OMF V1C122 The Embodiment of Perfection

He leaped to his feet and pointed at her with a furious expression. “What are you saying, woman? Jing He is perfect in every way there is! Have you even seen him? He’s such a beauty! And he has such a good character too!
“Let me open your eyes for you, you stupid thing: Jing He looks like he’s been crafted by the Heavens themselves! He isn’t tall for a man but still taller than a woman. He’s slender with graceful charm. Even hugging his slim waist is a pleasure most people are unworthy of! Every limb of his is formed as if it was made to embody the word perfection. His skin is smooth and soft. Seeing that noble, creamy complexion of his, you can’t help but want to touch him. And his face … Ah …” Qiu Ling sighed.

“How could you express its loveliness with simple words? His eyes are as dark as the moonless night sky. Looking into them is like looking into the deepest abyss, but one you are willing to fall into. No, not just willing!” He lifted a hand to reject such a silly idea. “You long to leap into it. You know that doing so will be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life because you’ll find absolute bliss at the bottom of that abyss.” Qiu Ling closed his own eyes and remembered that gaze he loved so much. “The way he is looking at you … Ah, it’s so peaceful. You feel your heart warming up and a gentle breeze caressing your soul when his gaze touches you.”
Hong Bao seemed like she wanted to inject something but Qiu Ling lifted his hand and smothered her protests. “Ah, that’s by far not everything! Saying it like this you might imagine that you’ll get this impression only from his eyes. But that’s far from true! You know, there are also his eyebrows.
“You might ask yourself what could be so good about eyebrows but you’re wrong if you assume eyebrows couldn’t be special! Eyebrows like Jing He’s are just too beautiful to be true! They’re formed in a graceful, slender arc that directs your gaze from that exquisite forehead of his to his gorgeous eyes. Ah, seeing the outer corner disappear below his magnificent hair, your fingers will itch to trace their course!
“And let me tell you, little goddess! You can’t claim to have lived if you have never seen his hair! Ah …” Speaking about his beloved’s hair, Qiu Ling’s mood lifted to an unprecedented high. His eyes had a special shine to them and his lips unconsciously lifted upwards, making his own face even more breathtaking and Hong Bao stare at him as a result.
“His hair … the words to describe it elude me. I could tell you how soft it looks and how much softer it feels when you touch it but you wouldn’t understand anyway and I certainly wouldn’t let you go and touch it! Wearing the finest silk every day can’t compare to the pleasure of being able to touch a strand of Jing He’s hair even once. Although … running fingers through them is addicting. Just doing it once would probably leave you with regret if you can’t do it again.”
Ah, yes, he himself regretted a lot right now! He wanted to hug him, one arm holding that waist he had praised and the other stroking these glossy strands. Mn, he certainly wouldn’t mind leaning in for a lingering kiss either.
Qiu Ling’s gaze grew absentminded while he thought about that. “Mn, mn. That hair of his … Those lips …” He just muttered on, not thinking about what he said.
But by now, Hong Bao was totally engrossed in listening to Qiu Ling. She still paid close attention even though he seemed to have lost the thread. Ah, this man had to be deeply in love to praise the crown prince like that! What a good guy!
Qiu Ling finally emerged from his thoughts. Seeing that he finally had an audience willing to listen to his praises about his beloved, he continued with newfound vigor.
“His lips, indeed, ah, they are just like the rest of him: They have that perfect form so that it always seems like he is slightly smiling. And that supple curve of his lower lip … isn’t it just an invitation to kiss him? I feel like the Heavens knew he should be mine, so they made him perfect to make me unable to resist him. Ah, they definitely wanted us to be together!”
“How romantic!”
Qiu Ling nodded earnestly. “It is, it is. But you shouldn’t say that now. I haven’t even started describing his character. Though, it doesn’t make any difference. I could tell you how gentle and refined Jing He is, how beloved by everyone but you wouldn’t understand as long as you don’t experience it yourself. You’d need to hear his soothing voice and be hugged by him when you’re feeling depressed. Only then would you be able to acknowledge what a splendid personality he has.”
“Mn.” Hong Bao nodded but she couldn’t help but think: Love really makes blind! He actually praised a bad person like the crown prince so much. “There is just one thing I don’t understand: If the crown prince is so perfect and already your lover, then why did he kiss somebody else?”
Her question struck a nerve and Qiu Ling’s eyes teared up. “What do you know? Isn’t that all because of this damned trial they asked him to pass in the mortal realm? My poor beloved is suffering so much! I can’t watch it. And now they’re even trying to break us apart!”
Yes, Qiu Ling had found his explanation for the whole mess. And somehow, he had even found someone willing to believe his nonsense.

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