OMF V4C76 If Not for Him

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Thanks to the time flowing differently in the mortal and immortal realms Jin Ling had already spent a few days in the capital to have a look at how Xiao Li was doing. Well, there wasn’t much to say about that.
He had found out next to nothing but it was still quite amusing to see his eyes nearly blazing with hatred whenever that human woman he had had to marry appeared. It had been especially grave when his newly wedded wife met Jin Ling and couldn’t help but regret a bit that she had already married. After all, even with his copper-colored hair changed to a more human appearance Jin Ling could be called inhumanly handsome.
Xiao Li didn’t take that nicely. He might not like her but which man could stand it if his wife was eying another? And that even in front of him? The man in question might be his king but he still didn’t want his own wife to show that obvious that she didn’t think of him as highly as of a man that was a total stranger to her. Wasn’t that questioning his worth?
Well, there was nothing Xiao Li could do since he had chosen to appear as a righteous cultivator. He needed to keep up the front. In that regard, his king’s visit was more than welcome. After all, it was quite nice to be able to pretend that a fellow sect member was visiting when you were pretending to be someone else. And nobody could pretend to be a good guy as good as his king.
Seeing Xiao Li’s colorful expression that was furious one moment and docile the next Jin Ling had actually thought about staying a little longer in the capital. Furthermore, he would be able to find out more if he tried it himself instead of depending on that Xiao Li. In fact, he had just been about to ask the mother of that bastard’s beloved some questions when suddenly Xin Lan’s roar sounded.
Jin Ling immediately stopped what he was doing with the excuse of something having happened to one of his race and hurried away. The roar of a dragon was something that could hardly be ignored. Even when Jin Ling managed to hurry over the animals in the mountains and forest surrounding the Yun Zou Sect were still cowering in fear.
The roar of a dragon was also something very, very rare. Just think about it: They would have to take on their true form which wasn’t something that happened every day and then something needed to stimulate them enough to call out. Even for a regular dragon that was something that seldom happened. Not to speak of someone like Xin Lan. There was only one thing Jin Ling could imagine to have such an effect on him. Or, well, he should probably say one person.
Considering that this had happened at the Yun Zou Sect where he had found that beautiful golden hair before he couldn’t believe that this was supposed to be a coincidence. No, something had to be going on and he would find out what that was.
Naturally, Xin Lan could imagine what Jin Ling thought. And naturally, he wouldn’t let him succeed. His master had said it himself: Jin Ling could never find out that he was still alive. Thus he had to prevent him from finding him at all costs. He had to be careful though. Jin Ling was treacherous just like his father. One wrong word or one wrong step might tip him off and make sure that he would never let go of that one trace of the person he loved, ruining the bit of happiness that his master had managed to find.
“There is indeed.”
“Oh?” Jin Ling raised his brows. This sure was unexpected. Xin Lan wouldn’t actually admit that Jinde was here, would he?
Xin Lan nodded curtly but didn’t say anything.
“Xin Lan, what is it? Aren’t you supposed to help me? Why are you withholding information now?”
Xin Lan knitted his brows. “Withholding information? Isn’t it rather that you didn’t gather enough information before trying to mess with Qiu Ling?”
Jin Ling frowned. “What is that supposed to mean?”
Xin Lan stared at him, his gaze dark. “Among the people that were present the day you tried to kill Qiu Ling’s beloved was the reincarnation of His Majesty’s lover. You most likely killed him. How could you let such an accident occur? Or is it that you knew exactly that he was there and that was why you did it in the first place?” He frowned even more, the accusation in his eyes thickening. “Was this really just targeted at Qiu Ling’s beloved or did you want to exterminate that person, too?”
Jin Ling gritted his teeth. The fury radiating from Xin Lan’s body was real. So he … had only found out about that? He couldn’t help his expression from falling. “How should I have known? But even if I did, I still would have done the same! No.” Jin Ling laughed. “If I knew, I would have made sure that he is completely annihilated. His body, his soul, everything. I would make sure that he follows Jinde since he pretended to love him that much!”
Xin Lan clenched his fists, his voice dangerously lowering. “Do you think His Majesty would be happy about that? You know very well how much he loved him! His sole regret when dying was that part of that man’s soul would dissipate with his own! You know that! Why would you still —”
“Because I hate him! He is the one who took Jinde from me! If not for him … If not for him …” Jin Ling’s voice faded.
Xin Lan laughed. “If not for him? You’re delusional! Even if there hadn’t been Chun Yin, there would have been another man! You’re the last person in all mortal and immortal realms he’d ever consider. He would have rather married me than you!”
“You?” Jin Ling also laughed. “He wouldn’t have considered you either. You were just … someone he picked up by the roadside. That’s like taking a pet home. You find it when it’s injured and you pity it so you take it home and care for it until it’s better. It’s so you can feel better. Unfortunately, some mutt refused to leave the house after being cared for and shamelessly clung to someone who didn’t want to own him! Do you honestly think he would have married you if Chun Yin hadn’t been?!”
Xin Lan didn’t respond. He just looked at Jin Ling, his eyes dark. Jin Ling had always liked to sling mud at him. Even when his master … well, even back then when they had both lived with him. But this was probably the worst insult he had ever thought of.
If he hadn’t just seen Jinde and once again experienced how much his master cared about him, it certainly would have hurt a lot. Well, it came in quite handy. Hadn’t he just been searching for an excuse to leave his side so that he could go and free his master’s lover while conveniently picking up something that would help him regenerate his soul on the way?
Well, thank you very much. He had just found the excuse he needed.

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