LWS V5C80 Very Early in the Morning

Su Yan pretended … for another twenty seconds. After that, he only clung to Nie Chang’s shoulder, trying very hard not to sound like Xue Chang Fu. He had to save some dignity! He definitely couldn’t let Nie Chang think he was anything like that bastard.
Nie Chang certainly wasn’t thinking about that. In fact, he was quite happy not to think at this moment. With Su Yan not interrupting every ten seconds, the mood he had wanted to set all the time finally set in, making them forget everything around them. For a short while, there were only the two of them and the heat their bodies generated. They both panted and sweat ran down their skin but they didn’t care.

In the end, they collapsed together, hugging each other. Su Yan took a few deep breaths and sprawled over Nie Chang’s chest, searching for a comfortable spot.
“Umph.” Nie Chang groaned when Su Yan’s elbow hit his stomach but didn’t complain. Ah, disregarding the fact that Su Yan had interrupted them more than once and hadn’t paid much attention to his actions at the beginning, his darling had done him a big favor. After all, it had been him who wanted to have sex. Su Yan hadn’t been completely against it but he hadn’t looked forward to it that much either. He should indulge him a little.
Su Yan’s elbow once again hit his stomach but then he finally found a comfortable spot to lie down. He closed his eyes, rubbed his cheek against Nie Chang’s chest and hugged his waist. His eyes flew right back open. “Ah Chang, why are you so wet?”
Su Yan rubbed at his chest and frowned. “You’re all sweaty. It’s uncomfortable. Couldn’t you have told me sooner? We could have put a towel next to the bed or something.”
Nie Chang reached up and ruffled Su Yan’s hair that was slick with sweat. “I’ll think of it the next time. Just take my shirt or something for now if you really mind.”
Su Yan frowned even more. “How could I do that? Then wouldn’t your shirt be wet?”
“Mn. I don’t mind.”
“But I do!”
“Oh. Then should I get up and get a towel?”
“Then … what should we do?”
“Hmph.” Su Yan harrumphed.
“Not?” Nie Chang sighed and patted Su Yan’s head. “Next time, I’ll prepare better.”
“That’s good.” Su Yan snuggled up against his boyfriend’s chest again and closed his eyes.
Nie Chang patted his back and also closed his eyes. Mn, they should sleep for a while and when they woke up, they could start to look for that house Su Yan wanted.
“Ah!” Su Yan slapped his boyfriend’s chest and sat up. “It didn’t creak at all!”
Nie Chang broke out laughing once again.
“What are you laughing at?!” Su Yan scowled at him. It hadn’t creaked! It really hadn’t! How could his boyfriend dare to laugh?!
Nie Chang hurriedly masked his laugh with a cough but he also knew it was too late. Well, maybe this was a good time to clear things up. “Uhm …” He cleared his throat and gently rubbed Su Yan’s shoulders. “Are you comfortable, darling?”
“No. You’re still sweaty.”
“Uh …” Nie Chang gulped. “You know, actually …”
“What?” Su Yan furrowed his brows. Something wasn’t right here! Nie Chang was being strange. Don’t tell him … “It really creaked?!”
“You heard it creak while I …” Su Yan’s eyes widened. No wonder! So that was why Xue Chang Fu had been so loud when he slept with Yue Mu Gang. He had wanted to drown the creaks out!
“No, that —”
“There’s no need to spare me!” Su Yan dramatically raised his chin. “I can take this. Actually, it’s not my fault anyway. I told you to use more of that lube but you pretended it would be enough. You probably wanted to embarrass me.”
“Uh … Something like that …”
“See! You’re really mean!”
“The truth is … it wouldn’t have creaked anyway. The lube was just to make you feel better.”
“Ah?” Su Yan whirled around to his boyfriend. “What?”
“Your nest. It wouldn’t have creaked. But it might have hurt if … well, anyway, that was why I insisted on the lube. But you were looking at me as if it was some kind of demonic potion so … I made something up that would convince you.”
“You …”
“I know I shouldn’t have lied but I was afraid you’d refuse and would suffer because of that.”
Su Yan wanted to get angry but Nie Chang looked really pitiful. Well … since his boyfriend had done this out of consideration for him he would let it slide for once. “Hmph. I’ll reluctantly forgive you.”
“Thank you, darling!” Nie Chang leaned over and pulled him into his arms again, kissing his temple. “Then should we sleep now? You’re probably tired.”
“Ah? But isn’t it early in the morning?” Su Yan turned to the window. The blinds were still shut but … he could see the gray sky through the gaps. Obviously, it was still very early in the morning. How could they go to sleep?
Nie Chang also looked over and raised his brows. How come … it looked darker outside now than it did when they started to make out? “This …” Nie Chang leaned over the edge of the bed and fumbled around for his pants. He finally managed to reach them and fished his phone out of the pocket.
Turning on the screen his expression blanked.
Su Yan blinked when he saw his boyfriend look at the screen blankly. He leaned his head against Nie Chang’s shoulder and glanced at the phone but the screen had already turned black Su Yan reached out and curiously clicked on the power button, making the screen flash back to life.
[19:20 Thursday, August 9]
Su Yan took the phone and threw it back onto his boyfriend’s pants. Then he pushed him down, wriggled back into the comfortable position and closed his eyes.
That way the two of them finally fell asleep.


Author’s Note:

I might write Shen Lu’s NSFW-verison of the novel with all the steamy scenes she sneaked in there under the nose of her boss. Just in case you’d want me to 😉


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