LBM C4 Senior Martial Brother, How Do You Like Someone? (1): A Difficult Question

Yun Bei Fen looked up at Luo Lin and blinked his eyes, watching as his senior martial brother combed his hair into a beautiful hairstyle that he had never seen before. “Senior martial brother, why are you doing that with your hair?”
Luo Lin smiled at his reflection in the bronze mirror and secured his hair with a sparkling, silver hairpin. “It’s because your senior martial brother has something very special planned today.”
“Something special?” Yun Bei Fen curiously tilted his head. “Like what?”
“Like meeting a special someone.” Luo Lin turned his head to this side and then that, examining his handiwork.
Just when Yun Bei Fen thought his senior martial brother had finished, he added a bright, red flower.
“Woah! You’re so pretty, senior martial brother!”
Luo Lin smiled even brighter and ruffled his junior’s hair. “And you’re especially cute today!”
Yun Bei Fen beamed at him and grabbed his hand when Luo Lin got up. “Then who is that special someone? And why do you need to make your hair pretty when you meet them?” He followed his senior martial brother out of the room and couldn’t help but steal a few glances at him.
“So many questions.” Luo Lin reached up and touched his handiwork. “It’s because your senior martial brother likes that someone very much so he wants to look good for him.”
Yun Bei Fen paused, his gaze puzzled. “Looking good for someone you like?”
Luo Lin also stopped walking and looked back at him. “Yes. Is that so hard to imagine?”
Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. Actually, he had never thought about looking good. But he was sure that he liked senior martial brother Mei! Oh no! Who knew what else he had done wrong already?!
He anxiously tugged at Luo Lin’s sleeve. “Senior martial brother, then how else do you like someone?”
“You said you want to look good for him. What else do you do if you like someone?”
Luo Lin thought of the things he normally did to show this special someone that he liked him and his cheeks flushed red. He probably couldn’t talk about that with his little junior martial brother? “That … Let your senior martial brother think about it for a while. Why don’t you go play with your first senior martial brother in the meantime?”
“Mn, alright!” Yun Bei Fen smiled and ran off.
Luo Lin watched him leave and shook his head. “Such a difficult question. I should ask Ah Lei what he thinks about it.”

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