OMF V6C158 Silently Staring

While the Heavenly Empress wondered about her son’s well-being, Qiang Yan finally contacted his own son. The transmission stone showed Bai Mu’s apparition after only a moment. The two of them stared at each other, both hesitating for a spell.

Qiang Yan cleared his throat and waved. “Uh, I went to the Temple of Medicine and asked about the pill. They said that they can refine it as long as we provide the ingredients and the recipe.”

Bai Mu just continued to stare at him.

Qiang Yan couldn’t help but tense at this look. Cold sweat formed on his back and he awkwardly cleared his throat again. It couldn’t be that his son didn’t believe him, could it? Well, that might be true. After all, this kind of medicine was precious in the human realm and he had lived there for a long time. “Uh, actually, it’s nothing much. Refining a pill for a human isn’t that difficult for a trueborn god. It’s just that they don’t have all the recipes for mortal medicine so that’s why they require it. As for the ingredients … Well, there are some restrictions on what they can refine and what they can’t so basically, if somebody wants them to refine something for them, they’ll need to bring their own ingredients. It’s nothing much. It’s completely normal.”

Bai Mu still stared at him wordlessly.

Qiang Yan’s gaze flitted about and he finally gave out the last bit of information that he had originally wanted to keep to himself to make sure that Bai Mu wouldn’t feel indebted to him. “Oh, well, there is a slight compensation to be paid for the service they provide but that’s also completely normal. They don’t know what it will be yet but uhm, it’s probably nothing much. They just … Well, they’ll tell us after they’ve seen the recipe. It will be appraised and then they’ll know the price. But I mean I’m not the God of War for nothing, am I?” He gave a hollow laugh and looked at Bai Mu, silently begging him to say something. He couldn’t take this silent stare any longer!

Bai Mu closed his eyes and rubbed his brow. “That’s not it. I just … I was a little stunned just now. You weren’t even gone for an hour and you’ve already found someone?” He lowered his hand and looked at his father quizzically. He really wouldn’t have thought that things would be this easy. Considering that that man from before had already figured out which recipes could be used and since Qiu Ling had said that he’d go and get the ingredients, everything seemed to be prepared. So in other words, it might only take a few more days for them to get all these things together and have the pill refined so that Nie Huang could start cultivating? It seemed unbelievable.

Bai Mu sighed. Having a family truly could make things easier, couldn’t it? His father could find somebody who could refine even such a difficult pill, his cousin-in-law could just casually head out to get the ingredients and he also knew somebody who knew this kind of recipe by heart. It truly was too astonishing. Of course, he’d need a moment to come to terms with this.

Qiang Yan heaved a sigh of relief when his son explained. So it wasn’t that he had done anything wrong. “Alright, then I guess we should contact Qiu Ling to get the recipe and the ingredients? Do you know where he is right now?”

Bai Mu furrowed his brows. “I’m not too sure. Since he is searching for the ingredients, he could be anywhere. It might be hard to pinpoint his location and …” He looked at the stone in his hand with a complicated expression. This was the one that Qiu Ling had used before to contact all these people. In other words, there was no way for him to use it to contact Qiu Ling, was there? Ah, this really was too troublesome! Everything was already prepared but they couldn’t act on it because of such a simple reason!

Qiang Yan straightened up and gave another awkward smile. “Don’t worry about that! I know somebody of the god race who is currently in the human realm. I’ll contact him and see if he knows something.”

Bai Mu looked at him skeptically. “Somebody of the god race? Wouldn’t it be better if I asked somebody in the dragon realm?” They should know where their king was, shouldn’t they?

Qiang Yan rubbed his temple, not knowing what to say to this. If this was any other king, he certainly would have agreed but since it concerned Qiu Ling … He had experienced one time too often how somebody of the dragon race came running over and asked where Jing He was. After all, wherever the Son of Heaven was, was normally also the place where the dragon king was. If they used this kind of thinking to determine the location of their king all the time, then it really was difficult to assume that they would know where he was right now.

Qiang Yan coughed. “Why don’t we try this? You can go and ask in the dragon realm and I’ll contact the person I know in the human realm. That way we should definitely find out something.”

Bai Mu nodded. “Let’s do that then.”

Qiang Yan also nodded. “Yes, let’s do that.”

Just like in the beginning, the two of them looked at each other silently, not knowing what to say.

The quiet clinking of something being placed down on wood broke the silence and a pretty face popped up next to Bai Mu’s. Nie Huang gave Qiang Yan a happy smile. “Ah, father-in-law, how nice of you to contact Bai Mu again. It’s a pity you had to go so soon before. You didn’t even have time to stay around and eat with us. I hope you come by soon again.”

Qiang Yan nodded, involuntarily smiling back at her. “I’ll try. Anyway, there might be some good news for you soon, Nie Huang. I have to go and make sure now. Bai Mu can tell you everything.” He took another look at the happy couple and finally cut the connection, instead imbuing his spiritual energy into the transmission stone to reach Leng Jin Yu.

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