OMF V6C18 Have You Kneel Down and Beg Me

Qiu Ling stared at him, unable to believe what he was hearing. “Jing’er …” He clenched his fists and forced himself to stand where he was but his heart screamed at him to dash forward and pull his beloved out of Jin Ling’s arms. “Don’t worry. I won’t let you die.”
Jin Ling rolled his eyes and concentrated on the overcast sky. These people … they were no fun at all. Readily dying for the other to go on living … Could this boy tone it down a bit? Humans weren’t supposed to be like this!
He took a deep breath and looked at Jing Yi. “It seems someone has a death wish. Even though I gave you the opportunity to get out of this unharmed.”
Jing Yi continued to ignore him. Naturally, he didn’t want to die. If he could, he wanted to get out of here, make up for what he had done wrong before and spent the rest of his life with Qiu Ling as he had promised. But as things stood now that was completely impossible. So what was he supposed to do?
He couldn’t allow himself to become a burden to Qiu Ling. He had hurt him because of his own stupidity. He couldn’t allow himself to make the same mistake twice.
And more than everything else, he trusted Qiu Ling. Even though he still didn’t know what exactly had happened in his past life, he knew that they had already fallen in love as Qiu Ling and Jing He. And after his death, Qiu Ling had found him when he had become Jing Yi. Whoever he became in his next life, he didn’t doubt that this man would be at his side again. What couldn’t be fulfilled now, maybe in their next life there would be an opportunity. And then … then he wouldn’t hesitate.
“When we see each other again the next time, just tell me everything honestly from the first day we meet so there will be no misunderstandings.”
Qiu Ling shook his head wildly. “No!”
Jing Yi smiled sweetly as if dying now wouldn’t mean anything to him. The Heavens alone knew that he only did this so Qiu Ling wouldn’t feel too bad about this. If he could wait … and hold on for some more time, then certainly they would see each other again.
His fiance didn’t want to hear about that though. He looked away from Jing Yi and to Jin Ling. He either had to kill this bastard … or find another way to get Jing Yi out of his hands. “What do you want?”
Jing Yi’s gaze flickered. Wasn’t this exactly what he had wanted to prevent?
Jin Ling thoughtfully brushed through Jing Yi’s hair. “What I want? You mean for me to let him go unharmed? Well … I think having you kneel down to me and beg would be a great start.” He chuckled as if he had made an especially great joke.
Before his laughter stopped, Qiu Ling had shaken off Xiang Yong and An Bai and indeed knelt down. “Please let Jing’er go.”
Jin Ling stopped awkwardly and stared at the person he wanted to torment, his copper-colored brows twitching. Excuse him? Could this guy show at least a little resistance? Where was the fun in this if he didn’t complain or gnash his teeth a little? It was as if this meant nothing to him! Well, at least the dragons behind him were indignant. It wasn’t enough for him though. But it wasn’t like he was out of options yet. If that part of the couple didn’t want to play …
He turned to Jing Yi and sighed. “Ah, look at that. You must be very touched. Your ex-fiance is actually able to lay down his dignity for you. Well, not that Qiu Ling didn’t have a thick face in the first place. I mean, just look at how he became the dragon king despite his origin.” Jin Ling smirked and his eyes narrowed when he looked back at Qiu Ling.
Surprised? I know everything about you and your family! And I don’t mind bringing it out in the open.
Qiu Ling would have liked to remind the bastard that he was also just someone of mixed blood but he held back. Never mind that he still had Jing Yi in his hands, Jin Ling also didn’t need to fear his heritage.
The demons had always valued strength. As long as he was able to defeat whoever challenged him, he would sit on the demon realm’s throne. Furthermore, the demons regarded the dragons to be part of their own race. An especially unruly part of their race that refused to acknowledge their relationship but still part of their race. So the demons might not even feel that Jin Ling was of mixed heritage.
He himself on the other hand … It wasn’t so certain that he would be able to stay in his position. At the very least, the dragons wouldn’t be happy to have someone like him as their king. The fact that his father had been Chun Yin and that his mother had still been half-dragon herself might help but it was only a possibility. And even if the dragons could live with that knowledge … The gods couldn’t.
If his origin was revealed, then his engagement with Jing He would be in the past. Not even the Heavenly Empress would allow him to become her son-in-law, regardless of their previous relationship. She just wouldn’t be able to hand her son over to a demon.
Qiu Ling just smiled. Nobody would believe Jin Ling just like that. If he couldn’t bring his mother back from the dead and have her confess or present any other evidence, then people would just assume that he was spouting nonsense to drive a wedge between their two races.
“Does the demon king require me to also bow my head? Just say the word and I will do so, as long as it means you’ll let my beloved go.”
Jin Ling glanced at him. “I wasn’t going to ask for that but … if you insist. Please do so.” He watched in glee as Qiu Ling indeed bowed his head.
“Please let him go.”
Ah, it seemed this would still be more fun than he had thought. Mn, he should make good use of this opportunity and demand some more things that would make Qiu Ling uncomfortable. For example … His gaze slipped to the other dragons and his mood got even better. Ah, he really wanted to see how much Qiu Ling would be willing to give up for this boy.

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