom had to take care of by themselves. They wouldn’t get involved in the problems of the secular world just like that.

“In that case, it could be that they had something to do with the demonic sect or that they were killed by them because they were in the way. We should see what the others found and then decide how to proceed.”

The other disciples nodded and they went back to see how the others were doing.

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