LWS V4C83 Irresistible

As soon as Nie Chang and Su Yan stepped out of the restaurant, a certain someone retracted his head and looked in all directions.
Nie Chang’s brows raised and he also looked around but couldn’t see anything. “What are we looking for?”
“The thugs!” Su Yan hissed at him and grabbed his arm again, hurriedly pulling him down the road. He might be excited to see what his reward was but he certainly wouldn’t forget about something as important as this!
“Oh, I see.” Nie Chang refrained from saying anything and just followed his little darling down the street. There was one problem though. “Darling, don’t you think you’ll attract those thugs even more if you’re running like this?”
Su Yan froze and turned to his boyfriend with an accusing look. “Why didn’t you say so sooner? And why did you have to park the car so far away?”
Nie Chang smiled wryly. “I didn’t park far away. We just left through another entrance. Naturally, we’ll have to circle around outside now.”
“You should have thought of that sooner!” Su Yan scrunched up his face. How could his boyfriend have simply forgotten about this? Now they’d have to walk back the whole way and then drive to his apartment. That would take so long! How should he wait that long?
Ah! Maybe he could already go and have a look at the reward when they were in the car? People wouldn’t look into a car, would they? Nobody would notice that he disappeared.
Seeing that his little darling was slowing down and not glaring at him anymore Nie Chang couldn’t help but grow worried. “What did you come up with?”
Su Yan latched onto his arm with a ‘glad that you asked!’ expression. “When I go into the special dimension, my phone stays where it is, right? And then I’ll come back out wherever it was put afterward, right?”
“So …?”
“So how about we go to the car and when we’re inside I’ll just hop into the special dimension and take a look at the reward? In the meantime, you can drive the phone home and then I’ll appear back there. Nobody will notice.”
Nie Chang looked at his boyfriend’s sparkling eyes and sighed. Ah, he didn’t want to rain on his parade but unfortunately … “Darling, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”
“Why not?”
Su Yan wanted to stop walking but Nie Chang pulled him along. He certainly couldn’t let him stand here. The more time passed the crankier his little darling would get, after all. If he noticed that it had become late while they talked, he would definitely blame him.
“Well, you don’t know how much time passes outside of the dimension while you’re inside. You could be back faster than you think and appear in the car again.”
“Why should that matter? Nobody looks into a car.”
“You don’t know that. And you’ll have no way to make sure when you want to come out.”
“I could stay in there longer.”
“And then I’ll get into a traffic jam. Or maybe you think it’s been a long time even though I’ve just arrived back home and you land in front of the door. Gosh, you could even fall down a flight of stairs or something. After all, getting into and out the special dimension isn’t that easy, is it?”
“Well, that’s true …”
“So you see, it’s not that easy. I would feel much better if you could just wait until we’re home.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “But that’s going to take so long.”
“It’s not like the reward will run away if you’re waiting a few more minutes.”
Su Yan pursed his lips some more, staring intently at him as if he could make him change his mind like that.
Nie Chang looked back. He couldn’t help but gulp though. Alright, he was really weak against that kind of pleading gaze. But he couldn’t give in now. This was really dangerous. If someone saw, they could get into a lot of trouble even if nobody could prove that there was something like a system. And the other possibilities weren’t that good either.
He hurriedly turned his head away before he could give in. He definitely wouldn’t —
Su Yan rushed to his other side, widening his eyes a little. He probably hadn’t blinked the last few seconds. His eyes already looked teary.
Nie Chang grimaced. The person who hadn’t managed to get that he was in love with him for several years was surprisingly apt at making him give in to all his whims. But no, not this time. Nie Chang tightened his lips. He wouldn’t give in. Not any under circumstances! He knew Su Yan good enough to find a countermeasure in time.
He looked upward so that he wouldn’t need to see that pleading gaze. Unfortunately, this just led to Su Yan pulling at his sleeve. Ugh. Nie Chang gritted his teeth. He had to divert Su Yan’s attention somehow and then make a better suggestion.
“Ah Chang!” Seeing that just looking and pulling at his sleeve wouldn’t help, Su Yan decided that it was time for a slightly bigger tantrum. “Don’t be like this!”
Nie Chang stopped walking and grabbed Su Yan by the shoulders. His little darling immediately perked up, obviously expecting him to compromise. The twinkling in his eyes said that once he gave him an inch, he would be forced to give a mile through another honey-trap. Ah, it really was necessary to stop him in time.
“Ah Yan.”
“Mn?” Su Yan smiled brightly.
“You’re really irresistible.” With that, he bent down, encircled his waist and kissed him.
Su Yan happily clung to his neck and kissed him back. “So, does that mean I can look for the reward in the car?”
“I don’t think so.” Nie Chang grinned and pulled the phone out of Su Yan’s pocket. “Let’s just wait until we’re at home.”
Then he turned around and continued to walk toward the car.

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