LWS V5C44 The Male Lead Has to Buy Tanghulu

Nie Chang coughed. Wasn’t his little darling a little too self-assured? Even though he was the one who had written the story and was currently occupying Dou Fang Hai’s body, it certainly wasn’t like he’d have some kind of plot armor just because of that, was it? After all, the system had generated this world based on what he had written and planned so far and Su Yan certainly wouldn’t have noted that the protagonist would have a cheat that didn’t allow others to steal from him.
Well, even though he wasn’t too sure about that, he still didn’t think that it was likely to happen upon another transmigrator. After all, Su Yan should neither have written anything that suggested people were transmigrating into this novel.
“Why aren’t you saying anything? Do you think I’m not the protagonist?”
“Of course not!” Nie Chang hurriedly grabbed his little darling’s hand and pulled him with him to the side of the road while looking for a place where they could look at the system without drawing attention. “You’re definitely the protagonist. In fact, you’d be the protagonist in any story you’re part of. After all, who could bear to turn you into a side character when you’re so adorable?”
“Mn!” Su Yan beamed and readily followed him, not paying attention anymore where they were headed.
Nie Chang finally stopped in a side street. There was an old shop not far from the crossroads that had closed down. They stopped below the overhanging roof and Nie Chang looked at the bracelet around Su Yan’s wrist. Standing here, they shouldn’t attract too much attention.
“Alright, let’s take a look at the progress.”
“Progress?” Su Yan blinked. What progress?
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. “The progress to the next level. Didn’t we come here so we could look at the system without anyone noticing?”
Su Yan looked down and lifted his arm. Had they really come because of the system? Hadn’t they wanted to go on a date? Well, they could probably take a short look before they went on that date. “System?” He knocked on the bracelet and the front page of the system opened indeed.
Su Yan smiled happily and looked up at his boyfriend.
“Mn. Then what about the progress?”
The system opened a window that showed the usual pink bar with the numbers below. Thanks to the curve of the bracelet and the surface that wasn’t as smooth as the mirror or the screen of Su Yan’s phone or notebook, the bar wasn’t too clear. Su Yan wasn’t sure whether it had changed at all and could only poke his boyfriend.
“Ah Chang, what do you say? Did we make progress?”
Nie Chang looked at the numbers below and nodded. “We have forty percent now.”
“That’s … good? Didn’t we have thirty-something yesterday?”
“Thirty-four, yes.” Nie Chang furrowed his brow. The only thing they had done that he could imagine being a milestone was flying to the Jin He City together. But that shouldn’t have made up five percent, should it? “System, show us the milestones we achieved in the experience stats.”
The system opened the window and showed two new milestones:
[Giving guidance in a Master-disciple relationship
Flying together]
Nie Chang raised his brows. So his few words to Su Yan before had actually counted as a milestone? He certainly wouldn’t have expected that. Well, in this case, it wasn’t too strange that they had managed to reach forty percent. Cultivating together had also advanced their progress by three percent. It seemed this kind of simple thing was able to gain them this much experience each time.
Nie Chang tightened his lips. Cultivating and flying together were as normal in a cultivation world as studying or walking along a road together were in their world. Something like this actually gave them this much experience points? The system was rather generous, ah! In that case … just how many experience points would they get if they had sex?
He glanced at Su Yan but didn’t dare to dwell on it. He had been the one who said he didn’t want to do it here even though it was already Friday. If he changed his mind now, Su Yan would get angry. He couldn’t risk that.
“Mn, it seems we’ve made progress. It’s not bad. If we continue like this, we’ll be able to return home soon.”
Su Yan beamed and hugged Nie Chang’s neck. “Yes! Then let’s do some more things. What do you think will get us many experience points?”
“Well, maybe the date we wanted to have will be one of those things. Let’s try it. Even if it doesn’t work, we’ll still have made some priceless memories for us, won’t we?”
Su Yan nodded. “That’s true! So what do we do first? Ah! I know! You should go and buy me some tanghulu! That’s what the male lead always does in novels.”
Nie Chang raised his brows but still pulled Su Yan back onto the main road. Well, if his little darling wanted to have some tanghulu, then he would naturally get him some. They looked around and didn’t need long to spot a stall selling bright red tanghulu.
Well, it wasn’t surprising that there would be one around. After all, Su Yan obviously thought that a cultivation world needed to have stalls selling tanghulu so the male lead could go and buy some. Naturally, the system would take that into consideration when it generated the world for Su Yan’s novel.
Nie Chang looked at the tanghulu and wanted to tell the stall owner that he’d like to get one when he remembered a problem: How was he supposed to pay for this? Nobody had ever told him what kind of money as used in Su Yan’s novel!
Nie Chang turned to look at the author that might be able to answer the question but unfortunately, Su Yan only beamed at him, clearly expecting him to buy the thing already. Ah, wouldn’t he break his little darling’s heart if he pulled him away to ask such a pragmatic question? It seemed being the male lead wasn’t easy at all.

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