OMF V4C69 A Lovestruck God

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“Rejecting?” Qiang Yan turned to look at him, obviously stunned. “Why … Why would you do that? I thought …”
He didn’t finish the sentence but Jing He could imagine what he wanted to say: I thought you liked him. So it turned out he was that transparent.
“Father doesn’t like him.”
“Well, your mother likes him …”
“It’s a pity then. I can’t fulfill both of their wishes.” Jing He looked away. Ah, he didn’t want to see his uncle’s gaze right now. He didn’t want to see anyone. He’d much rather be alone and think of that person since there was nothing else he could do.
“Jing He, have you ever thought …” Qiang Yan sighed. “Look, this is about choosing your spouse. Whether your father or mother is satisfied with the choice isn’t really important, is it? You’re the one who’ll spend his life with that person. You’re the one who should be happy.
Even if both your parents wouldn’t like the idea of you marrying that person it would still be better than marrying someone you’re not happy with. You’d just be miserable if you did that. And isn’t your mother alright with him? That’s still good. It could be really hard to find someone both your parents agree on.”
Jing He took a shaky breath. He didn’t want to hear this. He had just resolved himself to end things with the one he loved because he was sure that it was the right thing to do. Why was his uncle saying the opposite now? He didn’t know what to do anymore!
“He … He isn’t even a god.”
His uncle kept quiet for a while. “Is that really bothering you?”
Jing He hurriedly nodded. What else was there to say? Besides these two points, there was nothing to criticize about him. He was handsome and knew how to take care of his appearance. When had he ever seen him not dressed impeccably? From head to toe, he knew how to present himself and that wasn’t just about how he looked. It was hard to describe but the feeling he gave off when he stood in front of him was unforgettable. He gave off the impression that he was dependable more than anyone else and he radiated a strength unique to him.
And still, he was still so unbelievably gentle with him. Every time he touched him it would be with utmost care as if he could break if he just used a little more pressure. If he held his hands, he always felt like he was someone especially treasured, the most important person in all of the mortal and immortal realms. It was as if … that man’s whole world revolved around him.
And it wasn’t just in the way he touched him, either. He knew how to listen, too, and he could talk for hours if he noticed that you didn’t want to say anything. And if you really wanted to have a conversation, then he would be the right partner for that, too. The things he said could be so insightful and he would address the things most important to you.
He was … perfect all around.
“You’re looking lovestruck.”
Jing He turned to his uncle, prepared to refute but still unable to utter even a word in his defense. Yes, most likely, he was already lovestruck. He averted his face and kept silent. What else was there to say?
“So … despite being in love with him and despite your mother being alright with him you still want to reject him?”
“He isn’t a god.” Jing He could only weakly repeat what he had said before but it was probably obvious from his expression that his heart spoke different words.
Qiang Yan nodded slowly. “Well, it won’t be too late in a few days. Come on, let your uncle tell you a story first.”
Jing He looked up at him questioningly. He had no idea what his uncle might want to tell him. Qiang Yan didn’t immediately start to talk though. He just continued walking as if he had to organize his thoughts first.
“You know I’ve never told this story to anyone but … when I had my last trial I fell in love with a woman.”
Jing He didn’t say anything. He could imagine what his uncle was trying to get at but how could that be compared? This wasn’t just a trial. This was his life and the person he was falling for … he wouldn’t just disappear.
Qiang Yan looked up at the sky and smiled. “Ah, I was really madly in love with her. Together we journeyed through the lands and nearly scaled the heavens. In fact, even after returning I thought that … if she had managed to indeed ascend to the Nine Heavens, I would have told her everything and asked her to marry me.”
“But she didn’t.”
“No, she didn’t. She … must have died trying to do so.” He sighed. “Ah, it’s a pity. As a god, I’ve never fallen in love. Only she … Mn, well, that’s not the point I wanted to talk about. You have to know that this woman wasn’t what I thought her to be at first. I thought she was merely human but after returning I naturally realized that that wasn’t the truth. She wasn’t human. Not much, at least. She was partly human but also partly god and another part of her was even demonic.”
“That …” Jing He didn’t know what else to say. “How could that be?”
“Well, somewhere some time along the way a god and a demon must have fallen in love with each other and had a child. If that is possible, then why should you reject him if you’re in love with him?”
“But —”
“No buts. You’re in love with him and he’s in love with you. There’s no need to consider anything else.”
“The Son of Heaven —”
“Is only a person, too. And every person has the right to fall in love. So don’t torture yourself anymore. You don’t have to reject him. You don’t have to marry him immediately either. Just … go along with it. And someday you’ll know if it’s the right thing to do or not.”

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