OMF V2C25 The Basis of Your Cultivation

Jing Yi finally found himself a small room at the end of a corridor on the third floor. He hadn’t brought anything with him when he left the capital so there wasn’t anything he could put down either. He only jumped onto the bed and sat there, happily looking out of the window at the building on the other side of the path.

Ah, he really was here now! At the place that would let him become a hero. His father should be very proud of him right now! Mn, it was just a pity that his mommy hadn’t been able to accompany him. And, well, it was a bit sad that he wouldn’t be able to see Shao Hai soon either.

Jing Yi thought of the teahouse and sighed. They hadn’t lived in the capital for very long but he still felt that that was his home somehow. Sure, the village was also his home but the capital was better. There weren’t as many mud monsters around and there was Shao Hai to help him against the one that had turned up.

Ah, but this sect would be good too! There might be a lot more mud monsters but there was also big brother Wu. And he had even met big brother Qiguan! He shouldn’t be in danger.

Jing Yi tilted his head. Talking about danger … He pulled back his sleeve and looked at the jade bracelet around his wrist. He rubbed the smooth surface. “Grandfather? Grandfather!”

He waited and looked around the room but nothing could be seen of the old man in the white robe. Jing Yi sighed. It seemed his grandfather was still busy with whatever he was doing. He couldn’t come over right now.

Jing Yi flopped down onto the bed. What should he do now? Nobody was around and he didn’t know anything about this place. He didn’t know what kind of task he’d have to do to become a hero either. Was it something he would be able to do? He would definitely try hard but … what if it was something really difficult?

Jing Yi pursed his lips and finally jumped down from the bed. That big brother Qiguan had said he should wait for the tasks to be assigned. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t go and ask if they were difficult, right?

Jing Yi ran out of the room and left the building, running over to the house on the other side. There were a lot of houses down the road but this was the one Qiguan Cheng Da had pointed at so the people there should know a lot about the tasks.

Jing Yi knocked at the door like he had learned to do in the capital but nobody answered. What now? Should he just go back? But then what if the tasks were really hard or if he needed to prepare something?

Just when he was torn between knocking again and going back to his own room, the door opened on its own. Jing Yi blinked. Could it be these big brothers were really old so they needed a long time to open the door?

The person that finally stepped out of the house … wasn’t a big brother at all. Instead, it was a big sister that opened the door. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the child in front of her and raised her brows. “What are you doing here?”

Jing Yi smiled happily at her. “Hello, big sister! I’m Jing Yi and my father wants me to become a hero. Big brother Wu said that I can become a hero here but big brother Qiguan said that I’ll have to do tasks and work really hard. Do you know what tasks I’ll need to do? Are they really difficult?”

“Uh …” The woman scratched her head. “A hero? You mean a cultivator? Ah, right, the new disciples arrived today, didn’t they? You’re one of them?” She leaned down and put her hands on her knees, smiling at him. Well, nothing was wrong with entertaining a cute child for a while.

Jing Yi shook his head. “I don’t know but I don’t think so. Big brother Qiguan said we’re not brothers. He said …” Jing Yi blinked his eyes again. He had heard and seen so much today. Actually, he wasn’t too sure what he had said. “I’m not sure. But he definitely talked about the tasks! So what do I have to do to become a hero? You know I don’t know a lot about heroes. I had to ask Shao Hai’s father what exactly a hero was and then I had the luck to spot big brother Wu when he came to the capital for some test.”

The woman nodded and reached out to pat Jing Yi’s head. “Ah, you really did a lot! It’s great to see that you’re taking what your parents said so much to heart. You know if you want to become a cultivator, it’s not that difficult. If you have spirit veins, you can naturally take in spiritual energy. If you do that long enough, then you’ll gain a higher level. And the higher your level, the better.”

Jing Yi blinked. “What kind of level? And what’s spiritual energy? And do you know about spirit veins, big sister? That uncle from the drawing said that there are many different types and that I had a full cup of spirit veins.”

The girl blanked. Uh? A full … cup? “You mean a full set?”

“Full set?”

“Mn.” She nodded and looked around, finally picking up a twig from the ground. She crouched down next to Jing Yi and drew three lines into the ground that crossed in the middle. “Look at this. These are the six spirit veins a person can have. They are the basis of everything concerning your cultivation.”

“Oh! So spirit veins are really important to become a hero!” Jing Yi heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully, he had gotten all six of them! Now, he really had a chance to become a hero. Otherwise, how would he have made sure he could fulfill his father’s wishes?

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