LWS V5C81 A Cute, Little Turtle

When the first sunlight shone into the room the next morning Su Yan grumbled. He pulled up the blanket that Nie Chang had picked up from the ground in the night and buried his head under it.
Nie Chang opened his eyes and smiled. Ah, today was such a wonderful day. They should get up early and go to sleep late to enjoy it as much as possible. He reached up to the little mountain on his chest and patted it.
“Mn!” A paw slapped onto his chest, telling him that this wasn’t a good time to show his affection.
Nie Chang continued to smile brightly and rubbed the blanket. “It’s Friday, darling.”
“I don’t care!”
“Ah? But I’m really happy. How about getting up early and doing something fun?”

“What a pity. I might just have gotten up and prepared your favorite food for you so you can start into the day in a good mood. Mn, with how good my mood is today, I might even agree to have breakfast in bed. Ah …” He sighed. “But I guess if you don’t want to, there’s nothing I can do.”
For a moment, the heap on his chest stayed silent. Then, a head emerged from under the blanket and peered at him with careful eyes much like a turtle that came out of its shell to see if the coast was clear.
Nie Chang blinked. His darling … was too cute for words! He reached out to ruffle his hair that stood up in all directions but the head was retracted too fast. Ah. It seemed he had scared the little turtle.
Nie Chang chuckled. “Since you came out to take a look does that mean you want to have that breakfast?”
Su Yan pursed his lips under the blanket and finally poked his head out again. “No! But since you’ve already suggested it I shouldn’t be thankless so you can get up and prepare breakfast.”
Nie Chang reached out and pinched his darling’s cheeks.
“Uh! Why are you doing that?!”
“You are looking especially cute today. I just couldn’t resist.”
Su Yan who had just wanted to scold his boyfriend smiled just as brightly as Nie Chang. “Well, that’s a given! I’m always very cute.”
“Mn. You are.” Although he felt as if Su Yan had said before that he wasn’t cute but handsome. How come he had suddenly changed his mind? “You’re … the cutest person I’ve ever seen. Even cuter than little baby kittens.”
“That’s a given!”
“So you should go and cook. I won’t be as cute if you don’t feed me often enough.” Su Yan grinned mischievously and retracted his head back under the blanket. His body shook with laughter.
Nie Chang patted his darling’s head indulgently and gently rolled him off his body and into a dumpling again. “I guess I don’t have another option then. Even though I would still love you if you weren’t as cute, I don’t want you to be upset either.” He leaned over, pulled the blanket down a bit and kissed his forehead. “Do you want to sleep a little longer or should I bring you something to spend your time with? Your notebook?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and pondered. He was already awake now so going back to sleep would be hard. In that case … “How about my phone?”
“Alright.” Nie Chang searched around and finally found it somewhere between their clothes. He also picked up his pants while he was at it but he couldn’t find his underwear anywhere. Huh … Well, he’d look for that later.
He handed Su Yan his phone, gave him a kiss on the lips this time and slipped into his pants. Then he went off into the kitchen.
In the bedroom, Su Yan opened the system with a grin. He hadn’t thought about it yesterday but hadn’t having sex been one of the milestones of a relationship? It should be a really important one too so now that they had done it, he should have gotten lots of experience points. Maybe it would be enough to get that advanced task from the exchange point!
He didn’t bother to look at the experience bar where his current score was displayed. The number should be something really high. There was no way he’d bother looking. No, it was much better to just see if he could buy the task!
He opened the experience exchange point, clicked on the category with the tasks and scrolled down to the one he had decided on. With a deep breath, he opened the detail page and clicked on [exchange]. Another window opened in response.
[Congratulations, host! You have acquired the advanced taskline ‘Living as an Author’. You can activate the taskline at the main page at any time.]
Su Yan rolled around the bed two times in a happy mood. Ah, this was great! If he had known, he would have had sex much sooner!
He blinked. Uh … Well, maybe not. Although it hadn’t been that bad. In fact, it hadn’t felt weird after a while either. Mn, Nie Chang was indeed quite good in that kind of thing.
His cheeks flushed when he thought of the previous night and he hurriedly shook his head. “Enough with this! I have to concentrate on this task now. The sooner I finish, the earlier I can help Ah Chang earn money. And the more money we earn, the sooner we can buy our house. Mn. He’ll be so proud of me.”
He went back to the main page and looked at the list of tasks. There weren’t any open tasks but this time an additional list had been added.
[Available Tasks
Living as an Author: Advertisement]
Su Yan blinked. He had no idea what this was or why the system suddenly wanted to show him an advertisement but he still clicked on it.
[The task has been claimed. Do you want to open the task?]
Naturally, Su Yan clicked the [accept]-button and waited for the next window to open.

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