LWS V5C82 Living as an Author

[Living as an author isn’t an easy feat but can be achieved by utilizing the right channels and keeping a few general rules in mind. This advanced taskline will remind you of some guidelines you have already come into contact with and show you ways to earn money with your writing.]
Su Yan nodded. This was almost the same as the description of the taskline he had seen in the exchange point. He clicked the button at the bottom for the first real task.
[As a ‘Master of Love’ you have already learned the theory of writing stories and practiced it. All the lessons you have learned while climbing up from the lowest rank of ‘Lovely Novice’ are the basis for your life as an author. After all, readers are more likely to support a good story or even an author with several good stories.

Thus your first step on the path to living as an author has to be to make sure that your story is the best it can be. Have you put enough care into creating your characters? Have you made sure your plot is logical and comprehensible? Did you revise and edit your story or the chapters you posted for your readers?
If you can answer all these questions with ‘yes’, then you have already laid the groundwork for your career.]
Su Yan sighed. Why was the system telling him all this? Didn’t he already know? And his stories were great! It was so lifelike that there was even a real world in the novel that could be visited. There was no need to repeat all that for him! No, he wanted to know how to earn money with the great novel he was writing. Was that really asking too much?
Once again, he clicked on the [next]-button and stared eagerly at the text that appeared.
[If you are sure that your story is in the best possible state, —]
“Blablabla. Why isn’t it saying anything good today?” He frowned but still read on. He couldn’t risk missing anything this time! What if the system hid something important somewhere in there and he clicked for the next part without reading it? Their dog might be homeless forever!
[— you should take a look at the number of your readers. The more readers you have, the more likely it’ll be that you can earn your living as a writer. You might also want to pay attention to whether your current project has more readers than your past projects. If it does, then this might indicate that you are slowly gaining readers. In the future, it is likely you’ll earn more from your favorite pastime!]
Su Yan nodded to himself this time. Thankfully, he hadn’t just clicked for the next part. This wasn’t half bad. He still didn’t go to check on the number of his readers. Why would he need to? He already knew that his short story and his new novel had already more readers than his previous stories. There was obviously such an upward trend!
Su Yan paused and stared at his phone in a daze. Wait. Could it be … now that he had learned more about writing and practiced so much, his stories had gotten better? Did that have such a big influence?
In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, Official Shen Lu swirled around on her chair with a smug look on her face. Ha! She had always known that Su Yan was worthy to become a full-time author! But this was also a bit thanks to her. After all, she had given all the readers of the Heaven Corporation accounts for the network of planet 32847. Not only had they added his stories to their libraries and thus raised the number of views and subscribers, but they had also directed all the bl lovers from Weibo over to his stories, hooking another batch of people. And with so many people suddenly subscribing … the novel had naturally been displayed prominently on the website, making even more people notice it.
Ah, she really didn’t want to praise herself but she had handled this beautifully. It almost was a pity that Su Yan would never know about all the effort she had put in!
Su Yan wouldn’t even have considered the possibility of somebody helping him behind the scenes. He was completely convinced that this success was the result of his own hard work. Uh, well, he had to admit that this might also be thanks to Nie Chang. A bit, at least. After all, his boyfriend had helped him out once or twice.
Su Yan shook his head and didn’t think about it any further. The number of his readers was satisfactory. So this point was also achieved. Now, what else did the system have to say?
[If the number of your readers isn’t high enough for you to be comfortable with, you should advertise your novel: Tell your family and friends about it and post about it on Weibo. Most likely, this won’t show immediate success but over time, you might notice an influx of readers.]
“But the number of my readers is already very satisfactory. Can’t you hurry up? I want to earn money! And I need a lot. Otherwise, Ah Chang and I will need to settle for an ugly house. You can’t want that, can you?” He shook the phone but naturally, that wouldn’t change anything about the text that was displayed. Su Yan could only click the button at the bottom again and read on.
[Don’t worry if it needs some time for you to gain readers for some of your stories. Tastes differ and there are seldom readers who read every type of story in one genre so it is normal that they might enjoy one of your stories but not another.
If you have gained a loyal following of readers that at least takes a look at every story you post, you are in a position where it is likely you’ll be able to earn enough money for you to live with.]
Su Yan frowned. This time there was no [next]-button at the bottom of the window. Instead, there was one that read [check]. He clicked on it and the text vanished, making place for a row of lines.
[Checking statistics
Checking number of views
Comparing number of views
Checking number of reviews
Comparing number of reviews
Checking number of subscribers
Comparing number of subscribers
Organizing results]
Su Yan pursed his lips. So the system was actually looking at the number for him! Why didn’t it say so sooner? Ah, thankfully, he hadn’t looked himself. That would have been a waste of time.
[Evaluation: The host has gained a decent number of readers. This will allow him to monetize his work effectively in the future. The host may now proceed to the next part of the advanced task line.]
Naturally, Su Yan didn’t need to be told twice. He grinned and clicked on the button. He didn’t even glance at the reward he had gotten for this part of the taskline.

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