OMF V2C15 A Beautiful Future

“I’m going to marry Xiao Yi!” This was Shao Hai throwing a tantrum inside his father’s study. It hadn’t been long since Jing Yi left but he felt that he couldn’t go on without him for even another hour. He had to get his Xiao Yi back!

Xiao Dong stood in front of the window and frowned. He had already tried his best to seduce this human boy. How come he was not even wavering? Had he not been direct enough in his approach for the last few days? Should he be more direct in the future? He definitely couldn’t let things go on! What would His Majesty think if he couldn’t even accomplish this simple task?!

Inside the study, Mister Shao sighed. “Xiao Yi is going to become a cultivator. Don’t you understand what that means? He’ll become an immortal and might even ascend to Heaven someday. How do you expect him to marry you?” It wasn’t that Mister Shao didn’t want his son to marry Zhong Jing Yi. Quite the contrary. He had been in favor of that idea. After all, Jing Yi was a nice child that didn’t make trouble and even helped with all the tasks that came up. Marrying someone like that was the best decision!

Unfortunately, that boy had joined a deity sect now. It was completely impossible to make him his daughter-in, erm, his son-in-law, of course. After all, how could a cultivator marry just like that?

He sighed. “Even if a cultivator marries, they’ll marry someone who is also a cultivator. Someone from their own sect who … does the same cultivator-things they do!”

Shao Hai frowned and clenched his hands into fists. “Then I’ll become a cultivator too! I’ll go to that Yun Zou Sect right now and ask them to take me in as a disciple! Then I can marry Xiao Yi.”

Mister Shao and Xiao Dong were both floored. Hah? What? Becoming a cultivator just like that?

Mister Shao slapped the table. “I dare you to try that! Who’s going to inherit my business if you become a cultivator?”

“Don’t know! And I don’t care anyway! I’m going to marry Xiao Yi, you’ll see!” After that, a certain boy ran out of his father’s study without looking back.

Mister Shao sighed. Ah, who could explain to him what had gotten into his son? Had he really fallen in love with Jing Yi that much? In that case … there was nothing he could do but wait until he got over it. Maybe someday soon, Ah Hai would find somebody else he could like and then these thoughts would be forgotten. Ah, he could only hope so. After all, becoming a cultivator wasn’t something that could be done just because you wanted to. You also needed spirit veins to be able to cultivate. Otherwise, there was no way however much somebody wanted to be a cultivator. “Ah, let’s hope he’ll realize soon that there are many different fish in the pond.”

Unfortunately, Shao Hai didn’t think about all these things. He only ran to pack his things and rushed out of the house. By the time his father finally noticed that his son was nowhere to be found in the house, Shao Hai had long left the capital in the direction of the Yun Zou Sect to catch the special fish he had decided on.

And of course, to appeal to his king a certain dragon had followed him with the intention to use the time they would need to the Yun Zou Sect to win his heart. It couldn’t be that hard to seduce a mortal child.

Xiao Dong didn’t know that his king had long calmed down. With uncharacteristic focus, Qiu Ling had thrown those thoughts about his Jing He and any love rivals out of his head. Well, it might have had something to do with the fact that Ai Hua had made her son leave so he didn’t have to see him any longer.

By now, Qiu Ling was looking at Fu Min with expectations in his eyes. He was sure that this guy wasn’t just waiting in the teahouse for the fun of it! He should be here to help him out! Ah, what a good guy!

Fu Min laughed in embarrassment. He knew exactly what Qiu Ling was thinking. “Hehe, Your Majesty!” He lowered his voice so the humans around them wouldn’t hear. “Ai Hua brought her child over as you wished. He’s well underway to trap that mortal boy who dared to set his sight on your beloved so there’s no need to worry!

“Ai Hua and I waited here to support him while Qiang Wei followed your beloved to that Yun Zou Sect to protect him. I was so free as to collect some information on these so-called ‘deity sects’ of the mortals in general and, of course, everything that could be helpful concerning your beloved’s time in this Yun Zou Sect. Do you want me to report it now? There are some things I feel we should take note of to ensure your beloved’s safety.”

Seeing that Fu Min had actually prepared all that, Qiu Ling’s mood lifted further. Mn, he should listen to it. His subjects were all so hardworking and loyal … Actually, he didn’t care about that. The thing that really cheered him up was the fact that Fu Min had said ‘your beloved’ in almost all of his sentences.

Qiu Ling smiled a brilliant smile that threatened to blind the female guests around them. After all, a certain dragon king had forgotten to alter his features after coming back to the mortal world and thinking about his beloved he definitely wouldn’t remember soon. “Make it short! I can’t make my beloved wait for too long. In fact, it’ll be alright if you just tell me what I have to do to make sure nobody’s going to seduce him. Or hurt him.” In case anyone would want to try the latter. He couldn’t imagine it anyway. With someone as perfect as Jing He, who wouldn’t want to have him as a partner and try to hurt him instead?

Ah, my beloved … Don’t you worry! Your future husband will soon follow you to that ‘Yun Zou Sect’. I’ll hold off all those annoying men and we can finally rekindle our love!

Ah, he just couldn’t overdo it. He had to make sure that his beloved could still finish that trial along the way. Mn, that shouldn’t take too much time. Most likely, they would soon be able to marry and then spend the remaining years of Jing He’s trial in bliss. Ah, the future was looking good! Too beautiful!

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