LWS V5C86 Leave It at That

Ten minutes later, Mister Su sat at the table in the kitchen and stared at Nie Chang hatefully. This guy! Even if he didn’t understand what his son had meant when he talked about a ‘second account’, he still wasn’t an idiot! If this guy was here in the morning, not wearing a shirt, and his son was lying in bed without clothes … then there had to be a reason. And the only reason he could come up with wasn’t anything he liked.
Nie Chang didn’t bother to explain anything either. If Mister Su didn’t understand what had happened the previous day … Ah, well, that was impossible. There had been a few hints too many to get it wrong.
Nie Chang just put an additional bowl of egg-fried rice on the table before he sat down. He smiled at Su Yan and picked up his chopsticks. “Isn’t it nice that your father came by?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and grumbled something that didn’t sound too nice. He didn’t think that it was nice at all for his father to drop by in the morning without warning. He had still been in bed! And naked! What was good about that?!
Mister Su also saw that his son wasn’t happy with him. He had to do something to raise his mood! His eyes darted around and he picked up one of the wan tans, putting it into Su Yan’s bowl. “Here, Xiao Yan, have one. You should eat more!”
Su Yan glared at his father but still picked up the food. This had been made my Nie Chang and Nie Chang knew how to cook. He couldn’t waste it just because he was angry at his father! Thus he happily ate the wan tan, making Mister Su heave a sigh of relief.
“Ah Chang, you’re the best!” Su Yan leaned over and left an oily kiss on Nie Chang’s cheek. Naturally, he wouldn’t let his father take credit for his boyfriend’s hard work!
Mister Su gaped. Why was this guy rewarded when he was the one who had given that wan tan?! “Xiao Yan …”
Su Yan turned to his father with a foxy grin. “Dad, do you remember how I told you that Ah Chang learned to cook just for me when we came over for dinner on Wednesday? He also made breakfast today.”
“Hmph.” Mister Su snorted. “I bet he also made breakfast appear today with his phone.”
Su Yan didn’t lag behind in unreasonableness. He harrumphed. “Ah Chang isn’t like you! Why did you even come here if you only want to badmouth my boyfriend?”
Mister Su froze and watched in a daze how his darling son picked up a wan tan and put it into Nie Chang’s bowl.
“Have some more to eat, Ah Chang. You worked so hard this morning!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched but he still picked the wan tan up and ate it. Then he took another one and placed it in Su Yan’s bowl. Obviously, his darling wanted to show off their affection again. How could he refuse this small favor?
Su Yan happily continued to eat, not caring about his father anymore. He also didn’t bother to help his boyfriend to more food and instead focused on helping himself. There were two more people at the table, ah! He had to hurry so he wouldn’t starve.
Mister Su watched his son gobble down the food. Alright, his child had been bribed so it was unlikely that he could go about this directly. “Xiao Yan, say, I heard you weren’t at the repair shop yesterday?”
“Mn. How do you know?”
“Uh … I heard from Yuan Hai. He wanted to visit you but you weren’t there.”
“Yuan Hai?” Su Yan blinked and looked at Nie Chang. Was there someone like that?
Nie Chang grinned. “It’s that child you knew from a few years ago. The son of someone. You know the one looking like an iceberg.”
Mister Su’s lips twitched. What looking like an iceberg?! That was called cold-looking! He had heard it was a very popular look with girls. If Yuan Hai wasn’t gay … His father certainly wouldn’t have trouble to find a good match and have them marry.
“Oh! That one!” Su Yan finally remembered who his father was talking about thanks to the description. “Why did he come by though? It’s just as Ah Chang said, we haven’t seen each other in years. Why would he visit suddenly?”
Mister Su laughed. “Aiya, why can’t he visit you? Weren’t you friends back then?”
“Uh … I don’t remember that.”
Hmph. It had to be that bastard who had told Su Yan to say that! Mister Su ground his teeth but he was smart enough not to say it. “Well, even if you weren’t good friends, it’s not much trouble to meet him at least, is it?”
Mister Su wasn’t sure what this was supposed to mean. Did Su Yan agree or not? “Xiao Yan …”
Su Yan wanted to nod but then saw Nie Chang’s look. Uh … His boyfriend probably didn’t like the thought? Hadn’t he been angry when his father tried to set him up with Yuan Hai before? “Uh … I don’t think so.”
“But —”
“Ah! Let’s not talk about that any longer.” Su Yan leaned over to his father. “Dad, actually, it’s good that you came.”
“Ah?” Mister Su’s eyes widened. His son was happy that he had visited after all? Could that really be true? How great!
“Yes, yes. You really found the best time to come over. There’s something I’d like to ask.”
“Oh? What is it? I’m sure I can help!”
“If you wanted to buy a house, where would you buy it?”
“Ah?” Mister Su blinked. Buying … a house? Ah! “Could it be you want to move out?! Then why don’t you move back in with your mother and me? We would love to have you back!”
“Eh? You want Ah Chang and me to move in with you? Really?” Who would have thought his father was this nice!
“Uh … with … with him?” Mister Su glanced over and met with Nie Chang’s smiling face.
“Yes, with me. Ah Yan and I thought about it a lot and we’ve decided we want to move in together.”
“Mn! I want a big house! And a white dog! So do you know where we could buy one?”
Nie Chang grinned even more. “Well … Now that I think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if we moved somewhere close to you, uncle? Wouldn’t auntie also like that?”
“You —” What uncle and auntie? He hadn’t accepted this guy as his son’s boyfriend at all!
Nie Chang didn’t wait for him to get angry. “Aren’t there a few houses close by? Maybe you could help us get into contact with the owners?”
“Eh? Are you … are you being serious?”
Nie Chang stopped grinning and nodded seriously. “Of course. Wasn’t Ah Yan the one to bring it up? I think it would be nice to live close by. You’re very important to him and I don’t think it’s too important to live close to the repair shop. I mean it’s only a small business and my employees have worked with me for years. Not like one of those big corporations …”
Mister Su’s lips twitched. This bastard! He had bribed his son with food and now … now he actually bribed him with his own son! He grumbled but in the end, he could only get up and take out his phone. “Well, since it’s what Xiao Yan wants I’ll help out.” Well, even though he was still reluctant, it was true that things would be different if Su Yan got together with someone like Yuan Hai. With his position in the company, it was entirely possible that he would spend a lot of time outside the city and what if he took Su Yan with him? They wouldn’t see him for long stretches of time.
Ah, even if he didn’t like it, it might be better if he left things as they were. He glanced over his shoulder only to catch the two people behind him red-handed.
Su Yan grinned when Nie Chang pulled back from the kiss and Nie Chang smiled just the same, rubbing a grain of rice from Su Yan’s cheek.
Yes, maybe it was better to leave things at this instead of trying to force his son down a path he didn’t want to take. Hadn’t that gone wrong last time too? This time he should trust that Su Yan knew what he wanted and that he would find happiness this way. And if he didn’t, then his family would be close by to catch him and vent his frustrations for him. Didn’t his wife still have the number of those thugs? They could send them to break that bastard’s legs if he dared to make their Xiao Yan unhappy.

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