OMF V4C60 Kind of Occupied

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While Leng Jin Yu in the secret realm decided to help Jing Yi to remember everything faster the Fate’s Scribe Shun Tao finally managed to grab a hold of the Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly Empress in the Nine Heavens.
“Your Majesty!” Shun Tao really felt aggrieved. Thankfully, he had run to the crown prince’s palace immediately after failing to find the Heavenly Emperor at his own palace but even though he had run as fast as he could until he looked quite disheveled there was still the problem that a few minutes in the Nine Heavens would equal a day in the human realm. He didn’t even want to look at what might have happened in that amount of time!
Rong Su looked at Shun Tao with a deadpan expression. “What happened to our son?” Honestly, did he still need to guess? Obviously something major had happened once more for the Fate’s Scribe to come running like this. He probably wouldn’t like what he’d hear next.
Shun Tao hurriedly knelt down. “There is news regarding His Highness. In the secret realm, he found a herb called the Fractured Crystal Leaf and took in its spiritual energy. As such he has begun to remember his life in the Nine Heavens!”
Ah, he really wanted to cry! Why was the crown prince’s trial so troublesome? Just look at him lying on that bed over there so obediently! Their crown prince was such a nice and well-behaved person. How could he bring so much trouble to him now?!
The Heavenly Emperor rubbed his brow. “How much?”
Shun Tao hurriedly took out the scroll of fate and had another look. His expression became even uglier. “The scroll just mentions that he remembered scenes of his past life but not exactly how many and which scenes. They seem to become more, though and … he seems to be about to enter his inner self to speed the process up.”
“What is that ascended deity doing?”
Shun Tao shook his head. “I’m not sure about that but he might be helping him.”
“Tch.” The Heavenly Emperor frowned and turned to his son that looked as if he was sleeping peacefully. He took his hand and gently rubbed his fingers.
Ah, father has let you down! I shouldn’t have let Qiang Yan sent some unknown person with you. I should have had you watched by a squadron of trustworthy guards. Now you’re suffering like this …
Seeing her husband’s expression Bai Fen cleared her throat. “Well, there was probably nothing else he could do. That Leng Jin Yu is a warrior, not an alchemist. Countering the herb’s effects should be difficult if not impossible to him. He probably thought that if Jing He will remember anyway he should do so as soon as possible. That won’t bring more harm than remembering slowly but at least he’ll know how dangerous it really is to the procedure of the trial.”
Rong Su ground his teeth but there was nothing he could say against that. “If Jing He really remembers everything …” He shook his head.
There were no rules against that but it would be hard to finish his trial in a satisfactory manner considering that he wouldn’t face it as purely a human anymore. Heaven certainly wouldn’t be happy to see someone who had gained knowledge of his previous identity as a god to do the trial. After all, wouldn’t that change things?
“By the time he can judge how much of a problem it will be, it might be too late already. We have to think of a countermeasure to this herb immediately.”
Bai Fen nodded. She also knew what the consequences of angering Heaven might be. She definitely didn’t want her son to go through that. “The simplest solution would probably be the water of the river of forgetfulness. If he remembered everything, he certainly wouldn’t refuse to drink it since he would understand what is at stake. If he doesn’t, it would be even better.”
“Would it work if he drank the water before remembering everything? He’s in a human body now, after all …”
“No, he’d have to drink it afterward. Regarding that, it’s probably better if he remembers everything earlier. We could wait for him to remember everything and then give it to him. Ah, thankfully Qiu Ling followed him down there. If he asks him to do so, the boy should accept even if he doesn’t know what all this is about.”
“Mn. I’ll contact him.”
“Don’t.” Bai Fen shook her head and took out a transmission stone. She imbued her energy and in the next moment another stone in one of the immortal realms lit up.
The one holding onto it didn’t bother to take it out, though. Well, at least not for now. Naturally, he would contact her after he had finished what he was doing right now. After all, this was his mother-in-law contacting him! Whatever he did he couldn’t anger her. His marital bliss with Jing He largely depended on her!
With a grim expression, Qiu Ling stepped on the demon in front of him again. “I’ll ask you one more time: Where is he? Don’t you dare lie to me! You’re a demon. I certainly wouldn’t mind disposing of you.”
“I have no idea who you’re talking about!”
Qiu Ling rolled his eyes. “Xin Lan! Silvery hair, half of his face covered by a mask while the other half scowls all the time. Does that ring a bell?”
The demon looked up at Qiu Ling in puzzlement. What was this guy talking about?! He had never seen anyone like that! Was he sure that he had come to the right realm?
Qiu Ling slowly but surely lost his patience. “Damn this!” He took out his sword and swung it down. Hmph. He was doing the world a favor in eliminating this guy. Even that bastard Jin Ling probably couldn’t be mad at him for this.
Eh? Speaking of that … If he was the one giving that Xin Lan commands, then he would have sent him to the demon realm’s palace to keep an eye on that hateful bastard. So … he should probably pay him a visit?
Qiu Ling wanted to hurry over but he suddenly remembered that there was something else he needed to do first. He hurriedly whipped out one of his transmission stones and imbued his spiritual energy while already putting on a sweet smile.
“Mother-in-law, forgive your unworthy son-in-law for not answering immediately! I was kind of occupied right now.”

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