OMF V6C50 Have Fun with Your Son

When Leng Jin Yu opened the door, he found the dragon king squatting right in front of it, holding a twig and drawing … something that looked like a surprisingly life-like person. He couldn’t help but tilt his head and look a while longer. This was probably the true appearance of the Son of Heaven? Otherwise, the dragon king certainly wouldn’t have spent that much effort on this.
Seeing his husband halt in the doorway Jinde couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder to find out what was going on. Ah, so it turned out it was that bear child again.
Jinde pondered and glanced at Leng Jin Yu who still looked at the drawing. Considering what he had said before he still had trouble coping with his identity from his past life. Accepting a lover already brought some problems with it and it should be even worse for this troublesome son. In that case … as a responsible husband, he should help Leng Jin Yu connect with his son.
Jinde took a step back, measured the distance and pushed his husband out of the house. “Have fun with your son!” With that, he slammed the door shut.
Leng Jin Yu barely managed to catch himself before colliding with Qiu Ling. He looked back and grimaced but naturally, Jinde couldn’t see it. Leng Jin Yu sighed and turned back, squatting down beside Qiu Ling and looking at his drawing again. “Is that His Highness?”
“Mn.” Qiu Ling nodded. He wanted to reach out and touch that face but he held back. This was just a drawing in the sand. If he dared to touch it, it would vanish. Just like his beloved.
“He’s very beautiful.”
Qiu Ling glanced at him. “Don’t get any ideas. That’s your future son-in-law. And you already have the old geezer.”
“I know. And I’m very happy with Jinde.”
“Mn.” Qiu Ling looked back at the drawing. “He’s alone now. He must be really scared. He’s probably wondering where I am and longing for me to come and save him. But here I am, waiting for that bastard to get me some information. My beloved would be so disappointed if he knew.”
“I’m sure he would understand.”
Qiu Ling didn’t answer. He moved the twig and added a lotus flower. Mn, his beloved was so beautiful, so pure. But such a person had to suffer now. In the future, when he had freed him and they married, he had to try harder! He definitely couldn’t allow his Jing He to suffer at his side!
Leng Jin Yu watched him and sighed. The dragon king obviously worried about the Son of Heaven very much. “You know even though I don’t like that Xin Lan very much, he is dependable. He will definitely find something out about that fallen god.”
Qiu Ling paused in his movement and glanced over. “You also don’t like him?”
Leng Jin Yu smiled wryly in response. This was what he cared about?
“Oh. So you’re jealous.”
Leng Jin Yu stared back at him. How had he figured that out so fast? Not even Jinde had been able to understand it just like this. “How …”
“I’m also in love. Isn’t it normal to get jealous? Seeing Jing He getting along with somebody else … it pains me a bit. Especially since we’re not yet married.” He fell silent for a moment before sighing. “Actually, you don’t have a reason to be like this. The old geezer loves you very much.”
“I know that. It’s just hard to accept that there is a story behind all this that I should know of but can’t remember.” He hesitated before he gave a sigh. “I’m sorry about what happened to you. You … had a hard life because of the decisions I made.”
Qiu Ling took his stick and added some details to Jing He’s robe. “It’s nice to hear you say that. It would be even nicer if you could remember. Then you could pretend like my father was sorry for me.”
“He certainly was.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. You know … he never wanted me.” He shook his head when Leng Jin Yu wanted to speak up and motioned at him with the twig. “Don’t pretend. The old geezer certainly told you enough. My father … He was driven into that relationship with her against his will. And I was the reason he stayed with her in the end. Because between someone he loved but that could take care of himself and a woman he felt he had taken advantage of while being drunk and who was now expecting his child, he had to decide on the latter. He was an idiot.”
Leng Jin Yu frowned. He couldn’t quite understand why his past self had made this decision. Even though he might have felt like he had taken advantage of that woman, what about Jinde? He had slept with him too. If he felt like he should take responsibility because of what he did with her, then why didn’t he do the same when it was about Jinde? Was it really just because of the difference in strength he thought them to have?
“I guess he was also quite upright to decide on this regardless of what he felt. Even though … for everyone involved, it was the stupidest decision he could have made.”
“You still resent him for it?”
Qiu Ling shook his head. “I did. For a long time even. Up until the day I met Jing He and figured out that … if not for my position, I wouldn’t be able to stand beside him.”
“Don’t you think you could have also have had that if Chun Yin decided on Jinde?”
Qiu Ling turned around and looked at him incredulously. “Are you stupid? I only became the dragon king because Jinde wanted me to.”
“What does that have to do with it? Wouldn’t Jinde have wanted you to become his successor even more if he had married Chun Yin?”
The disdain in Qiu Ling’s gaze grew. “As if! If those two married, they certainly would have gotten a child. Then where would that put me, the illegitimate one?”


Author’s Note:

Please note that I’ll be taking the Easter weekend off, guys. That means updates for OMF and LWS will resume on Tuesday next week. Furthermore, I’ve decided to switch my release schedule up a bit. This means that come Tuesday I’ll be uploading two chapters of LWS and one chapter of OMF until I finish LWS. Considering we’re about halfway through the last volume this will take a month at most. 😊

Happy Easter, everyone!


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