OMF V2C40 A Lesson Long Overdue

Qiu Ling’s gaze followed the disciple all the way down the road before he turned away with a cold huff. Daring to touch his beloved, he’d certainly remember this guy’s face! Now wasn’t the moment to lash back at him though. No, this might be part of his beloved’s trial. After all, wouldn’t it be extremely displeasing for his Jing He to have this strange person come close? He was such a pure person, he must feel terribly violated to be touched by that dirty hand!

Qiu Ling grumbled to himself but he still remembered that he couldn’t get involved in this. Thus he forcibly pushed the thought of how that bastard dared to try his luck with his beloved away and waited for Jing Yi to leave the building again. He didn’t need to wait long.

Jing Yi had rushed into the building where he lived and put the basket down in a corner where it wouldn’t get in the way of the other disciples. Afterward, he hurried out again and grabbed the bucket. His fair face reddened from the exertion, making Qiu Ling clutch his chest in agony.

Ah, his poor beloved! He had to work so hard even though he should be having a comfortable life in his palace where he would be pampered from the early morning until late at night, each of his wishes fulfilled before he could even utter them. Qiu Ling sighed. It really was a pity. The gods were too cruel to subject him to such a vicious trial!

Contrary to Qiu Ling, Jing Yi didn’t think his life was hard at all. Wasn’t it just carrying a bucket of water? He had never needed to do hard work when he lived with his mother but he didn’t feel that this was asking too much. If he wanted to become a real hero, then carrying a bucket should be acceptable. After all, he would need to be strong if he wanted to be able to defeat several men at once. That definitely had to be harder than carrying one bucket of water, didn’t it?

Even though he didn’t mind working, he wasn’t strong. After just a few meters, he had to stop and put the bucket down, taking a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm down. Jing Yi sighed when his breath had evened out. It seemed he would need to train a lot harder if he wanted to become a real hero.

He picked the bucket up again and continued on his way into the building. This time he forced himself to continue on even when he felt that his strength left his arms. This was important. He couldn’t just take a break whenever he wanted to. If he ever came into an inn and found a band of bandits threatening the poor people trying to take shelter from the storm there, then he also wouldn’t be able to just take a break and restore his strength when he fought with those bad people. So he had to make sure that he was prepared to fight until they were all defeated!

Jing Yi finally arrived at the entrance of the building. His face had already turned crimson and sweat was running down his neck. Just when he wanted to step inside and carry the bucket to where he had left the basket, a group of children came down the stairs. Seeing Jing Yi the boy leading them furrowed his brow.

Most of the children had joined the Yun Zou Sect with high hopes. Gaining a high position in the sect would make their families proud and maybe even better their standing where they came from. Only having earthly or minor spirit veins had dashed all their hopes of earning this honor for their family.

For those that came from normal families, it might be a good thing even if they only managed to become an outer sect disciple. But those that hailed from prestigious families and whose siblings might also be cultivating in some sect or had found a Master guiding them at home couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at their subpar aptitude. They couldn’t help but be angry at fate for treating them this badly.

Those that came from the capital of the Long kingdom just like Zhong Jing Yi couldn’t help but transfer this hate onto him. This child had an even trashier aptitude than them. So how come he had dared to cling to the Sect Master’s head disciple as if he was something special?

Wasn’t that blatantly mocking them? It was as if he wanted to say that regardless of what kind of aptitude either of them had he was still more worthy than them. Naturally, they wouldn’t accept it. Especially since Jing Yi was still clinging to the senior martial brothers of the outer sect and getting treats from them while they had to ingratiate themselves for every piece of information they wanted to have! How was this fair?!

In their eyes, it wasn’t. They hadn’t seen how Jing Yi worked in the last few days since they were occupied with finding their way around the sect and getting to know their senior martial brothers and sisters in the hope of acquiring some help for their cultivation. Thus, they felt that this boy was getting everything for free while they had to work hard. That was going too far! This brat needed to be taught a lesson!

As for how this lesson should look like, they hadn’t thought about that yet. But seeing that they were in the main hall and he was in the main hall and nobody else was around, they felt that this was the best time to act on their feelings and find a way to teach him that long-overdue lesson.

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