OMF V5C56 His Fiance

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Qiu Ling blinked his eyes in puzzlement. Why was his beloved looking at him this way? Had he done something wrong? “My love —”
Jing Yi’s brows knitted together and he turned further away. Ah, he definitely didn’t want to hear Qiu Ling call him that way. It brought back too many memories.
Wu Min Huan looked from Jing Yi to Qiu Ling and back again. “Junior martial brother Zhong, this person is …”
“His fiance!” Qiu Ling made a point of putting an arm around Jing Yi’s waist just to make sure this person wouldn’t be as shameless as the Sect Master’s other disciple and try to seduce his beloved too.
Naturally, the arm was wrested down. “This is Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple, Qiu Ling.”
“His fiance!” Qiu Ling reiterated and lifted his chin.
“Uh …” Wu Min Huan once again glanced from one person to the other before his gaze stopped at Jing Yi’s face. “So you’re engaged to the Grandmaster’s disciple? Congratulations!”
Qiu Ling beamed. Ah, this senior martial brother Wu wasn’t bad at all!
Jing Yi, on the other hand, felt the urge to facepalm. He really had to find a way to make Qiu Ling give up or everyone would misunderstand sooner or later. What if Tian managed to find him here and heard that he was engaged to somebody else? Wouldn’t he feel betrayed? After all, he had promised to never love another man. Well, that promise might have been given silently but he was sure Tian had felt it. There was no way his love could have stayed undetected.
Wu Min Huan straightened up when Jing Yi didn’t clarify. This was the first assignment he got from his Master in such a long time and now it turned out that the person he was supposed to help settle in was actually the fiance of the Grandmaster’s disciple. This was such an important task! Could it be his good luck was finally about to turn around again? Maybe that hateful junior martial brother Yu had fallen from grace?! Ah, that would be too great!
In his excitement, he grabbed Jing Yi’s hands. “Don’t worry, junior martial brother Zhong! I’ll get you the perfect accommodations for your goal! Actually, looking at you I can see you’re hard-working and polite. Just the perfect disciple to go to the Alchemy peak! Let’s just go there and see if the Grandelder would take you in immediately. No need to wait.”
“Ah, but —”
Jing Yi’s protest was interrupted by Qiu Ling’s hands that couldn’t help but pluck Wu Min Huan’s hands off his beloved. Hmph. He had been wrong about this guy! He was just as shameless as that other guy the Sect Master had taken in!
Wu Min Huan didn’t mind. “Please, don’t be courteous. Let’s go over right now!” He took out a sword, stepped on it and flew over as fast as he could. Ah, he had to finish this task perfectly so his Master would understand just how much better than that junior martial brother Yu he was! In his haste, he didn’t even notice that Jing Yi wasn’t behind him.
Jing Yi sighed when he saw Wu Min Huan speed off. There was nothing he could do. He might have cultivated a lot in the secret realm and finally managed to attain the third stage but he still hadn’t learned how to use it exactly. Neither could he manipulate the elements around him to do anything, nor could he fly on a sword. Thus in this situation, he could only walk over to the Alchemy peak if Wu Min Huan didn’t take him.
He wanted to go when a certain someone once again latched onto him. Qiu Ling grabbed his arm and jumped in front of him, smiling brightly. “My love, do you want to follow him to the Alchemy peak?”
Jing Yi’s lips twitched. “Qiu Ling …”
“You know I could bring you over.”
Jing Yi sighed. “There’s no reason to. Really. I can just walk over.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “Maybe the Grandelder will be gone by the time you arrive.”
“He certainly will if you continue to stand in my way.” Jing Yi tried to step past Qiu Ling but his self-proclaimed fiance naturally held onto him and just followed along.
“You know it would be so much faster if you let me bring you over. Isn’t that good for you?”
Jing Yi sighed and stopped walking. He really didn’t want to rely on Qiu Ling so much but if he didn’t accept, he might never make it over to the Alchemy peak. He knew Qiu Ling well enough to understand that he wouldn’t just let him go. “Alright, then please be so kind as to bring me over.”
Qiu Ling’s face lit up. “Really?”
Qiu Ling hugged him. “Great!” He took out a sword too but didn’t move otherwise.
Jing Yi frowned. He had a very, very bad feeling about this. “Qiu Ling … What are you doing?”
Qiu Ling sighed. “Relishing the moment. You know you haven’t let me hug you for such a long time. I’m feeling famished and tired and really, really sick. You’re the only cure to my condition!”
Jing Yi’s brows twitched. Where was Qiu Ling getting all this shamelessness from? Hadn’t he already hugged him several times after he returned from the secret realm? “Qiu Ling, if you don’t want to bring me over, it’s alright. I can just walk. But please let go of me. I’m not your fiance anymore. I’m not your lover either. I’m in love with somebody else and I don’t want that person to misunderstand.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. Ah, his stupid father. Couldn’t he just concentrate on seducing the old geezer? Why did he want to go after his beloved too? This was unfair! Hmph, if you don’t stop to seduce my beloved, I’ll go and complain to the old geezer about you! Don’t think he wouldn’t make your life miserable if he found out what you’re doing behind his back! If he sees how you’re seducing my beloved, he will certainly be furious! Well, that was something he could only do at a later time. For now, it was more important to spend as much time with his beloved as possible.
Thus Qiu Ling very reluctantly rose into the air and flew over to the Alchemy peak.

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