OMF V1C98 Things Were Complicated These Days

While a storm was brewing on one side of the Nine Heavens’ capital, the study of the Fate’s Scribe was uncharacteristically quiet considering what had happened in the past few days. Shun Tao was sitting at his desk, poured himself a cup of tea and enjoyed it unhurriedly.
Ah, never mind. It was too late anyway. He might as well let Hong Bao run around and try to think of something while he enjoyed his last hours as the Fate’s Scribe. Or, well, the last few hours of his life, considering the temper of the Heavenly Emperor. Who knew if His Majesty would have him dragged out as soon as he dared to say that something had gone wrong with the crown prince’s fate? He’d probably not even get the time to explain what had happened.
Ah, whatever. At least he still had the time to arrange his affairs. That was better than nothing. Mn, what should he do first? Leave a letter for someone? Ah, but there wasn’t anyone he could leave some teary letter to. Well, not having a wife that would cry bitterly because of his passing or a child that would swear to take revenge for him was also good. At least things would end with this. He should consider who he wanted to take over his position as the Fate’s Scribe though.
Shun Tao stared at his cup of tea and tried to come up with a list of candidates. Unfortunately … he drew a blank. Ah, why had he never thought about this? How was he supposed to find someone suitable in just a few hours? Normally, this would take years of testing and grooming a possible candidate! Wasn’t that how he had gotten the position back then?!
Shun Tao massaged his temple. Just why were things so complicated these days? Where had the days gone when he just sat at his desk and tried to come up with some ridiculous trial for the trueborn gods or a fate for an outstanding human? Back then he would take a break if he couldn’t come up with the next part of it, maybe drink a cup of tea or wander through the gardens outside and then he’d somehow find some inspiration and get back to work. As soon as the god descended or the human was born his prepared fate would turn out the way he had written it. There were no surprises, nothing to worry about. He could just continue with his work as usual and start creating the next fate.
So how come things were suddenly different? When had his own fate developed into this? Just who had he pissed off?
He couldn’t help but look out the window to the sky. This wouldn’t be a present from the High Heavens, would it? Don’t tell him the person up there had visited their realm like in the old stories and he had somehow managed to offend him? But he hadn’t messed with anyone, ah! He was a law-abiding citizen of the capital, a conscientious Fate’s Scribe. He had always taken his task very seriously! Wasn’t the beautiful trial he had written for the Son of Heaven proof enough for that?
Just when Shun Tao bemoaned his own fate, one of the scribes hurried over and knocked on the door. “Fate’s Scribe, some ascended deity came to see you. Should we let him in?”
“Ascended deity?” Shun Tao furrowed his brow. Why would an ascended deity come and visit him? He didn’t remember knowing any. Well, not any that weren’t working in his own palace or wouldn’t be announced directly by their name because they had reached a high position. So who was the one honoring him with their visit? “That ascended deity, did they leave a name? Or the reason for their visit?”
The scribe seemed as if he wanted to nod but finally hesitated. “Well, that person said he was called Leng Jin Yu but he didn’t want to say why he came even though we asked several times. So should we send him away? He seems to be an idle god. Maybe he just wants a position?”
Shun Tao’s lips twitched. Leng Jin Yu? That Leng Jin Yu? The ascended deity that knew about his one and only slip-up? Well, even if he had come to take over his position as the Fate’s Scribe, it probably wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Who wouldn’t try to take advantage of it if they happened upon such a big secret?
Shun Tao sighed and waved at the scribe while putting down his cup. “So it was the ascended deity Leng Jin Yu. Well, then, show him in.”
The scribe was confused. It seemed their Fate’s Scribe knew this person? But wasn’t he just an idle god? How would he come to know someone like their palace’s head? Well, this wasn’t for him to worry over. At least not for now.
He nodded and hurried back outside, showing Leng Jin Yu the way to the study. He wanted to stay around but Leng Jin Yu turned to him and cupped his fists.
“Thank you for your guidance.”
The scribe looked at Shun Tao only to be waved away impatiently. He pursed his lips but still walked away, his heart almost bursting with curiosity. Ah, who knew what would happen inside there? Normally, he wouldn’t mind this at all but after those rumors about the Fate’s Scribe and that servant girl … He really wondered if maybe the head of their palace was swinging both ways.

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