OMF V2C35 Why Not?

Qiu Ling took a deep breath to recover from the shock of being asked that question. Ah, this Grandmaster was really vicious to start off with something like that! Now, what should he say? He had no idea how long humans normally lived and … he couldn’t remember his own age either. He had stopped counting at ten thousand. After that … it had been a few thousand years until he took over the throne. And then … it had been a few more thousand years until he met Jing He so …

Qiu Ling furrowed his brows. Ah, it was hard to believe that he was so much older than his beloved! Although Jing He liked mature men, it would still have been nice to be a little closer in age. Wouldn’t it have been enough to just be ten thousand years older? That should count as more mature, shouldn’t it?

Seeing Qiu Ling’s distressed expression, Elder Kong’s lips twitched. It seemed he had been right to worry before. This guy was the type to worry about appearance! What was so hard about saying his age?

Seeing one of the three people staring at him change his expression as if he wanted to say something, Qiu Ling felt that he couldn’t wait any longer. He had to say something now! “Uh …” Maybe he should just estimate his age? But what if he took a number that was outside of a mortal’s life expectancy? Oh! Right, he could still guess how old he looked! That way they shouldn’t find anything suspicious about him. “Twenty-ni— seven.” Qiu Ling’s brows twitched. For someone as vain as him giving an estimate about how old he looked was an even harder task than recalling his true age. It couldn’t be too high or he’d feel that he looked old. Neither could it be too low or he’d feel that he didn’t look mature enough. No, a man should be somewhere in between: Mature but not old. It had to be just right.

Thinking of that … Jing He, of course, was also older than a normal mortal could ever hope to become. Especially since the gods aged slower than the dragons before they hit maturity. But appraising him from a mortal’s perspective he seemed quite young, probably around twenty-two or twenty-three years of age. Mn, having four or five years between them sounded good. That should make them appear closer, shouldn’t it?

Qiu Ling had once again forgotten that his beloved was a child at this moment. And that they would be separated by almost twenty years if he was really twenty-seven. Not that that would be a problem for somebody who cultivated. Twenty years was next to nothing for these people.

Grandmaster Zhangsun nodded again, not caring in the slightest that the person in front of him didn’t seem too sure. He didn’t suspect in the slightest that Qiu Ling had just made that up. He instead felt that he should have expected it. This youth still looked young and judging from how he had damaged the hut and then not dared to admit to it, he should still be rather immature.

Zhangsun Xun Yi didn’t mind. On the contrary, he was happy with this result. This person had already managed to figure out sword energy at such a young age. This was simply a prodigy! Why wouldn’t he be satisfied with this?

The Grandmaster’s frown receded slightly but the wrinkles between his brows seemed to be edged into his skin already, still giving him a fierce expression. “What’s your name?”

Qiu Ling almost heaved a sigh of relief. Now, the questions were getting easier! “Qiu Ling.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded again. “Qiu Ling, I want to take you in as my disciple. Are you willing?”

Qiu Ling blinked. Huh? Just like that? He hadn’t even done anything! Why had that guy flown over on his own accord and asked to take him in? Shouldn’t he at least ask him to show his might or something? Maybe have a battle with him? Qiu Ling pondered. Mn, maybe that’s my personal charm? He really didn’t know what else could have prompted this fast decision. Well, if he was already offered the opportunity … “Uh …Why not?”

The two Elders next to them gaped in utter disbelief. This was Grandmaster Zhangsun asking if he wanted to become his disciple and he dared to say ‘Why not’?! Ungrateful brat!

Of course, they wouldn’t dare to openly insult the new disciple of the Grandmaster even if they were given a hundred guts, thus they could only gnash their teeth in anger and curse him in their thoughts.

Grandmaster Zhangsun didn’t care anyway. Even though that new disciple of his didn’t sound enthusiastic he had said yes. That was all he cared about. “Come on then.” He took out his sword again, levitated and waited for Qiu Ling in the air. He somehow just assumed that Qiu Ling could do the same.

Indeed, Qiu Ling could. Flying was an innate ability of all dragons. They often felt better in the air than on the ground. It was just … How did one fly on a sword? Qiu Ling eyed his own treasured weapon and just held it in front of him. Never mind. If one could fly standing on a sword, then one could fly holding a sword too.

It seemed he had guessed right because the Grandmaster once again said nothing and just led the way.

Qiu Ling followed him silently, happy that he had already achieved his goal. Now, it wouldn’t take long before he could see his beloved again. Ah, he couldn’t wait to finally pull him into his arms again! His beloved would certainly be over the moon when he appeared in front of him.

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