OMF V5C33 Strange Conversations

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Fu Min and Fu Heng were indeed still in the demon realm. They didn’t really have a mission though since Xin Lan had already solved the issue that had led them there in the first place and Qiu Ling hadn’t given them another task even though he hadn’t let them return. Ah, they really were so pitiful!
Fu Min pursed his lips and stared at his cup of tea while Fu Heng sat on the other side of the table with a deadpan expression and polished his blade. His gaze wasn’t really on the weapon though. Mn, he certainly didn’t mind spending some time with Fu Min. Following His Majesty was really the best path he could have taken.
Fu Min finally couldn’t take it any longer. He hated Fu Heng’s guts but he was the only other dragon around and sitting there in silence wasn’t to his liking at all. “I heard that the demon king is having some strange conversations recently.”
“Oh.” Fu Heng nodded but failed to ask further.
Fu Min frowned. Ah, why hadn’t His Majesty sent Xiang Yong with him? Or even sent Senior Xin back? He would have loved to be on a mission with Senior Xin!
As if he was able to read Fu Min’s thoughts, Fu Heng halted in his movement. He observed his expression and also frowned. This guy was thinking of somebody else again! He put his blade down and poured himself a cup of tea too. He had to divert his attention somehow. “So what’s so strange about them?”
Fu Min instantly smiled smugly. “Well … Have you heard of the demons’ black crystal glass?”
“Isn’t that a stone they extract?”
“Yes!” Fu Min leaned forward, his eyes glowing. “It is. It’s actually not that uncommon but it’s hard to use. Only some demons of upper ranks would have things made out of this black crystal glass. Naturally, the demon king is one of them.”
“His conversations?”
“Don’t be so impatient! I haven’t even told you about the features of the material! You have to know that if the crystal glass is manufactured a certain way it can be used to communicate. It’s quite similar to transmission stones just that it’s more like looking into a mirror. Well, using the material like this is extremely wasteful. So you can imagine just how many demons will have such a thing.”
“The demon king?”
Fu Min grumbled. This wasn’t fun at all! Well, at least Fu Heng didn’t know about the best part yet. “Yes! He does! And here’s the strange thing: He is actually using it to communicate with someone who isn’t in the immortal realms.”
Fu Heng stared at him. He didn’t understand what was so special about this. His Majesty wasn’t in the immortal realms either right now. How else would they reach him if not through the transmission stones? That was their use, after all.
“If what I heard is true, then that person he is talking with is a human man!”
“Addition to his harem?”
“I’m not sure.” Fu Min knitted his brows. “Maybe we should take a closer look into this matter?”
Fu Heng nodded. “We have nothing else to do.”
“Alright, then let’s go!” Fu Min leaped to his feet and grabbed Fu Heng’s arm, pulling him up and toward the door.
Fu Heng hurriedly grabbed his blade and secured it on his back before following him out. Mn, this wasn’t too bad. Hopefully, the demon king wouldn’t have one of these conversations too soon again. Then they could spend some more time together.
Unfortunately for him, just when they had managed to infiltrate the demon king’s palace Jin Ling was holding the mirror made of black crystal glass and listened to what Qiguan Cheng Da had heard from Jing Yi. Then again Fu Heng’s luck was also quite good because Qiguan Cheng Da had already recounted everything of importance and the two of them were already wrapping up their conversation, making it impossible for the two dragons to understand what was going on.
At that moment, Jin Ling narrowed his eyes. “What a sad story. He must be suffering very, very much inside. Maybe … I should send some help.”
The person that could be seen in the mirror narrowed his eyes just the same. “You wouldn’t change your stance because of this nonsense, would you?”
Jin Ling’s lips curved up in an enchanting smile. “But of course not. I’m just genuinely sad for his sake and think that he should be put out of his misery. Isn’t that what you want too? After all, that would also make him leave the sect.”
Qiguan Cheng Da tightened his lips. “As long as you remember.”
“Mn. Try to find out some more details. I’ll make a plan then.”
Qiguan Cheng Da wanted to retort and tell him to make one now but he finally reconsidered. Until now, this person hadn’t disappointed him. He should at least wait a little longer. He wouldn’t lose out even if he did. In the worst case, he would just have to deal with Zhong Jing Yi on his own.
He nodded and capped the connection, making the surface of the mirror go black again.
Jin Ling just smiled. Mn, this wasn’t too bad. If he went about this in the right way, he would be able to completely crush Qiu Ling. “What if … Tian was indeed a demon?” He chuckled and stood up, leaving for the inner chambers of his palace.
In a corner, Fu Min snorted. “This guy is completely nuts! How could Tian have been a demon? He’s Heaven himself! How could he be part of any of the three immortal races?”
Fu Heng murmured a few indistinguishable words while his gaze remained fixed on the person crouching next to him. Mn, this kind of mission wasn’t bad at all.
Fu Min continued to ponder the issue of Jin Ling’s strange conversations. “I don’t know what all this is about. Talking with a human man, mentioning Tian … Or could it be the Tian he mentioned isn’t that Tian? If this is about the humans, then maybe there is someone called Tian there?” He turned to Fu Heng but the guy was looking at him as stoic as ever. Fu Min pouted. “You’re not helping at all! What if this is important?”
“Then we should continue to observe.”
“Tch, as if I didn’t know that myself! Come on, let’s go.” He stood up and grabbed the front of Fu Heng’s robe, pulling him along.

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