OMF V6C150 Searching the Yun Zou Sect

Before either of them had time to respond, another person arrived with an angry yell. “You bastard! You really dared to come here again and try to steal my beloved?!”

Jin Ling blinked his eyes, awaking from the daze that this new information had brought about. He turned around and saw an angry Qiu Ling that was pressing a human youth to his chest.

Jin Ling raised his brows. It seemed this was the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation that had disappeared from his palace? Well, never mind. He had already found out what he wanted. Xin Lan had finally admitted that Jinde was still alive. Everything else was unimportant. In fact, now that Jinde was alive, he might even spare this guy.

What reason was there to make things difficult for Qiu Ling if Jinde was still alive and well and that person’s reincarnation already dead? Even though he still hated him, he would agree to let Qiu Ling live. After all, it was only natural that Jinde would want to hold onto that last bit of that man’s bloodline.

Why shouldn’t he allow it? If Jinde was his, then there was no reason to feel insecure. After all, that man wasn’t there anymore. His father wasn’t anymore either. Xin Lan wouldn’t dare. There was only him. Sooner or later, Jinde would realize that he was his best choice. They would finally be able to realize their feelings. They could be together. Naturally, as a good lover, he should give in to all of Jinde’s whims. He would be the very best person for him that he could.

Jin Ling gave Qiu Ling a smile. He didn’t even bother to tease him about their relationship and just nodded as a greeting. “So you have him back. That’s splendid. You should enjoy the time you have together. Now, excuse me, there’s something I have to do.” He turned around and wanted to go and search for Jinde. Before he could go to check on the first building though, Xin Lan appeared in front of him.

“You really think I’d let you go and search for him just like that? I already told you that he doesn’t want to see you!”

Jin Ling continued to smile. “He’s just saying that. As soon as he sees me, he’ll think differently. Just wait for it.” He shifted past Xin Lan but the dragon reached out to grab his shoulder. Jin Ling’s lips curved up into a smile. As if he would fall for that!

His body disappeared from the place where it had just been and reappeared twenty feet closer to the building. “Even you can’t catch a demon.” He didn’t give Xin Lan the opportunity to catch up to him and just reappeared in front of the building, looking into one of the windows. Unfortunately, Jinde couldn’t be seen inside.

Jin Ling’s brows furrowed but he wasn’t in a hurry. He had waited for this long, he would be able to keep his patience for a few more minutes. It was just a question of time until he saw him again. Once again, he disappeared and then reappeared inside the house.

Outside, Qiu Ling floated over to Xin Lan’s side and nudged his shoulder. “The old geezer …”

Xin Lan shot him a dark look, shutting him up. “Since you’ve come, then help me to try to hold him back. He definitely can’t find His Majesty!”

Qiu Ling raised his brows. So the old geezer had already escaped the sect grounds? And they were trying to buy him time? In that case, he should probably help him. Ah, his old man would be so proud of him. Well, it was probably alright to help him considering he was a much nicer person in his new life. And the old geezer had always been rather nice to him even though he pretended not to be since the day his father had decided to leave with his mother.

Qiu Ling wasn’t in a hurry to move though. He turned to Jing Yi and gave him a smile. “There’s someone we have to save now. I’d leave you here but I’m afraid I can’t. You’ve also seen that guy. He might just snatch you away if I leave you out of my sight even for just a moment. You won’t mind, will you?”

Jing Yi shook his head. He had already promised to be with this man forever. Why would he be afraid now?

Qiu Ling nodded happily and also moved, trying or at least pretending to try to intercept Jin Ling in his search for Jinde. The four figures flashed around above the sect grounds of the Yun Zou Sect, checking one building in the inner sect, then another in the outer sect before moving back to the inner sect again, looking at each and every room until Jin Ling finally stopped with a blank expression.

He had searched all the buildings. He had looked in every single room. So why … was Jinde not there? Why hadn’t he found him? He turned to look behind him where Qiu Ling and Xin Lan had already caught up and stared at them with his body trembling. “Why? Where is he?!”

Qiu Ling didn’t bother about him and just looked at Jing Yi instead. Mn, actually, this wasn’t bad. Carrying him around and protecting him from the demon king shouldn’t be anything his beloved would mind, should it? No, he was pretty sure that Jing He would find it very romantic.

Jin Ling frowned and turned to Xin Lan.

With the silver mask obscuring half his face, Xin Lan’s expression was hard to read. Still, he felt that there was a mocking glint in his eyes. “Where is he?!”

Xin Lan merely flashed him a smile. “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you. You can be sure about that. So, I’m afraid, you’ll have to search forever if you really want to find him. Well, good luck with that. I guess I’ll go and enjoy my break then.” With that, he turned around and left for the house where he had come from, pouring himself a cup of tea and sipping it with a faint smile.

Ah, this truly was a day he had waited for for a long time. It really made him look forward to the future when his Master was finally healed.

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