OMF V4C97 We Missed out on That

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At the same time, Shun Tao went over the clues he had gathered one last time, making sure that they were in the right sequence. Ah, looking at the scroll in his hands he could hardly believe what had happened the last few days. When had the Heavenly Emperor ever ordered all the scribes to work on the same task? But, well, that time of chaos was finally over.
He motioned at the scribe in front of him to return to his original task like all the others and straightened his own clothes before going over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. When he arrived not only the Heavenly Emperor was present. Even the Heavenly Empress was sitting beside him and looked at Shun Tao with slight worry written on her fate.
Shun Tao clasped his hands and bowed. “Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao greets His Majesty, the Heavenly Emperor, and Her Majesty, the Heavenly Empress.”
“Mn.” The Heavenly Emperor waved impatiently. “Did you finish looking through the scrolls?”
Shun Tao nodded. “Yes. All scrolls have been reviewed and the clues found were organized. We know the course of Huan Yin and her child’s life more or less now.”
The Heavenly Emperor nodded. “Alright, don’t tell me just yet. Let me call Senior Xin and … Longjun.” He took a peek at his wife’s expression and hurriedly waved at one of the servants. Ah, thankfully, he hadn’t called his self-proclaimed son-in-law any names just now. Wouldn’t Bai Fen have grown angry at him again if he did?
Soon enough, Xin Lan walked into the throne room, nodding at the people inside. Even Qiang Yan hurried over as fast as he could when he heard that Xin Lan had come. Unfortunately, the third person was somehow missing.
Rong Su frowned. “Where did that guy vanish to?”
His wife threw him a condescending gaze. “What do you think where he vanished to?” She waved at one of the servants. “Go and fetch Longjun from the crown prince’s palace. Tell him the Fate’s Scribe has news.”
“Yes, Your Majesty!” The servant hurried away while the Heavenly Emperor grumbled.
“What is that guy doing at Jing He’s palace? And why didn’t you do anything if you knew? What if he does anything indecent to him? My poor child, he —”
Bai Fen narrowed her eyes, making her husband shut up immediately.
The Heavenly Emperor cleared his throat and looked away. Alright. He shouldn’t have blamed her. It was all that stupid dandy’s fault! How could he just stay at Jing He’s palace like this?! This guy was even more dangerous than the demon king!
Ugh. He should have made sure that he left the Nine Heavens! How could he have been this negligent?! His poor son …
Meanwhile, in the crown prince’s palace, a certain dragon king was lying half sprawled on the bed. He tightly clasped Jing He’s hand while his long hair had somehow gotten entangled with the white robe on his beloved’s body.
He drowsily awoke when steps sounded from the entrance.
“Longjun?” Somebody called out but Qiu Ling wasn’t in the mood to answer.
He lifted his head and looked at the person that seemed to sleep on the bed. Ah, his Jing He was still just as beautiful as in his memory. It was a pity … He still hadn’t woken up. By now it had nearly been three weeks since Jing He left for the mortal world. That was … a third of the time a trial normally took?
Qiu Ling sighed and sat up on the ground, carefully gathering his hair and combing it back. Mn, even if his beloved couldn’t see him right now, he definitely couldn’t look sloppy in his presence! This was a matter of principle!
He stood up, straightened his clothes and finally sat down on the edge of the bed. Mn, his beloved … He once again took that pale hand into his and marveled at Jing He’s smooth skin. Ah, this was just his hand …
Qiu Ling’s face froze. He definitely couldn’t let his beloved see any change in his expression! Ah, but just thinking about when his beloved would return in four weeks and how they would marry and how he would finally be able to touch all of his skin and —
“Longjun! Are you there? The Heavenly Empress sent this servant to notify you that the Fate’s Scribe has brought news. They are at the —”
Before the servant had the chance to finish what he said a black shadow whooshed past him and Qiu Ling suddenly appeared in the throne room. His heart was bleeding a little though. Ah, he hadn’t even had the opportunity to bid farewell to his beloved! He had only managed to give Jing He a short kiss so he wouldn’t miss him too much!
Well, his beloved would certainly understand. After all, the news that the Fate’s Scribe had was certainly about that woman and her child who would help them with opening the secret realm. So, he had to listen to it immediately and then go and fetch them! Then, at least his beloved’s mortal reincarnation would return to his side!
Ah … His Jing He … No, his Jing’er! He could finally hold him in his arms again and kiss him and … And wouldn’t they already marry in the human realm after that damned array was taken care of?! So he might already be married to his beloved in a few short hours!
Qiu Ling couldn’t help but give a goofy smile when he thought of it. Mn, certainly enough Heaven wouldn’t punish good people like him and his beloved. In fact, Heaven was obviously helping them! Soon enough they would be united again.
Ah, my beloved, just hold out a little bit longer! No need to cry so bitterly! Your fiance will return to your side soon enough!
Mn, and while I’m at it I’ll also beat that guy up who dared to covet you while I was away. What a bastard! He actually took the opportunity from me to be trapped together with you! I can’t believe we missed out on that …

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