OMF V5C35 Two Lovebirds

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Qiu Ling peered at Jing Yi’s expression. It seemed like … his beloved wasn’t too happy? But this wasn’t the same unhappiness he had shown before. Earlier, he had clearly felt troubled because of his presence and might even have considered to throw him out. But now … He looked a little hurt.
But why? He hadn’t done anything too overboard, had he? He pondered the issue and found himself to be blameless. So that left the question why his beloved was troubled now. Could it be he regretted his decision to split up with him?
Qiu Ling’s eyes gleamed. That had to be it! After all, why else would he kiss his cheek? And he had even shown such a sad expression and touched him so gently. This could only mean that he was still very much in love with him!
Mn, maybe he actually didn’t want to be with that Yu Jin but something had forced him to do so? Oh, no! Could it be something had happened in the secret realm?! Qiu Ling’s gaze flitted about while he decided on his course of action. He should definitely go and break some bones! But before that …
Qiu Ling blinked and took Jing Yi’s hands again, making sure he was as careful as possible. Whatever had happened to his beloved it wouldn’t change the way he saw him. His Jing He would always be the most beautiful, most gentle, most perfect person in his mind.
Jing Yi’s heart thumped. Why … was Qiu Ling looking at him like this? And why was he so gentle? It was really … hard to shake him off if he was so gentle. Even more so than before. “Qiu Ling …”
“My love, don’t you worry. I’ll always be at your side. Now …” Qiu Ling smiled smugly. “Since you don’t want to give me a kiss as a reward, how about giving me one as compensation? You know it was really hard to fly all the way to my Master’s palace and wait for him to write that letter, and then even fly to the Sect Master too before he went to gather the stuff you would need. The whole time I was suffering because of my longing for you! So some compensation would be appropriate, don’t you think?”
Jing Yi had the crazy urge to do what Qiu Ling had just proposed. He could even imagine himself smile but he hurriedly shook his head. No! He couldn’t do this. Tian was still waiting for him. He couldn’t … grow weak in front of Qiu Ling.
“No. I’ve already told you, haven’t I? I don’t love you anymore. I’m in love with somebody else.”
Qiu Ling shushed him. “Don’t say that. I’m talking about compensation. That shouldn’t be asking too much.”
“I … I already kissed your cheek!”
Qiu Ling pouted. “But I want a kiss on the lips!”
“You …” Jing Yi didn’t know what to say any longer.
“Mn, you don’t need to say anything else. I know, actually, I’m the most important to you so just ‘you’ will suffice!” He smiled brightly and leaned forward but unfortunately found a hand in his face the next moment. It seemed like he wouldn’t get that kiss on the lips today. Ah, well, there were still other days. At least his beloved was talking to him again.
Qiu Ling leaned back as if he was a very well-behaved person and blinked at Jing Yi, making him lower his guard. “Then, I should probably leave you alone now. It’s already late. You probably want to cultivate again.”
Jing Yi furrowed his brows. So Qiu Ling had really been spying on him the last few days. He knew exactly what he had done. “Qiu Ling —”
“Mn! I’m also wishing you a good night!” Qiu Ling leaned down as quick as lightning and kissed Jing Yi on the forehead. Then he ran out of the door and vanished.
Jing Yi stared at his leaving figure and touched his brow. Actually, he had wanted to bid farewell to Qiu Ling with that kiss on his cheek. But now … Wouldn’t it rather seem as if he wasn’t completely sure about their break-up? He had to find a way to make it clear to him once and for all or Qiu Ling would only suffer more later on.
Meanwhile, Qiu Ling hurried to a spot not far from the house and took out a transmission stone. His beloved was already wavering, he could feel it. Now was the time to press his advantage and make him reconsider his decision!
He imbued some of his spiritual energy into the stone and waited for Fu Min’s response. This guy had always had good ideas regarding how he could woo his beloved. He would certainly have another one now!
A pale apparition finally appeared above the stone. Unfortunately … the person it showed wasn’t Fu Min.
Qiu Ling stared at the other man and frowned. “Why do you have this transmission stone?”
The other smiled happily. “My dear brother, you won’t believe this but I somehow happened upon two lovebirds sneaking around in my palace. Both of them had such stones and since I felt that it’s such a pity that the two of us didn’t talk in a long time I collected both of them. And look at this: Not even an hour has gone by and you already contacted me! Isn’t this such a coincidence?”
Qiu Ling didn’t answer but his hand clenched into a fist. This bastard! It really was like him to do such a thing. And he actually had to do it at a time like this! How would he go about getting his beloved back now?!
“Speaking of lovebirds … I heard the Son of Heaven rejected you for another man.” Jin Ling lifted a hand and took a look at his nails as if this was a matter that wasn’t of much importance. “Ah, that must have stung. The mighty, handsome dragon king … dumped for another man. Mn, maybe I’m better looking than you, after all.” He laughed, combing his copper-colored hair back. Ah, making fun of this bastard was just too much fun!
Qiu Ling glared at the apparition and flung the stone away, cutting off the connection. Argh, this bastard! He hated him! If he didn’t get his beloved back, it would all be this guy’s fault!
Qiu Ling ran to get the stone back and turned around. There was only one thing he could do now! He needed to get help. Thankfully, he knew exactly the right person for that!

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