OMF V5C51 A Man He Could Count on

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Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat. “Master, I don’t really think he would appreciate being addressed as Elder.”
Actually, he wasn’t just guessing. If he hadn’t heard wrong, then Longjun had wanted to call him ‘ancestor’ to ingratiate himself but Jinde hadn’t taken nicely to it. He probably was quite conscious about his age.
Outside of the study, Jinde nodded. He naturally hadn’t stayed in bed after Leng Jin Yu led Yuchi Bing Xia and Zhangsun Xun Yi away. Instead, he had waited a moment and followed them. He definitely couldn’t allow Leng Jin Yu to get away with it if he said something wrong.
Ah, just where was Xin Lan? Normally, he would do something sneaky like this.
Jinde looked around but he couldn’t see any traces of him. Well, it wasn’t too unexpected. Xin Lan had often vanished for several weeks back when they had still been living in the dragon realm. If it was the same this time, then he would return with his clothes ripped and a myriad of little scratches all over his body. But he would just expressionlessly hand over something he had found for him and then sit still while he stitched him back together.
Jinde’s expression clouded over. He really hoped he was wrong and that there was another explanation. Xin Lan was strong and didn’t get easily injured, yes, but just the fact that he risked so much time and time again was worrying. It was as if Xin Lan didn’t value his own life.
While Jinde was lost in his musings Yuchi Bing Xia finally found his voice again. “What are you even talking about?! He is the benefactor of our sect. Doesn’t he deserve at least that much respect?”
Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath. “Naturally, he deserves respect and I’m willing to pay him this respect but I think he wouldn’t be too happy about it if I really did. Look, Master, he’s currently living in this house that he knew was originally occupied by me. He wasn’t alright with me moving out probably because he felt he was imposing. He certainly doesn’t have to feel this way but he will since he’s a very courteous and conscientious person. I’m afraid if I start to call him Elder after he himself offered me to call him Jinde, he might misunderstand and feel that I feel forced to keep him here or even that he isn’t welcome.”
Yuchi Bing Xia wanted to retort but Leng Jin Yu’s explanation didn’t really leave him any opportunity. What should he say? That he didn’t see the beautiful god as a courteous person? That wouldn’t just be wrong, it would even insult him. Then maybe he should argue that his disciple had inferred wrong and that calling the beautiful god Elder had nothing to do with how he would feel? But what if Yu Jin was right? They couldn’t risk offending this person! In the end, Yuchi Bing Xia kept quiet and just drank his tea.
Outside, Jinde smiled. Ah, this was his lover! He really knew how to make people shut up. And it was an interesting change to see him do so with arguments instead of wild accusations or even some more … physical means.
Zhangsun Xun Yi didn’t seem too interested in the conversation. When both Master and disciple had fallen silent he lifted the cup. “This is a very nice painting. I believe this isn’t the tea set the sect normally uses?”
“Ah? Oh, no. It was a gift from a friend.”
“Mn.” Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded and sipped his tea just as before as if all this had nothing to do with him.
Leng Jin Yu looked away. Was there any way to send those two out fast? He didn’t want to let Jinde wait for too long.
Unfortunately, his Master wasn’t even done. He might not be able to get him to call the beautiful god Elder but he certainly wouldn’t budge on the rest! “Well, whether or not you call him Elder isn’t that important. But have you found an excuse to leave here yet?”
Jinde’s expression blanked. Excuse? Leave? This couldn’t mean …
Leng Jin Yu’s gaze flickered and he hurriedly lowered his head. “No, Master.”
Yuchi Bing Xia sighed. “Ah, this is bad. After what happened today, you definitely can’t stay here any longer. Even if he was too deeply asleep to notice how you behaved, he will at least find that part of your sleeve. Won’t he realize what happened then?”
“I don’t think he would mind.” After all, hadn’t Jinde been the one who wanted to seduce him yesterday? He certainly hadn’t imagined that. If somebody made advances on you like that, then he wouldn’t get angry at finding part of your sleeve in his bed. No, Jinde might even celebrate.
Yuchi Bing Xia tsked. Why was his obedient disciple suddenly so difficult when it came to this topic? “You don’t have to worry about it any longer. I already have an idea.”
Both Leng Jin Yu and Jinde froze.
“You’ll go on a mission. It might take a long time which isn’t good considering I wanted to teach you everything you needed to know to succeed me but getting you away from that person is still more important.”
Leng Jin Yu clenched his fists and looked up at his Master. “I won’t.”
Yuchi Bing Xia gaped. “What?”
Leng Jin Yu sighed. He knew this wasn’t the way to go. Even though this person wasn’t his Master in the way he thought he was, he still shouldn’t disrespect him like this. He lifted his hands and bowed. “I’m sorry, Master, but I won’t follow your orders on this.”
“Your meaning is …”
“I won’t leave this house and I won’t keep away from Jinde. Punish me if you must but I won’t budge on this.”
In the corridor, Jinde smiled. His heart that had always felt like it was being torn apart suddenly felt like it was bathed in honey. This sweetness … Even with Chun Yin, he had never felt it. In all those years he had lived already, for the first time he had the pleasure to hear his lover acknowledge their feelings.
He hadn’t said ‘I love you’ or sworn to stay with him forever as Chun Yin had but maybe it was exactly this what made this feel so real. Ah, he didn’t need some honeyed words that were whispered into his ears in the heat of the moment. What he needed was this type of man. The type that would insist on being at his side even if it was disadvantageous to him, even if it went against another believe he had. Someone who didn’t give him high-sounding promises he broke the same day but who showed him how much he loved him through what he did.
His Chun Yin, in this new life he had finally become a man he could count on.

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