OMF V5C8 The Destiny of Love

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This time the God of War didn’t just barge in. Instead, he notified the guards in proper form and let them show him and Leng Jin Yu inside.
Yue Xia was sitting in his study and smiled when they stepped in. “Qiang Yan, how nice of you to come by to visit this old man.” He wanted to get up but Qiang Yan hurriedly waved.
“Senior Yue Xia, please stay seated. I’m afraid I’m not here for a private visit though.” He stepped to the side and motioned at Leng Jin Yu. “This is Leng Jin Yu. He is currently tasked with assisting His Highness while he attempts his trial. Some issues came up so we were wondering if you might be able to help us.”
Yue Xia looked at Leng Jin Yu and tilted his head as if he was contemplating something. “Leng Jin Yu?” He murmured the name but didn’t say anything else in the end. Instead, he motioned at the seats across from him. “Then please sit down. If I am able to help, then I will naturally do so.”
He waited for Qiang Yan and Leng Jin Yu to sit down and even placed a cup of tea in front of them as if he hadn’t noticed at all that the God of War was in a hurry.
“Senior —”
The old god waved. “Will His Highness come to harm if you don’t sort this matter out immediately?”
“No, but —”
“Then you have at least time for a cup of tea.”
Qiang Yan shut up and took the cup. Well, a minute more or less wouldn’t change anything. If his assumption was right, then they might not be able to do anything at all. Well, he could only hope that he had been wrong.
Yue Xia finally leaned back and smiled. “So, I guess you came to ask me whether I tied the red thread for His Highness.”
Qiang Yan raised his brows and sipped the tea.
“The Fate’s Scribe asked me the same question a while back. The answer is still the same: I didn’t. And not just because it originally wasn’t intended in the fate the Fate’s Scribe wrote but also because His Highness himself asked me not to do so.”
Qiang Yan put the cup down and sighed. “I feared as much.”
“Oh? Is this a problem? The Fate’s Scribe seemed alright with my decision. Don’t tell me we unknowingly caused a war.”
Yue Xia smiled but Qiang Yan wasn’t in the mood to reciprocate. It seemed more and more as if his initial fear had been right. Now he could only pray that there was some other explanation he had overlooked.
“No, that’s not it.” Qiang Yan pushed the teacup around. “Senior Yue Xia, say … When His Highness came to you to ask about this … what kind of impression did he give you?”
Yue Xia raised his bushy brows. “He seemed collected as always. Maybe a hint sweeter than usual.”
“Sweet?” Qiang Yan’s hand stilled. When had he heard someone use the word ‘sweet’ to describe his nephew the last time? A thousand years ago when he had still been a child?
“Mn. Being in love suits him if I may say so.”
“So he … talked about it.”
“Indeed. Actually, I was a little astonished. He was … surprisingly frank that day. I wouldn’t have assessed him to be like that.”
Qiang Yan nodded. Yes. Unfortunately, that was indeed true. His nephew wasn’t somebody who shared his innermost feelings. The only one that would have the opportunity to hear him utter at least some of his thoughts was his mother but even Bai Fen couldn’t say for sure just how much her son kept to himself.
It needn’t be said how withdrawn he was in regard to strangers and Yue Xia definitely counted as one. To talk to him so freely and even about his innermost feelings … this was indeed more than unusual for Jing He.
Yue Xia studied Qiang Yan’s serious expression. “Is something the matter?”
“I’m not too sure yet. I’d like to investigate some more. Thank you for your help.” Qiang Yan stood up and bowed, Leng Jin Yu following suit. “We’ll take our leave then.”
They turned around but Yue Xia called out once again. “Young man …”
Leng Jin Yu stopped. The old god should be talking to him? He turned back and nodded at him. “Yes, Senior?”
“Your name was Leng Jin Yu, right?”
“I see. Mn …” Yue Xia paused and his brows wrinkled slightly. “This might seem a little random and I hope you don’t mind me asking but … Are you married yet?”
Leng Jin Yu blanked. Married? “No. I’m not.”
“Mn. So it’s like that.”
The old god nodded and stopped paying attention to him, leaving Leng Jin Yu bewildered. Why had he suddenly asked that? He wanted to question but the God of War was already urging him to leave. Leng Jin Yu could only rein his curiosity in and follow him out of the palace.
His thoughts still lingered on that question though. This wasn’t just any god asking. It was the god of love. Could it be that there was something strange about the love that had been destined for him? As someone who had been mortal once it should have been this old god or one of his servants that tied the red thread for him. Or, well, maybe they didn’t do so at all and that was why he had asked.
“What Senior Yue Xia said just now … I’m afraid it’s not good.” The God of War pulled Leng Jin Yu out of his thoughts.
“I’m not sure if I understand. How is the dagger related to His Highness’ destined love?”
“Let’s not talk about that here.” Qiang Yan looked around and started off in the direction of his own palace, waving him along. A few steps down the street, he stopped though. “Actually, it might be better we report this to the Heavenly Emperor immediately.” His expression while coming to this conclusion didn’t look too good. It seemed whatever he had found out from his conversations with the other two gods would be something very grave.
Leng Jin Yu just nodded and followed him to the palace of the Heavenly Emperor who was sitting in his study together with his wife at that moment, finally at ease because the matters regarding his son seemed to have come to a good conclusion.

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