OMF V1C4 Descending to the Mortal World

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On the other side of the Nine Heavens’ capital in the crown prince’s palace, a certain pair of lovers sat opposite each other on the bed. Qiu Ling gently held Jing He’s hands, his expression downcast. Now, it wouldn’t be long anymore until his beloved had to leave for the mortal world. Two months of waiting … really were too long.
Jing He tried to gauge his lover’s expression and couldn’t help but speak up to cheer him up a bit. This dispirited look really didn’t suit him. “It is but one mortal lifetime. I’ll be back soon enough.”
“Mn. I know that.” Qiu Ling sighed and lifted Jing He’s hands to his lips, gently brushing his lips against his knuckles. “You said you have to go so … I won’t hold you back. Just concentrate on doing your trial down there and don’t think about anything else.”
Jing He smiled and lowered his head. “I won’t remember my life up here anyway when I wake up down there. It’ll be a new life. So … Just wait for me, yes? When I come back we’ll get married immediately.”
Qiu Ling nodded. “I’ll guard you for the time of the trial.”
Jing He looked up at him, his cheeks flushing red. To guard his immortal body for the whole time of his trial … How did he deserve such a great man? Hopefully, his trial wouldn’t take too long. “I …” He lowered his head again and looked at his hands in Qiu Ling’s bigger ones. He really wanted to say that he loved him but maybe Qiu Ling would think he was too direct if he did so?
“What is it, my love?” Qiu Ling lifted one hand and brushed Jing He’s hair behind his ear, a smile lighting up his face. Ah, how much he loved touching him like this …
“I’ll miss you.” Jing He shoved all those doubts aside, leaned forward and hurriedly kissed his lover’s cheek.
Before Qiu Ling had time to react Jing He had grabbed the little flask beside his bed and gulped the liquid inside down. His eyelids fluttered before his expression slackened and his body fell down.
Qiu Ling hurriedly caught him and gently lowered him onto the bed, rearranging his sleeves and his hair for him. Ah, he couldn’t let his beloved look any less perfect than he normally did!
He looked into that lovely face and smiled, giving a light sigh. “Jing He, how could you do that to me? Kissing me and then just descending to the human world …”
He watched as Jing He’s soul separated from his body and floated in the air for a moment as if it too was taking a last look at Jing He’s lover. Then it finally flew out of the window and descended to the human world.
Qiu Ling cupped Jing He’s cheeks and gently kissed his brow, his lips lingering on the still warm skin a moment longer. “Don’t miss me too much. We’ll see each other again very, very soon.” He got up with a smile and turned to the door.
“Qiang Wei, Yi Zan.”
Two dragons stepped into the room and bowed. “Your Majesty.”
“Guard his immortal body until he returns from his trial. Nobody is allowed to approach him. If any of the demons appear …” He narrowed his eyes and didn’t waste any more words. Whoever dared to threaten his beloved would regret it!
The two dragons nodded and took their positions beside Jing He’s bed. They couldn’t help but share a look, though. They had been right outside the doors and it wasn’t like the walls were soundproof. Hadn’t their king just said that he himself would guard His Highness? How come they were ordered to do so now?
While Qiang Wei and Yi Zan were still puzzled Qiu Ling straightened his clothes, his thoughts wandering. Ah, his beloved certainly had thought he would guard his immortal body for him while he was away. But how could he do just that? No, Jing He’s soul was down there in the mortal world! And where his beloved was, was naturally the place where he should be, too!
Mn, he would go and protect him down there. He’d like to see if any of these mortals would dare to bully his beloved while he was there. Hah! Certainly not on his watch! His beloved would have such a pleasant trial with him being around that he would be able to regard it as a vacation! And when he woke up …
“Hehe.” Qiu Ling lightly chuckled and tugged at his sleeves, making sure that he was his most handsome self.
Ah, when Jing He woke up and remembered his trial wouldn’t he be extremely touched? He would certainly melt in his arms, snuggle up against his chest and breathe his thanks while he looked at him with worshiping eyes. Mn, maybe … only maybe he would even reward him with a kiss. A real one.
Qiu Ling closed his eyes and imagined the silky sensation on his lips. Mn, just thinking of that kiss on his cheek before … Ah, how could his beloved just leave after that? That kind of kiss needed to be reciprocated! Deepened! Taken further! Actually, why hadn’t they married then and there?
The two dragons beside him very conscientiously looked away and minded their own business.
Qiang Wei’s brows couldn’t help but twitch though. Ah, their king was at it again. Thankfully, His Highness had already left and wasn’t able to witness this. If he did, wouldn’t he reconsider the marriage? Then their king would become even stranger! They wouldn’t be able to live through that!
He paused for a moment before his eyes widened. Wait! Now that he thought about it … He had to make sure that nothing went wrong at the last moment!
Qiang Wei hurriedly coughed. “Your Majesty?”
“Mn?” Qiu Ling was shaken out of his thoughts and looked back. His gaze failed to notice the two dragons though and he instantly forgot that somebody had just tried to get his attention. No, he only had eyes for his beautiful beloved.
Ah, two months without the real Jing He and only with his mortal reincarnation … It would be a little tough too. Well, at least his beloved would soon return to him and his soul was his soul. They would probably have a lot of fun in the mortal world.
He continued to look for a bit longer, then turned around and strode out of the palace, following Jing He’s immortal soul down to the mortal world to accompany him for however long his mortal life would last.

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