OMF V1C72 We’re All Gods of Equal Value

Leng Jin Yu had no idea that he was being observed by the God of War. He didn’t even think of the possibility that Qiang Yan might come to see him. He was occupied with the issue of the crown prince’s fate.
He knew he had to tell someone if he didn’t want this to have any negative consequences. After all, only if the right people in the Nine Heavens came to know about this, could they come up with a plan to counter the things this might entail.
And what would hinder him from reporting this? The God of War might not have been in when he went the first time but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be back if he went over again. He could get up right now and go over to ask whether the God of War was already back. If he wasn’t, he could even ask if it might be possible to notify him when he returned. It would be easy.
Leng Jin Yu turned the cup in his hand and watched the tea inside swivel around.
Should he do it? He felt like it was the right thing to do but at the same time, he believed in fate or at least he believed that there were things the Heavens wanted to happen and things the Heavens wanted to prevent.
The Fate’s Scribe not reporting, Hong Bao telling him, the God of War being out the moment he wanted to report … Were those just coincidences or was this something the Heavens had destined to happen?
Maybe there was a reason to this that he couldn’t see yet. Maybe preventing whatever was happening with the crown prince right now would have even worse consequences than letting everything continue as it did now. He didn’t know and he had no idea how to make sure. However he decided, it could be wrong. So what should he do? How should he decide?
“You seem troubled.”
Leng Jin Yu looked up and gave a wry smile. “I didn’t think it was this obvious.”
Duan Ming smiled back at him and sat down opposite from him, putting his sword on the table. “Lan Ling has been nagging about how you’ve been staring at a cup of tea for half an hour instead of training. He’s worried you might be sick.”
Leng Jin Yu put the cup of tea down and shook his head. “I’m sorry. I worried you.”
“So what is the matter? It’s not like you to brood for so long.”
Leng Jin Yu looked at that sword with the intricately carved scabbard and sighed. Maybe that was his problem: From his time in the mortal realm, he was used to solving his own problems. If something happened to him, he would use his wits or his sword to get out of the situation. And he would do the same if it happened to someone he cared about or who he knew was important for some reason. But now, things were different.
“It’s hard to say. Right now, I’m feeling inadequate.”
Leng Jin Yu looked back up at Duan Ming and smiled. “I was born a mortal and raised as a mortal. Even though I became a cultivator, I was still human. That only changed a few weeks back. I’ve tried to learn more about the gods but ultimately, it might be a pipe dream. I’m not a god. I never will be. My place … maybe it’s not here. Today I … felt that very strongly.”
Duan Ming frowned. This wasn’t like the Leng Jin Yu he knew at all. “Did something happen today?”
Outside of the courtyard, the God of War perked up. This had probably to do with the issue Leng Jin Yu had wanted to talk to him about. Just what could it be to make him say something like this?
Leng Jin Yu sighed. “I guess you could say it this way. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can tell anyone. That’s what’s bothering me about it the most.”
“I see. Well, if there is anything else I could help you with …”
Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “I’m afraid not. Although I’d really like to hear the thoughts of a trueborn god right now.” He furrowed his brows. Both he and Hong Bao were ascended deities although he wasn’t sure how Hong Bao had managed to ascend, considering that he couldn’t feel a shred of spiritual energy in her.
“If it helps to set your mind at ease, I don’t think there’s much of a difference between the trueborn gods and the ascended deities. The Nine Heavens have never differentiated between them. Whether we were born or ascended, at the end of the day, we’re all gods, all residents of the Nine Heavens, all of equal standing. There isn’t anyone more important than another. I believe that that is what the Nine Heavens are about. So whatever it is that is troubling you it shouldn’t have to do with you being an ascended deity. That doesn’t have to be an issue.”
“All of equal standing?” Leng Jin Yu tapped the rim of his painted cup on the table and nodded. “You’re probably right. Whether one is ascended or trueborn it shouldn’t affect anything. Your origins and position shouldn’t be the deciding factor.” He nodded to himself and stood up, cupping his fists in thanks. “Duan Ming, you’ve helped me a lot. I’m seeing clearer now. So I’ll better go and solve this issue. You can tell Lan Ling that I’m alright.”
“Mn.” Duan Ming nodded and grabbed his sword, also getting up.
Leng Jin Yu put his cup away and left the courtyard of the idle gods. He felt like he had worried too much before and thought about the issue from the wrong side.
A human life might seem short in the eyes of a trueborn god or an ascended deity but it still lasted several decades. Regardless of what had happened with the crown prince’s fate, it wouldn’t be too late if things were brought back on track a day later. But the lives of the Fate’s Scribe and Hong Bao, those might very well depend on whether they could present the Heavenly Emperor with an explanation.
Since he knew he couldn’t just condemn them. After all, whether it was Hong Bao or the Scribe’s Fate, they didn’t deserve to lose their lives over something that might not be their fault. Even if it was, they should at least get the opportunity to set right what they had done wrong and confess their mistakes. That was a lot better than just reporting to the God of War without considering them at all.

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