OMF V4C62 Some Sentimental Feelings

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Qiu Ling took cover as soon as he came into the field of vision of the guards in front of the palace. Sure, he could just march in there and demand to see Xin Lan but … Who knew what exactly that guy was doing here? Maybe he wouldn’t come out if he made a ruckus because he wanted to keep his secret mission … well, secret.
Qiu Ling observed the two guards in front of the gate for a while until he decided that those two weren’t a big deal at all. Then he examined the palace. Getting in there shouldn’t be too difficult. But how would he find Xin Lan? Maybe he wasn’t in the palace at all?
Ah, no, no, no! He shouldn’t think too much. That annoying guy was definitely there and observed that damn bastard. What else could the old geezer have ordered him to do in the demon realm?
Qiu Ling rushed out of his hiding place and hurried to the palace. He took another glance at the guards and flipped over the wall.
Huh. Look at this! The security in this place was really awful. Maybe he should have those guys in the dragon realm check their own place. Mn, well, not for now.
He hurried deeper into the palace and looked around, avoiding the few guards that were patrolling. Well, where would he hide if he was Xin Lan? He needed a place that was secure but would enable him to work on his task at all times. So, if he really was here to keep an eye on that bastard, then he would certainly live somewhere close to where that guy lived.
Uh, imagine that!
Qiu Ling shuddered and just went toward the innermost part of the palace. Wasn’t that where the important people lived? At least that old geezer had always lived in the middle of the dragon realm’s royal palace.
Qiu Ling wandered through the palace unhindered but finding Jin Ling’s chambers wasn’t all that easy. It wasn’t like he’d hang a plaque with his name over the door, after all. So, he could only guess and open doors at random.
He toured the rooms for almost two hours but couldn’t find even a hint of Xin Lan. “Just where is that annoying guy?” He turned in a circle in the hope of noticing something he hadn’t seen but there was nothing.
Qiu Ling frowned. “This isn’t right. He turned up all on his own when Fu Heng and Fu Min came here but he won’t appear when I’m searching for him? What is that guy doing? Heh, you! I can still be considered your king! Shouldn’t you at least come out and greet me?”
Naturally, Xin Lan wouldn’t do him the favor of coming out just because he behaved shamelessly.
Qiu Ling sighed in frustration. “I really don’t know why you’re being like this. Even the old geezer wanted to help me with this. If not because his idea didn’t work, I certainly wouldn’t have come here. Or do you think I have some kind of urge to see you? Ugh, don’t kid me! I always found you annoying.”
“What are you talking about?”
Qiu Ling whirled around. Shit! How had that guy suddenly appeared there?!
Xin Lan frowned. “I asked what you were talking about.”
Qiu Ling raised his brows and got over his surprise. Well, at least he had found him now. “Ah, how nice of you to come out! You see it’s like this: My beloved got trap—”
“You were talking about His Majesty.”
Qiu Ling blinked and decided to play dumb. “I … Was I?”
“You were. So what did you mean when you said that he wanted to help you?” Xin Lan stared at Qiu Ling, making sure not to miss even the slightest movement. He had heard it clearly. He just … needed to verify.
Qiu Ling smiled perfunctorily. “Just what I said: The old geezer certainly would have wanted to help me with this. So, as his close follower shouldn’t you also want to help me?”
“That’s not what you said.” Xin Lan took a step forward. His face seemed impassive but only he himself knew how fast his heart was beating. Could it be? Could it really be? Had Jin Ling been right all along? Had his master really survived somehow? Was he … still alive and waited somewhere?
“Mn, I might have misspoken. You see that bastard of a demon king did something that got my beloved trapped in another dimension. I’m really distraught because of that. You have to know he himself won’t be able to get out so I have to open that realm somehow. Unfortunately, the array used for opening it was done by humans and … I don’t have any idea how it works.”
“But His Majesty had one.”
Qiu Ling smiled a bit wider. “How could that be? He’s dead already, isn’t he? But thinking of all the intelligent people I ever knew I indeed remembered him. A pity that he can’t help me with this. But thinking of him I naturally couldn’t exclude you from these thoughts seeing that you’ve always hung around him so when I heard that you were here on some secret mission I couldn’t help but come over.”
Honestly, he didn’t really like the old geezer but the guy had helped him quite a few times and … well, he did have at least some sentimental feelings and that old guy was his father’s true love, after all. He shouldn’t sell him out.
Qiu Ling watched Xin Lan take another step and silently raised his guard. He wouldn’t sell the old geezer out but he couldn’t take any chances with this annoying guy in front of him either. He might not fear anyone in the dragon or demon realm but this guy … If they fought, it would be a miracle if he managed to win and even then he’d have to pay a hefty price. He wouldn’t risk that.
Xin Lan stopped next to Qiu Ling. He examined that face that was a little too familiar to that person’s. There instantly was that old hate welling up inside him but he pressed it down again. This was too important. He couldn’t let his emotions get in the way.
“So you’ve come to ask for my help in freeing your beloved.”
“Mn. So, do you know anything about human arrays?”
“Maybe I do.” Xin Lan turned away and silently lifted his hand, looking at his claws in contemplation. “The question is … Why should I help you?”

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