OMF V4C99 The Final Step

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Qiu Ling stopped shortly after reaching the mortal world and looked back at Xin Lan who was directly behind him. Xin Lan also stopped and crossed his arms, looking back at Qiu Ling and waiting for him to talk.
Qiu Ling smiled. “Ah, you wouldn’t … coincidentally know where that Chun Feng Sect is, would you?”
“What if I don’t?”
Qiu Ling’s expression tensed. “Then we’d need to go back and ask for my father-in-law’s help.”
“Hmph.” Xin Lan turned around and flew away.
Qiu Ling blinked and hurried after him. “Heh! Where do you think you’re going? Don’t we need to go back and ask my father-in-law for help?”
Xin Lan looked at him condescendingly. “Do you think everyone is like you? Staying in the human world for nearly twenty years and not learning anything?”
“Oh. So you know where that Chun Feng Sect is?”
“Naturally.” Xin Lan faced back to the front.
Since he knew now that his master had been living here he had naturally taken the effort to learn everything about the mortal realm he could. From its history to the best sightseeing spots he knew everything about the human realm. After all, this might be something his master would need to know one day.
Finding his way to the Chun Feng Sect was as easy as finding the teapot for his master to him. After all, he had paid special attention to the different sects since his master was living on the grounds of one.
Actually, thinking of that … He loathed that the Yun Zou Sect was doing so badly. This was the place where his master lived. It should be the best available place, not some second-rate power that might completely crumble in the future.
Well, at least that could be taken care of. After he got the blood of that mixed raced person he would free his master’s lover. If his information was right, then that man was a good cultivator. With him returning to the sect, the Yun Zou Sect had a reliable chance to fight its way back to the top. Maybe they would even manage to improve their situation compared to how it had been before that disaster Jin Ling caused.
Xin Lan further sped up and soon enough the Chun Feng Sect could be seen below them. Now, where would the person they were searching for be? He was partly demonic and this sect hunted demons so even though they let him live he would be imprisoned at a place where he couldn’t easily flee from.
Qiu Ling stopped next to him and examined the sect below them. “This is it? Can you feel his presence?”
“Not without alerting the humans.”
“Would that be a problem?” Qiu Ling blinked. He didn’t think much of alerting any humans. After all, they only wanted to get the person and would leave after that. What was the problem with letting the people of the sect know that they were here?
Xin Lan frowned. “You’re officially a disciple of the Yun Zou Sect as is your beloved. The Chun Feng Sect and the Yun Zou Sect have close ties. The Chun Feng Sect even alerted the Yun Zou Sect when they found out about the two missing disciples you and your beloved were then asked to investigate. Do you really want to give the Chun Feng Sect any reason to doubt you and, in turn, your beloved? If so, then please go ahead and unleash your power to find that person.”
Qiu Ling tightened his lips. Alright, that hadn’t been such a good idea. “How about you divert their attention while I search for him?” He got himself another condescending gaze for that. “What? That’s a good idea!”
“Can’t you think ahead at all? His Majesty is also staying at the Yun Zou Sect. I’ll naturally remain at his side. Wouldn’t it just invite trouble if I revealed myself?”
“Then what do we do? We can’t just wait until he frees himself and charges out on his own, can we? If he was able to do that, he would have long done so.”
Xin Lan nodded to the space between two hills. “That seems to be a likely place to hold prisoners. We’ll hide our presence, glamour our appearance and sneak in. If he is indeed there, we’ll get his blood and then we’ll sneak back out again. If he isn’t … we’ll search somewhere else.”
“Mn.” Qiu Ling nodded in response. His thoughts were wandering somewhere else though.
He hadn’t missed how Xin Lan said ‘get his blood’. He obviously just wanted to do that and leave the person there. But how could he let that happen? This Bai Mu was his uncle-in-law’s child! Alright, it was a child he hadn’t know about until a few days ago and it was even one he had fathered while on his trial but it was nonetheless his child.
It had been enough to take one look at his face while the Fate’s Scribe reported about the fate of that Huan Yin and her child to understand that. The Heavenly Emperor might stress the fact that it had been a trial and the Fate’s Scribe might pretend it had nothing to do with him but the God of War had definitely felt troubled when he heard about it. Even if this wasn’t because of the child and only because of the mother that mother could also only be found through the child.
So … He had to free that Bai Mu. Wouldn’t his uncle-in-law be extremely grateful then? And if he was grateful, then he would support him and Jing He! Hah! That was one more thing he could use to force that bearded old man to finally accept him! He would be an idiot if he didn’t use this chance!
Thus, Qiu Ling did exactly what Xin Lan told him and followed him with a happy smile. Ah, this would be the final step he needed to take before he could finally marry his beloved! Now, nothing would go … wrong? Qiu Ling’s eyes flew open when he turned at the corner of the first building.
What in Heaven’s name was she doing here?!

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