OMF V4C111 A Trap in the Secret Realm

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At the same time, Qiu Ling and the others arrived at the Leyuan region. Qiu Ling immediately hurried over to the array on the ground, ignoring Qiang Wei who was still waiting in case the gate to the secret realm opened on its own.
As soon as he stopped in front of the array Qiu Ling frowned. The lines had changed from a light blue to red. This shouldn’t be normal!
“Qiang Wei! What happened?” Qiu Ling whirled around, his chest heaving up and down. He had a very, very bad feeling about this.
Qiang Wei straightened up. “I don’t know. It changed right now. I was just about to …” He raised the transmission stone in his hand, his expression solemn. He also felt that something might be wrong but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t even have a way to find out more since he didn’t understand the array.
Qiu Ling cursed under his breath and turned to Bai Mu and the others that had just landed. “Something happened with the array.”
Bai Mu frowned and hurried over, staring at the array for a while.
“What is it? What is happening? Why did it change color?”
“Most likely the people inside found the trap my parents left behind.”
“Mn. My mother told me they implemented one trap in case someone really strong ever managed to make their way into the realm. If that happened, they would be able to flee and the person would be imprisoned there.
“If the intruder searched long enough, they would find a spot that would seem like the core of the realm and they would try to break out through that place. But in case they actually managed to open what they thought to be the array it would destroy the realm and the person inside with it.”
Qiu Ling’s eyes widened. “That … Wouldn’t that mean …” He grabbed Bai Mu’s lapel and pulled him closer. “Then what about Jing He?! Won’t he … Won’t he also …”
“Calm down.” Bai Mu put a hand on Qiu Ling’s shoulder and pushed him out of the way. “It’s not too late yet. The array would have stopped glowing if the realm had already been destroyed. Right now, we can still get them out. Just let me do it.” He lifted a hand and looked at it, his brows furrowing. The Chun Feng Sect had taken everything from him so he could only use his raw blood to open the array now.
He cut his skin open with his nails and let it drip down while circulating his energy. The array lit up brighter, the light pulsing three times before it turned back to blue.
Bai Mu raised his other hand too and his fingers drew another array into the air that slowly descended to the ground. The lines cut through those of the first array and extinguished the light.
Qiu Ling grabbed Bai Mu’s shoulder. “What happened? Why did it stop glowing? Don’t tell me —”
“Calm down. I cast a second array. Your fiance and whoever else is in there with him will be transported out in a —”
Two people fell from the sky with a yelp. Qiu Ling’s head jerked and he leaped to the side to catch Jing Yi but … somebody else was faster. Or, no, that wasn’t right either. The person he wanted to catch had been lying in somebody else’s arms the moment he appeared.
Qiu Ling stared at the two people on the ground and his brows knitted. There he was! The bastard that had dared to kidnap his beloved and spent all this time with him in the secret realm!
This time, Qiu Ling wasn’t the only one who was mad. Xin Lan stared at the two people that were lying on the ground tightly entangled. He clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. That bastard! He actually dared to go against his master once more?! He wouldn’t be reconciled if he couldn’t at least hit him a few times!
Leng Jin Yu didn’t care about those angry stares. He held onto Jing Yi and took a deep breath before opening his eyes and looking at the sky. He could feel that they weren’t in the secret realm anymore. The spiritual energy around him wasn’t as dense anymore. So … had his approach worked?
Well, whatever. The most important thing was that they were safe. They had survived. He could still go and find that person after all.
“Junior Martial Brother Zhong, are you alright?” Leng Jin Yu lifted his head and tried to look into Jing Yi’s face. Most of it was obscured by his hair though. He lifted his hand, prepared to brush it aside when two pairs of hands reached down.
One of them gently picked up Jing Yi who was instantly pulled into another tight embrace while the other … Xin Lan roughly lifted Leng Jin Yu from the ground, his eyes blazing with fury.
He didn’t dare to do anything now though. Never mind Qiu Ling but there were still that unreliable Hong Bao, the son of the God of War and Qiu Ling’s follower Qiang Wei around. If they saw him bash this guy, they might talk about it somewhere they shouldn’t. Those who knew him well enough would figure out that this must have to do with his master.
Xin Lan held back his anger and forced himself to smile. “You should be the head disciple of the Yun Zou Sect’s sect master Yuchi Bing Xia, Yu Jin. How nice to finally meet you.”
Leng Jin Yu looked at the man in front of him without knowing how to respond. He had never seen this man and he could perceive that he definitely wasn’t mortal so he shouldn’t be from any sect.
No, if anything, he would come from the Nine Heavens but then why would he have brought up his position from the Yun Zou Sect? And especially … Why did he exhibit such a strong intent to kill? Could it be that the God of War or the Fate’s Scribe were this dissatisfied with the way he had handled things?
That seemed to be the only explanation. He would need to find out more when he could be sure that nobody who shouldn’t know of his other identity was around. For now, there were still Zhong Jing Yi and two other people he didn’t know so he could only wait.

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