OMF V2C23 What Did You Say Just Now?

While Qiu Ling was on his way to getting admitted to the Yun Zou Sect as a disciple, Jing Yi had already moved into the quarters of the outer sect with the other new recruits.

Even though his aptitude was low, it wasn’t like the Yun Zou Sect would turn such children away. Every person they had in their ranks was one person that could help with advancing the sect. After all, even a second- or third-rate disciple could accomplish missions or gather materials. Naturally, they would prefer to take in talents but if they couldn’t get them, they’d settle for the next best option. They just wouldn’t pay too much attention to these children.

After the test for the spiritual veins was over, Wu Min Huan had led the disciples with heavenly or paired spirit veins to the formation separating the inner and outer sect. Two other disciples led the rest of the recruits to the dwellings in the outer sect while the other disciples left to do their own tasks.

Jing Yi had been brought to a building among a group of recruits with mostly five spirit veins. People like him who actually had a full set of six spirit veins were rather rare and most of them would leave the sect soon.

He didn’t know why they had been arranged in this group though and thus merely looked up at the building curiously. It looked just like any building in the capital, only that it had four stories instead of the two he had seen at most in the capital. There was a lacquered double door leading inside but the dye was already flaking off. The windows looked about the same and as for the walls and the beams holding up the roof … well, whatever there had been in regard to valuable carvings had started to crack.

Jing Yi’s eyes still sparkled when he saw this building. So this was the type of house where heroes lived! He eagerly watched the disciple walk them to the door and nod at another disciple that was waiting in front of the door. A hero! There was yet another hero! He had really come to the right place! He eagerly watched the two people in white robes but … he didn’t really understand what this was about. Who were they?

The two actually weren’t anybody important. One of them was a disciple from the inner sect that had accompanied Wu Min Huan on his mission while the other was one of the oldest disciples in the outer sect that had been entrusted with various tasks like managing the lodgings of the new disciples.

What Jing Yi witnessed right now, was them being delivered to the outer sect where they would soon become official outer sect disciples instead of merely new recruits. At the same time, this was the moment they would be abandoned by those of the inner sect. The likelihood of even one of them advancing to the inner sect sometime in the future … it was almost nonexistent.

Thankfully, Jing Yi didn’t understand so he was still excited even when the inner sect disciple left without looking back. He just watched him leave and then turned to the outer sect disciple with sparkling eyes. This person didn’t bother with niceties though.

He looked at the new recruits and curled his lips in contempt. “These will be your lodgings for the following days. Don’t think that you’re already part of our Yun Zou Sect just yet. You’re merely recruits and you’ll only have the opportunity to advance to the status of an outer sect disciple in a few days’ time. Until then, you’ll have to show that you’re worthy of being part of our Yun Zou Sect’s outer sect.”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes and tilted his head to the side. “Big brother, how can we do that?”

The disciple glanced at him with disinterest and didn’t bother to explain. “You’ll be sharing a room with one other person. The sect doesn’t allow for disputes so you’d better behave. If you don’t … then there is no place for you in the Yun Zou Sect.” He raised his chin, giving the children another condescending look. “My name is Qiguan Cheng Da and I’ll have you know that I’m in charge of most of the important tasks in the outer sect. Should you get into trouble, feel free to consult with me. I will certainly make an impartial judgment.

“As for your other tasks …” He turned to a building opposite the one they were standing in front of. “Over there is where the disciples live that might become your senior martial brothers soon. They will tell you about your tasks very soon. If you leave them with a good impression, they might also help you in your cultivation so you should take this seriously.”

Jing Yi nodded eagerly while the other disciples curtly acknowledged Qiguan Cheng Da’s words.

He waved at the building and the children rushed off. Jing Yi stayed behind though and curiously looked up at this person who would become his senior martial brother soon.

“Big brother!”

The disciple furrowed his brows. “I am not your big brother.”

“But aren’t all people in the sect brothers? That’s what big brother Wu Min Huan said.”

“Wu Min Huan?” Qiguan Cheng Da frowned even more. Wu Min Huan was the favorite disciple of the Sect Master. This kind of person was almost impossible to see in the outer sect. Why would a brat that had only come here as a recruit know him? “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes and followed the person when he turned around to leave. “Then … can I still ask you something?”

“What do you want?”

“You said your name was Qiguan Cheng Da. I know somebody that’s called Qiguan. It’s an old woman from one of the villages close to ours. Do you know her? My mommy said that she has a son who went to a really important sect! Is it this sect? Are you her son?”

The disciple stopped walking and slowly turned around, a smile on his lips. “I’m sorry. What did you say just now?”

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