OMF V1C5 A Mortal Child

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Qiu Ling found himself in a rural village when he reached the mortal world. About a dozen crooked huts with thatched roofs crowded around a square of bare soil. The traces of the villagers were still visible in the mud although only one woman could be seen outside who was fetching water from a well at the square’s edge before she returned to one of the houses.
Qiu Ling shuddered. This was the place where his beloved was supposed to live from now on? How could that be?! His Jing He was such a beautiful and refined person! He shouldn’t be living in such a … such a dump!
He grumbled but there was nothing he could do for now. First of all, he had to find his beloved’s mortal reincarnation. Ah, this shouldn’t be too hard. Since his beloved would reincarnate this should be the night in which Jing He’s new life began. Thus, he could only be a newborn child. How many could there be in such a small village?
Qiu Ling concealed his body from mortal eyes and followed the traces of Jing He’s soul to the sole illuminated window in the whole village. He peeked inside and his expression darkened.
The woman he had seen outside before poured the water into a basin and placed it next to a bed. As expected, a second woman was about to give birth to a child. Or rather: She tried to. Her face had lost all color and blood had already dyed the bed below her.
Qiu Ling clenched his fists. The child she was about to give birth to was definitely Jing He’s mortal reincarnation. Nothing bad could be allowed to happen! How would his mortal life be if he came to harm at birth or if maybe his mother died? No, he had to do something!
Qiu Ling looked around, but no physician or midwife could be seen. Without any other idea, he waved his hand and the dark clothing from the Nine Heavens transformed into a Daoist’s robe. Didn’t all Daoists perform good deeds? Surely, the two women wouldn’t find it strange if he offered his help to save this mother and child!
He dropped the spell concealing his figure and hurried to the door to knock, just as a woman’s scream rang out inside. He waited impatiently but apparently, the women hadn’t heard him. He knocked again, louder this time, and, sure enough, steps approached the door.
The woman — the Zhong’s neighbor — could find something far better to do than opening the door at this time. Madam Zhong had been in labor for a fairly long time, but the child still wasn’t born and her condition got worse by the minute. Obviously, something was wrong and maybe Madam Zhong wouldn’t even live through the night. Who knocked at the door in such a moment? Mister Zhong would certainly storm right into the house if he had brought the physician.
Disgruntled, she went and opened the door just to freeze at once. Her incredulous gaze astonished Qiu Ling but he didn’t react to it and instead cupped his hands and bowed.
“Miss. I was on my way to town when I heard the screams of a woman. Might you need my help?”
The young woman didn’t know what to say. The man in front of the door might have worn a Daoist’s robe but he looked the part by no means at all. His face made her forget the struggle and danger of the previous hours that still hadn’t passed.
“Miss?” Qiu Ling raised his head. He couldn’t understand what the woman was waiting for. “Let me help.” He pushed her to the side, he stepped into the hut and closed the door before hurrying to the bed. He took Madam Zhong’s arm and felt for her pulse only to draw in a sharp breath. A few minutes more and even he would be hard-pressed to save this human.
Qiu Ling placed his hand on her abdomen and felt around for the child. His face lost all color. Jing He’s mortal body had turned around. Even with a physician’s aid, it would be hard for mere humans to save both lives.
Qiu Ling closed his eyes and sighed in relief. He had truly made the right decision with checking on Jing He immediately after his soul left the Nine Heavens. With his magic, it was child’s play to save him and even his mother still had a chance at living. Qiu Ling looked at the other woman who stood behind him to get a glimpse at his face again. He needed to get rid of her.
“Please, be so kind and fetch a little more water, Miss.” He bowed again and pointed at the door when she didn’t react.
The woman eyed him entranced until his motion pulled her out of her thoughts. Only then and just reluctantly did she disengage herself from his sight and went outside.
Qiu Ling didn’t bother about her. He turned around, sat at the bedside and placed his hand on Madam Zhong’s body again. Closing his eyes, he sent out his magic and slowly turned the form of the child back around. He took a relieved sigh and took his hand back when the other woman already returned with a bucket of water.
Qiu Ling turned to look at her and nodded. He somehow had to keep her busy so that he was able to take care of his Jing He and his mortal mother without anyone watching him. “Please, be so kind and heat it up.” He only waited until she nodded, then he turned back toward Jing He’s human mother.
Before he had time to say anything Madam Zhong grabbed his arm, her grip surprisingly firm. He looked into her eyes and was met with a surprisingly strong gaze as if this woman wasn’t at the verge of dying. “Daoist Immortal … Are you here because of the child?”
Qiu Ling froze but then nodded. She was the woman who had conceived and carried Jing He’s mortal body for ten months. She would do as much as him for the life of this child.
“Then save him. Whatever happens to me —”
“You’ll live, too.” He placed his hand above hers and smiled. “Your son needs you. You’ll have to live for him.” Surely, it would be best for his beloved to have such a human mother at his side while on his trial.
Madam Zhong looked at him with doubt but seeing his unwavering gaze, she finally nodded. What else could she do right now?

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