OMF V5C31 Already an Inner Sect Disciple

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Jing Yi rubbed his brow. Just why was Qiu Ling so persistent? Hadn’t he already explained? “Qiu Ling …” He wanted to repeat what he had just told him but seeing the determined expression on Qiu Ling’s face he knew it would be futile.
Qiu Ling wouldn’t give up. He never would. When he decided on something then he saw it through until the end. He had really made trouble with the way he acted. How could he have gotten into a relationship with Qiu Ling so casually? How could he have promised to marry him and stay with him forever so easily?
Now, all this came back to bite him and the worst thing was that he only had to bear a bad conscience while Qiu Ling was the one who truly suffered. Maybe Qiu Ling would never find happiness because of his hasty decisions. After all, he wasn’t a man that reconsidered easily.
He wouldn’t have fallen in love with him if his previous lover hadn’t died. He might not give up on him as long as he was still alive. That was indeed possible. Telling him how much he loved Tian wouldn’t change that. Especially not now that Tian wasn’t at his side. If he saw them together … But, well, that was impossible. He didn’t even know where Tian was at the moment.
Well, that might be good too. As much as he missed him and wanted to return into his arms if Qiu Ling had to see them together every day, it might be even worse for him. That wouldn’t be right either. Most likely, it would be best if he found a way to not see him in the near future at all. Who knew? Maybe Qiu Ling’s feelings would dim with some time?
He cleared his throat and picked up his tea. “You know I found out that Shao Hai and Xiao Dong have already become disciples of the inner sect. They have made tremendous progress. I think that for the time being I should put my focus on cultivation and try to be more like them.”
“You’re great the way you are.”
Jing Yi didn’t know how to react to Qiu Ling’s almost instinctual sweet-talking. He sipped his tea before placing the cup down again. “I also want to become an inner sect disciple. I want to further my cultivation and ascend one day. So …”
Qiu Ling leaped up and clenched his fists. “So I should go and help you! Didn’t my Master promise that you would become a disciple of the inner sect when we did that mission in that Hei Dian Sect? We already finished it so you should already be an inner sect disciple. I can’t believe they forgot about it! But don’t worry. Your fiance will hurry over and remind them!” With that, he hurried out of the door and disappeared.
Jing Yi had no time to react. When he managed to open his lips to retort he could only blink at the door and sigh. “I’m not your fiance though. I’m not even your lover anymore. And I don’t want you to take care of this either. I want to become part of the inner sect myself, through my own effort.” Well, he couldn’t believe that Grandmaster Zhangsun and the Sect Master would just agree. Especially since they certainly knew that Qiu Ling and he had split up.
Well, Jing Yi was still underestimating his lover. Even if the Grandmaster and Sect Master had heard of their break up and refused to make Jing Yi an inner sect disciple because of it, would he just accept it? Of course not! He was fully prepared to cause a ruckus in the Yun Zou Sect until his beloved got his wish.
His first destination was his Master’s palace. As always he stormed right in and didn’t mind slamming some doors on the way to announce his presence.
Indeed. In the deeper recesses of the palace, Zhangsun Xun Yi who had been meditating cracked his eyes open. So his disciple had finally returned and it seemed he had come to demand something again.
A moment later, Qiu Ling stopped in front of him and knelt down, peering at his half-opened eyes. “Master! Your disciple returned! Do you remember how you promised that when Jing’er did that mission at that strange sect he would become a disciple of the inner sect so we could marry? Well, he already did but then he was imprisoned in that terrible secret realm so it couldn’t happen. But now he’s back. Actually, he already has been back for a few days but nothing has happened. Why isn’t he in the inner sect yet? I still want to marry him!”
Zhangsun Xun Yi opened his eyes completely. As he had thought. His disciple only ever came running to him when he wanted something. And the only reason he wanted something was that boy from the outer sect.
“That seems true. Let me write a letter for you.”
Qiu Ling blinked. “I don’t need a letter. Just make Jing’er a part of the inner sect.”
Zhangsun Xun Yi didn’t bother to explain and went to write the letter. Qiu Ling trailed after him with his lips pursed. Why was his Master doing this? Couldn’t he hurry up and make his beloved an inner sect disciple already? Then his beloved would be grateful and remember all the other things he had done for him before! And when he did wouldn’t he realize what a good partner he was?
Mn, maybe he should also remind him of what he had done previously? His beloved still didn’t know that he had been the one to save his mother, right? That should impress his beloved, right? Mn, that sounded logical. He should definitely bring it up!
While Qiu Ling was planning how to get his beloved back Zhangsun Xun Yi finished writing the letter. He handed it to Qiu Ling.
“Bring this to the Sect Master.”
“And then he’ll make Jing’er into an inner sect disciple?” Qiu Ling’s expression lit up. Ah, this was great! Now his plan would definitely work out!
Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded. “He should. Although —” He wanted to remind his disciple that there might be some discussion about it but before he had time to finish his sentence Qiu Ling had already run out again. Ah, never mind. His disciple would find out on his own.

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