OMF V4C53 Too Good at Making Trouble

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While Leng Jin Yu was faced with this bitter truth a certain dragon king hadn’t given up hope yet to find an ascended deity that might be able to help him. Considering that he didn’t know many people in the Nine Heavens he came up with only one answer: Hong Bao.
Just think about it: Even though she seemed to have no talent at all and had made so many problems, she had somehow still managed to ascend. So, she should know about human arrays, right?
Thinking like that Qiu Ling left the Nine Heavens and returned to the Hei Dian Sect. He didn’t look around and just directly stormed into the Grandmaster’s palace, not caring at all that it was the middle of the night right now.
Shen An De and his wife woke up to the sound of their gate opening with a loud crash.
Hong Ai turned to look at her husband but only got a blank look in response. He also didn’t know what was happening. Just who would dare to break into his palace?
Wait. That question … somehow did conjure up a certain image.
“It couldn’t be that dragon king again, could it?”
Hong Ai raised her brows. “I could imagine him breaking in like that instead of coming over in the morning as any normal person would do. I don’t know why he would come here though. Didn’t Elder Shan say that he and his lover disappeared? I thought they might have returned to the Yun Zou Sect.”
“Mn. Maybe something went wrong.”
“Should we —”
Before Hong Ai could suggest to go and ask Qiu Ling’s voice already sounded. It turned out a certain dragon king had lost his patience.
“Damned servant girl, come out here! I have something to ask! Don’t you dare hide from me! You still owe me from what you did before!”
Hong Ai and Shen An De exchanged another glance. Alright, the dragon king coming to visit in the middle of the night was strange enough but could anybody tell them why he had come to talk to Hong Bao of all things?!
Shen An De sighed, stood up and put on his clothes. Hong Ai was directly behind him when he went to greet Qiu Ling. She also wanted to know what this was about. After all, this person had come for her sister.
Qiu Ling excitedly turned around when he heard steps behind him. Unfortunately, the ones to emerge were the Grandmaster and his wife instead of the one he was looking for. His expression immediately darkened. “Where’s the damned servant girl?”
Shen An De’s brow twitched. He still called her that even after Hong Bao had put so much effort into planning his wedding with Jing Yi. And he didn’t even care that the ones to hear were Hong Bao’s own family. “Longjun, I wonder what brought you here … in the middle of the night?”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips and looked back at him with reproach. “Isn’t it all because of your uncle?”
Shen An De’s brows rose. “My uncle? You mean Jin Ling? What does that have to do with Hong Bao?”
“Hmph.” Qiu Ling sat down at a table without being asked. “Isn’t it all because he schemed against my beloved? Ah, my poor Jing He, now he’s trapped in that secret realm …” Qiu Ling frowned. “It’s all that bastard’s fault!” Never mind that his father-in-law had said that the one who was with Jing He right now was a god, this was obviously still the demons’ fault!
“That bastard actually dared to show up in your sect and made me all nervous. So when that guy from the Yun Zou Sect came to pick us up I naturally just went with him. Who would have thought! This guy was actually so shameless as to steal my beloved! We’re already engaged, you know? And even twice! But somebody still dared to try and get between us. Tch, I’m going to kill him when he gets out of there!”
“What does Hong Bao have to do with that?” Hong Ai couldn’t help but pipe up. As far as she understood until now nothing of this was related to her sister in any way. Why had this guy come here and screamed for her to show herself? Could this be another misunderstanding?
Qiu Ling looked at her miserably. “Didn’t you listen at all? Because of what Jin Ling did my poor beloved is trapped now. We have to get him out of there! So I need your sister to come and open the array!”
“My sister?” Hong Ai blinked. Her sister was proficient with arrays? Why had she never known?
“What array?” Shen An De was still the one who found the important point among all of Qiu Ling’s ramblings.
“The array of that secret realm! It’s a very strange one. Neither us dragons nor the gods knew what to do with it so we need an ascended deity. But it’s not like I know a lot of them so your sister-in-law will have to do. Not that I particularly trust her. You know it’s actually no wonder she’s your sister-in-law. Fits her to be related to that bastard.”
Shen An De rubbed his temple. “Hong Bao isn’t here. She returned to the Chun Feng Sect. And even if she was it wouldn’t be of any use to you. Did you forget already that she can’t remember anything from her time in the Nine Heavens? She might have had ascended once but whatever knowledge she gained after that she doesn’t have it anymore. You’ll have to look for another ascended deity.”
“How troublesome! That woman is really too good at making trouble!” Qiu Ling couldn’t help but grumble.
First, she tried to kill his Jing He and then she even got herself banished so that she couldn’t even help him now. This damned servant girl had no conscience to speak of! How could she do this to him?! Who was he supposed to ask for help now?!

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