LWS V4C67 A Sudden End

[Yuan Jing helped Nangong Min onto the Glider and sat down behind him only to find a furious Kang Lei in front of them when he wanted to start.
Yuan Jing frowned. “Cadet Kang, what do you think you’re doing?”
“What do you think you’re doing, Sir?” Kang Lei clenched his hands into fists. This guy really wanted to set off with Nangong Min as if it was normal! He certainly wouldn’t let him!
Yuan Jing didn’t seem to think he was doing anything wrong. “I’m bringing Cadet Nangong back to the military base. You also know that he was influenced by an unknown plant. We can’t have him stay here. What if there are further side effects from coming into contact with the thing? No, I have to let people check him in the medical center. So please kindly step aside and let me do my job.”
Kang Lei didn’t think of doing so though. “What about me? I was also there. I’ve had sex with Ah Min. Do you want to leave me here? If you’re so worried, you should also bring me back to the base.”
Yuan Jing smiled. Discussing with a cadet, especially one from Dinlas Academy … Ah, he definitely wouldn’t do this if this person wasn’t Nangong Min’s friend. “Cadet Kang, aren’t you an Alpha? Then there should be no problem. At least I can’t feel anything problematic and I even chopped the thing up. So don’t worry too much. You don’t look that delicate to me.”
Kang Lei gnashed his teeth. This bastard! “That —”
“If you’re really that anxious, then wait here. I’ll send another team over as soon as possible so you can get treatment too. But Ah Min is really more important now. He’s a Beta, after all. I hope you understand.” He reached up with a smile and brushed Nangong Min’s hair back, taking a look at his eyes.
The boy looked back at him with sparkling eyes. Ah, he had never been so happy to be a Major. For every trouble this job meant to him, it was worth it if he was looked at like this by such a cute guy.
“Alright, since you understand, let’s go.” He moved the lever to the left and turned the Glider before letting it soar into the sky. Then they rushed off, leaving Kang Lei behind in the dust.
Yuan Jing grinned. Ah, it felt pretty good to finally get back at someone from the Dinlas Academy. Well, he would have preferred it if it was the bastard that stole his lover back then or at least someone from his family but this wasn’t too bad either. Especially since the person he stole was this cute. Mn, much better than the one from before.
Nangong Min very quietly sat in front of Yuan Jing but his gaze flitted from one side to the other, now glancing at Yuan Jing’s hands on the lever, then at his thighs that were pressing against his. He didn’t feel too good right now.
He leaned back against Yuan Jing’s chest and lifted a hand to wave at his face. “Yuan Jing, say, is it normal that it’s so hot when flying with a Glider of the B-Model or is yours malfunctioning?”
“Mn?” Yuan Jing turned to look at him only to give pause when he saw his face. Why were his cheeks so red? And why were his eyes glistening so tearfully? Ah, gosh, he looked so enticing!
Yuan Jing forced himself to turn his line of sight away and shift a little back on the seat to make his reaction less obvious. Unfortunately, Nangong Min found the way he was sitting on the Glider right now just as uncomfortable and also shifted back. Their bodies stuck together and Nangong Min couldn’t help but gasp when he felt Yuan Jing rub against him.
With the look of a famished person finally seeing meat, he reached out and grabbed Yuan Jing’s thigh. “Yuan Jing …”
Yuan Jing gulped and patted Nangong Min’s hand. “It’s alright. We’ll be back in a few minutes. You’ll feel better then.”
Nangong Min gasped again and tried to turn around on the Glider, making Yuan Jing’s hand around the lever clench. The vehicle swerved to the side but he still managed to get it back under control. “Ah Min, what —”
He wanted to ask what was going on when a pair of hot lips pressed against his. Yuan Jing’s eyes widened. Alright. This was probably some type of aftereffect from that plant. So should he speed up and bring him to the medical center for treatment … or land and administer the treatment himself?]
Nie Chang stopped reading and forced himself not to facepalm. He would bet his license for the repair shop that Yuan Jing would decide on the latter or be ‘forced’ to decide on the latter because of some questionable circumstances and then the same thing that happened with Kang Lei would repeat.
Su Yan looked up when his boyfriend didn’t continue reading. “What is it? Don’t tell me that’s the end of the story. The author didn’t even explain how he wanted to treat him! Didn’t he have no idea what the plant was all about just a few minutes ago? How did he suddenly figure it out?”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Honestly, it was no wonder the system presented this kind of story to Su Yan as examples if he couldn’t even figure out what kind of ‘treatment’ Nangong Min would be getting in the next chapter. There really was a lot Su Yan had to learn.
“What is it? Is it really the end? Gosh, I can’t believe the author did something like that! What a shitty move. That’s no kind of ending at all!”
“Mn. You’re very right.” Nie Chang hurriedly scrolled to the end of the story, skimming the rest before he closed the website.
Ah, maybe it was good that Su Yan had misunderstood. The rest of the story … wasn’t much better either. He honestly had no idea how he was supposed to censor all that for his little darling without making the thing completely incoherent. He wasn’t an author, after all!
Just what alternative explanation should he give for the military researching a strange plant with the help of one of their Majors and a cadet … and finally developing an aphrodisiac based on that?

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