OMF V5C6 There’s Something I Don’t Understand

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Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu had returned to the Nine Heavens and went to the scribe’s palace. Actually, he would have liked to talk to the God of War instead but his task had been to support the Fate’s Scribe so the person he should speak to was him too.
Seeing one of the guards show Leng Jin Yu in Shun Tao’s face lit up. “You probably came to report on the matter regarding the crown prince?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Yes. I’m sorry for not sending a message but you probably know already that I was with him in a secret realm. Surprisingly, even as an ascended deity, I couldn’t open that realm so I was indeed trapped until now. I thought it would be best to report in person.”
“Mn. It’s good now that you’re both out. I already saw in the scroll of fate that he remembered some parts of his past life. This somehow led to him passing a major trial. The Heavenly Emperor is informed already. I guess I should congratulate you. You can regard your assignment as accomplished. Go to the God of War and report. He has certainly been informed as well.”
“Ah?” Leng Jin Yu was taken aback. His assignment … was accomplished? Then wouldn’t this mean he didn’t have to return to the mortal realm? Thinking back to what the God of War had said back then this would be his opportunity to become part of the God of War’s palace.
He had worked hard for this. It had been his dream after his ascension. But now … He thought back to the things he had almost seen in the Yun Zou Sect. That courtyard, the person missing from it … He didn’t want to give up on that. But he couldn’t have both.
What should he do now?
Leng Jin Yu closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Right now, he didn’t know but he first needed to report to the God of War anyway. After that … he could at least ask him for some time to think things through again. The God of War had seemed like someone one could easily get along with. If he explained himself, it might not be a problem. And if not, he could still decide what he wanted to do.
“Thank you, then I’ll take my leave now.” Leng Jin Yu cupped his fists and bid farewell to the Fate’s Scribe.
Shun Tao nodded and walked him out of his study. Ah, this man had probably saved his life. As long as nothing else went wrong with the crown prince’s trial he had nothing to fear. Mn, he should keep an eye on that scroll of fate.
Shun Tao returned to his study and put Jing He’s scroll of fate next to him while Leng Jin Yu left the scribe’s palace and went to that of the God of War instead. One of the guards brought him to Qiang Yan’s study.
Leng Jin Yu once again cupped his hands and bowed. “Greetings, God of War.”
Qiang Yan waved. “Come here, sit. I already heard that things in the mortal realm worked out well. Jing He isn’t in danger anymore.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and sat down opposite from the God of War. “The Fate’s Scribe already told me as much. There are still some things I’m not too clear about though. I don’t know if …”
“If there’s something on your mind, just say it.”
“His Highness didn’t say too much about the memories he acquired but there were two things that were perplexing. He mentioned a person named Tian who seems to be the reason he broke up with Longjun. I know this doesn’t concern me but … wasn’t he in a relationship with Longjun even before he descended for his trial? How is there another lover now?”
Qiang Yan sighed. “Ah, I guess it’s our luck he didn’t remember much. There was no person called Tian. At least not in Jing He’s life.”
“Then …”
“Tian. That should be the Tian, Heaven. There is an old story about him descending to the Nine Heavens after he fell in love with one of the gods. Jing He has always … liked the story.” Qiang Yan stood up and walked to the window, looking out at the courtyard behind his study.
Saying that his nephew had liked the story wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t the whole truth either. It was probably closer to obsession. It had fascinated but also terrified him. Inside he had probably compared himself to Xing more than once. It wasn’t a good thing considering Xing’s end. But what could they do?
Bai Fen had always hoped it might get better after he met Longjun and it had indeed seemed that way. The closer they got the less reclusive Jing He had seemed. Seeing him genuinely smile for the first time in so many years … They had both felt a weight lift from their hearts.
That boy … he wouldn’t overthink when he came back and remembered that he broke up with Longjun in the mortal realm, would he? Ah, even if he would, there was nothing they could do now. But he should go and tell Bai Fen what Leng Jin Yu had said. She could at least be there and do some damage control.
Qiang Yan shook his head and turned around. “All of this should be his misconception. He probably remembered part of that story and somehow got the impression his own life had to do with Tian.”
“Ah, I see. Then maybe that other thing is also just something he misunderstood.”
Qiang Yan tilted his had and came back to the table. “What was it?” Somehow, Leng Jin Yu’s expression alarmed him. Could it be that this was something serious? But this was something Jing He had remembered from his life in the Nine Heavens. There shouldn’t be anything they didn’t know about. After all, they had always paid a lot of attention to him. There was more or less no possibility of anything happening without them knowing.
“Do you know of a dagger with a red blade and handle?”
Qiang Yan’s expression blanked. A red dagger? “Why?”
Seeing the God of War so serious Leng Jin Yu straightened up. It seemed this indeed wasn’t simple, just as he had thought. “One of the first things His Highness remembered was such a weapon. He didn’t mention many details but it seems he woke up at a dark place, holding that weapon in his hand before placing it on an altar. It seemed strange to me since —”
Before Leng Jin Yu had time to speak about the reasons for his worry Qiang Yan leaped to his feet and ran out of the study. Leng Jin Yu blanked but then hastened after him.
As bad as it seemed his heart beat faster when he saw how worried the God of War was. After all, if something went wrong, then he would definitely be able to return to the Yun Zou Sect. Nobody would try to hinder him. To him, this really was the best that could have happened.

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